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The Riddle of the Sphinx has been solved and you are now ready to embark on a new adventure, one that will take you all over the planet. Using the clues left for you by the enigmatic Sir Gil and with the help of your trusty driver, pilot and helmsman Hump, you will be able to piece together the pieces of the puzzle.

Your eyes open to reveal a worried Sir Gil. He invites you to join him in the Chamber of Ages and you follow him there to hear about the adventure the lies before you. The second scroll found in the Riddle of the Sphinx is a prophesy describing a catastrophe that could end the world. Sir Gil explains that there are 6 discs to be found in 6 locations and when collected together will lead to the Omega Stone. This then is your mission, find the Omega Stone and save the world. As you explore, take note of everything you see, draw maps and plans and look in every corner, who knows what you will find...

As with all walkthroughs, use sparingly - this should only be your last resort if you are really stuck.

The Chamber of Ages | Easter Island | The Devil's Triangle | Stonehenge | Devil's Triangle 2 | Chichen Itza | Stonehenge 2 | Lord Bathelwaite | Celtic Compound | The Omega Stone


[CD1] After Sir Gill has left you, open the Ark if you wish but do go to the left of the chamber and duck into the passage. At the end is a room with a stone pyramid at the top of which is the first disc as described by Sir Gil. On either side of the room is a wooden box. Zoom in and open the boxes. Inside each is a Giza Scroll which you will need later. Put them in your rucksack.

Look closely at the four cobras at the base of the altar. Click on them and they operate. Now click on the rectangular stone at the base of the altar and pick up the scroll inside. It is the clue to the first puzzle. Note the glyphs associated with each of the cobra switches. Now look at the sequences of these glyphs on the main part of the scroll. All you have to do is click on each of the cobras in the same sequence as shown on the scroll.

Stuck? Numbering the cobras 1 to 4 from the left, the solution is: 1 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 1 4 4 3 2 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 4 1 2 2 2.

When you have finished the sequence there is a loud click and the Giza Disc is released. Put it in your rucksack and a hear a gong - it is the well done sound. All is done here at Giza so leave the Sphinx and head round to the helicopter on the upper level. Inside is Hump Allen. Hand him any of the 6 passes and he will take you to that location. I went first to Easter Island.


[CD1] After a pleasant boat ride jump out onto the beach. Off to right is a tent. Always a useful place to start so go there now. Inside the tent is a couple of books and some letters warning Sir Gil not to proceed with his plan. Note the reference to hollow tubes of lava. You should also find a black mask and the scrolls which mention that it awakens the Moai. Pick up the plastic explosive but do not press the button on the detonator, that would be silly with a lump of plastic explosive in your rucksack. Note the bird symbols on the detonator. Leave the tent and head up to the 6 Moai. Face the faces and put on the black mask. Close your inventory (right click) and pan about until you can see lights shining from the second Moai from the left. Put away the mask and grab your plastique. Drop the explosive at the base of the Moai and head back to the tent. Press the red button on the detonator and it all goes a bit wobbly. Blow up the wrong statue and you will discover that they are full of lava - not good.

Easter Island MapHead back up the beach and take a look at what you have done. The destruction of an ancient wonder is not good but it's too late now. Jump in the hole.

Go forwards three clicks. Pan left and go forwards once. See the six Moai? Try your mask once again. You should discover three sets of shining eyes: number 1 on the right and numbers 2 and 3 on the left. Turn round and go forwards once. Turn left and go forwards once. Turn right and go forwards twice. Turn round and take the right tunnel. At the end is a box containing an Easter Island Scroll. Turn round, forwards twice, turn right, forwards twice and turn right again. Once down the tunnel and turn left. At the end of this tunnel is the second Easter Island Scroll. Turn round, forwards twice and turn left. Head down again and at the end is a lava pool and six more Moai.

You need to activate the three Moai to form a bridge. Click on the top windlass on the right and the middle and lower windlasses on the left. The heads of the Moai rotate and after a few moments the statues begin to wobble and crash down to form a bridge. Cross over and collect the Easter Island Disk. Two down and four to go.

Leave the tunnels and head back to the boat. Give Hump another pass. The Devil's Triangle I think.


[CD2] Read the letter on the table. You need the co-ordinates of the dive location but Sir Gil is not ready to give them too you yet. Put the memory card in your rucksack and look at the map. Moving the cursor over the map changes the co-ordinates. Click on the location and Hump will take you there. There is not much more we can do here at the moment so head for Stonehenge.


[CD3] You arrive on a rainy Salisbury Plain inside the MARV. Look down to your right, there is a letter from Sir Gil and a key to something. Before you venture outside take a look around. On the workbench is another memory card. Inside the drawers are a bunch of maps and charts and the instructions for the DVR-GRPS. Note the position of the next excavation (B1) and numbered map of the stones.

In the back of the MARV is a bedroom. Read the book on the bed and note the reference to Shelly's favourite stones. Read the letters in the drawers. It seems that Troy Christian has upset the powerful Lord Snelling. You can play with the Stonehenge model if you like. Put the key in the keyhole on the right of the model and wind up the mechanism using the key on the left. Wait a while and a drawer pops open. If it doesn't, click on the plaque. Pick up the DVR-GRPS and insert the Devil's Triangle Memory Card. Press the play button and discover the co-ordinates you need for the Devil's Triangle.

There are some Celtic coins under the Hat on the shelves - take them if you wish.. Leave the bedroom and pop into the bathroom. There is a message in the toilet, 'Shelly's been abducted?'. Read the newspaper and discover that there is dodgy comet and some sort of Mayan prophecy. Jump into the shower and turn on the water. There is a message on the glass door: 'the stones multiplied'. Leave the shower take another look at the Stonehenge map. Shelly's favourite stones were the western triliths numbered 57 and 58. 57 and 58 multiplied equals 3306. Remember this, it could be useful later. Exit the MARV.

Go through the gate and explore Stonehenge. In the top of one of the triliths in the centre of the monument is something but the ladder is broken so you really need a grapple to get up there. Go to the tent on the far side of the compound. There is some pretty heavy duty security here (as Lord Snelling intimated) so do not touch anything.

Head back to the MARV and leave for the Devil's Triangle again.


[CD2] Zoom in on the map and set the co-ordinates you heard on the DVR-GRPS: 64 44W 32 18N. Wait for Hump to take you there and go outside (a bit warmer here than at Stonehenge). Put on the diving gear on the right and jump into the balmy Bermudan waters. Swim forwards and go to the pots on the far right. Inside one of them is the Devil's Triangle Disk. Three down and three to go. Easy this isn't it!

Swim back to the yacht and ask Hump to take you to Chichen Itza.

Incidentally, you can go anywhere on the map, there are all sorts of strange things down there, I found planes, boats and ruins.


[CD4} This is a long an difficult area. You will need to have your eyes peeled to find everything.

Jump out of the Humvee and take a look in the tent. One of the books tell about an artefact hidden in El Castillo and the other all about Mayan astronomy and mathematics - you will definitely need this knowledge later. Examine the map on the table next to the BBQ. Note the Sacred Way and Cenote off to the north. Back to the Humvee. In the back is a grapple (useful for Stonehenge perhaps) and a crowbar. Put both in your rucksack.

Head off to El Castillo and climb the rope to the top. Inside you will find a locked grate. Use the crowbar to prize off the padlock and climb down the ladder. Follow the passageway, climb down the next ladder and enter the chamber. At the back is a frame with 6 hooks and a hammer. Note the 6 Atlanteen Symbols in the carved image in the front of the plinth:

El Castillo Symbols

Leave the chamber and climb back up to the top of El Castillo. Walk around the top and you will be able to see the Sacred Way behind the Platform of Venus. Climb down the rope and head off to the Sacred Way. At the end look down into the Sacred Cenote. Hang the grapple on the wall of the building and climb down. Enter the tunnel and you will soon see a pool down below. If you get completely lost, there is a map here.

Climb down the ladder and go round to the right of the pool. Enter the water and slosh your way forwards 7 clicks. Eventually you will come to a wall on the left with an opening into a dark chamber. Go forwards to the fallen rock at the rear of the chamber and look down. In the water is an Atlantis Skull. Enter the niche in the wall and pick up an Easter Island Skull. Note the symbols on the tops of the skulls.

Leave the chamber and turn left towards a couple of steps that lead out of the water. A long walk now (16 clicks) to the Tall Chamber. On the floor of the Tall Chamber is a Stonehenge Skull in the midst of the broken stones. There is lots to do here but for now leave through the exit opposite to where you came in. Take another long walk along a tunnel that zigs and zags (15 clicks). It is easy to get disorientated so make notes of the various features. Just after the wide part of the tunnel you enter a cave with lots of smooth stones, walk forwards 2 clicks) until you can see a smooth pillar reaching from floor to ceiling. Turn right and you will see a small triangular opening at ground level.

The Skull Room

Duck inside the triangular entrance and follow the tunnel to a small brown chamber. Leave by the other exit and you will come to the Skull Room. Behind the skulls to the right of the entrance is a Mayan Scroll. On the shelves to the right is an Easter Island Skull and on the left is a Giza Skull. At the back of the room is a 14 skull arrangement. Clicking on the skulls rotates them left and right. Way in the back is another carving with what looks like 6 positions. Could this be related to the carving at the top of El Castillo? Leave the Skull Room for now and head back to the Brown Room. To the right of the exit is a scroll, showing 10 Mayan glyphs and skulls facing left, centre and right. Hmm, interesting. Leave the Brown Room and climb back up to the cave. Turn right and follow the tunnel once more to the El Castillo Inner Pyramid (11 clicks).

El Castillo Inner Pyramid

Step into the Inner Pyramid and look down to your left at the carved stone on the floor. Pick up the Mayan Skull. Turn round and step back up the entrance. Turn right and walk round behind the pillars. Just round the corner is a Barbed Rope which you will need later. Go now the central plinth and note the four glyphs. Look up and note the opening in the roof. Leave by the other exit and walk down a lined tunnel. Eventually you will reach an rock tunnel. Go forwards about 5 clicks and pick up the Easter Island Skull on the right. Just a bit further is a stone on the left with 14 numbered glyphs. Could it be related to the 14 skulls in the Skull Room? Take a photo of the glyphs. Keep going down the tunnel until you reach another chamber. Down on the right is an Atlantis Skull. Opposite is another exit and to the left is a hole in the wall. Leave by the other exit and keep going until you reach a doorway on the left just before the dead end. Pop down and you will be greeted by a sacrificial chamber. Nice. Round the back is a Stonehenge Skull. Back the way you came until you reach the chamber with the hole in the wall.

The Xtoloc Cenote

Go through the hole in the wall and follow a zigzag passage. Keep your eyes peeled for a Devil's Triangle Skull. Keep going and you will next see a stone with the Mayan numbers 5, 3, 1, 2, 6, 4. Six numbers and six hooks in El Castillo?

Keep on going UP until you reach the Xtoloc Cenote (total of 15 clicks). Go round to the left until the sunlight is behind you. Dive down and you will see an underwater entrance. Swim along the passage until you reach a cave. Down to the left at the base of the pointed rock is a Number 2 Bell. Swim forwards to the rounded stones on the right and hidden between them is a Number 6 Bell. Swim back out to the Xtoloc Cenote and look down to your left. Amongst the bunch of sticks, rocks and bones is a Stonehenge Skull and a Number 5 Bell (in an eyesocket). Swim around the pool and you will find a Giza Skull against the wall. Turn left and see a small cave with a Number 1 Bell at the back. Swim back and leave the Xtoloc Cenote.

The 14 Skull Puzzle

You now have enough information to solve the 14 skull puzzle. Walk back down the tunnel from the Xtoloc Cenote to the hole in the wall. Take the exit on the right and walk all the way back (through the El Castillo Inner Pyramid) to the cave with the triangular opening (on the left this time). Duck inside and walk along to the Brown Room. Examine the scroll. The symbols in the first column match the symbols you saw on the stone with the 14 numbered glyphs. The numbers associated with these glyphs give the location of the skulls on the scroll. So, all you have to do is match the glyphs and count along the scroll to find out which way the skull should face. For example: the second numbered glyph on the stone relates to row 4 on the scroll and skull number 3 which is facing the centre. Easy. Click here for more help.

Leave the Brown Room and head down to the skull chamber and set the 14 skulls to correct positions.

Stuck? The solution is:

14 skull solution

When all are set the pointy spikes retract and you can climb through. At the back of the room is a carving with the 6 Omega Stone locations picked out in gold. Note their positions. Pick up the Atlantis Skull on the floor.

Leave the Skull Room and head back to the cave. Turn left and walk all the way back to the Tall Chamber.

The Tall Chamber

From the centre of the chamber look right. Enter the passage way and keep going right to the end. Pick up a Devils Triangle Skull. Turn round and walk back 3 clicks, (just before the stairs) look up and you will see a shaft in the roof. Climb the shaft and look around. Pick up the Number 3 Bell from the plates on the floor.

Climb back down and return to the Tall Chamber. On the other side of the chamber is a cracked flagstone. Use your crowbar to lever it out of the way and climb down the stairs. At the end is another chamber with a statue in the center. Click on his right hand and he sticks his tongue out. How rude. Tie the barbed rope (remember picking that up?) to his tongue and left hand and then pull down his left hand. There is a crash and one of the wall panels falls down. Oops. Take a look at what you have done and climb down the stairs. There is a bug here, as you go down the sarcophagus is open but when you get there it is closed. Shove the lid to one side and collect the Mask and the Devil's Triangle Skull. Climb back up and take a look at the table at the back of the chamber. Pick up the Mayan Skull and Number 4 Bell.

The Bell Puzzle

Head back to the entrance to the underground complex and climb the grappling rope up to the Sacred Way. Walk back to El Castillo and climb the rope to the top. Back down the ladder to the inner chamber. Zoom in on the frame with the 6 hooks. All you have to do is hang the bells on the hooks and then strike them with the hammer in the correct sequence. Before you strike them however you should really save your game otherwise you will probably miss the next bit.

Strike the bells in the sequence: 5, 3, 1, 2, 6, 4. You turn about and zoom in on the statue to the right. 4 symbols appear - you will have to note their shape and order to solve the next puzzle.

With the sequence filed away, return to the Sacred Way and climb back down the grappling rope. It's a long walk now, all the way back to the El Castillo Inner Pyramid.

El Castillo Inner Pyramid

Climb onto the central plinth. The four square stones must be pressed in the same sequence as you saw at the bell puzzle.

Stuck? The solution is:

stone1 stone2 stone3 stone4

Zoom out and after a few moments, there is a clunk and you rise majestically up to the top of El Castillo. Once there, turn either way and go round two corners. Enter the room and face the golden disk. The disk has six slots for (funny old thing) six skulls.

Use the carving from the Skull Room that gave the location positions and the carving on the bell puzzle plinth that gave the symbols to work out which Skull goes where.

Stuck? The solution, working clockwise from the bottom left, is:

skull1 skull2 skull3 skull4 skull5 skull6

If you haven't found all the skulls, their locations are detailed here. Now place the Mask over the central skull and the door opens to reveal a Mayan pyramid which houses the Mayan Disk.

All is done here at Chichen Itza (at long last) all that remains to do is retrace your steps back to Hump who has been waiting patiently all this time. Only one place left to go: Stonehenge (again).


[CD3] You have been here before so all should be familiar. Go through the gate and follow the path to the end. Go down the stairs - this is the old entrance to Stonehenge but has now been sealed. Note Troy's pill boxes and beer bottles, he is not a well man. Read the diary sheets. It seems that he has been followed, how did they know where he was? Note the reference to a thrown shovel. Go back to the MARV and walk towards the road. Turn right and walk down the road to Amesbury (I used to live here, that's how I know) until you reach the Heel Stone. By the fence on the left is the shovel that Troy threw at the strangers. Pick it up as you may have to do some digging later. Back to the MARV and through the gate to Stonehenge. Go to the centre of the monument and find the broken ladder. Look up a see the something on top of the trilith. Use your grapple to climb up and open the briefcase. Pick up the key and read Troy's diary if you wish. Climb back down and walk to the security compound.

Do not touch the fence or you will die! Use the key to open the security controls. You need a swipe card and authorization code. Use your Stonehenge pass and enter the code you discovered last time you were here: 3306. The gate opens and you can enter the compound. Go the the unexcavated grid (B1) and dig until you find the Stonehenge Scroll.

Just about done here. Head back to the MARV but before you leave take a look on the roof. There is some sort of a tracking device there with the same bird inscription you saw on the Easter Island detonator. It this the bleeping thing Troy mentioned in his journal? Press the LED to turn it off. Go back to the MARV and sit down on the passengers seat. There is another letter from Sir Gil. It seems that you need to visit Lord Bathelwaite. Hand Hump the letter with the attached map and off you go.


[CD2] Leave the car and press the intercom to the left of the main door. Lord Bathelwaite invites you in so knock on the door. Try again. Still nothing? Press the intercom again. Eventually you are tasked to find the key to the house.

Head off round the path to the back of the house. Note the basement door on the way. The only real option is to enter the maze behind the house. It is easy to get lost so best to draw a map.

To start you off, follow the maze round to the left, ignore the junction on the right and keep going straight on. Note the statue on the left and the sword. Keep going until you reach a gap in the hedge that leads to the greenhouse. Leave the maze and take a look inside. There is a dry pool in the centre and with a snake wrapped round. Note the closed mouth of the snake.

Leave the greenhouse and head off down the left path in the maze. Your task (should you chose to accept it) is to get to the sundial in the centre of the maze. It took me ages to find my way around, have fun. Make sure you find the statue without a sword through his stomach.

Once in the centre, pick up the sundial (with the same old 7 bird inscription) and turn the water valve. Wonder what it did? On your way back out take a look at the statue on the right of the maze without a sword in his stomach. Head for the conservatory and take a look inside again. The snake's mouth should be open so pick up the key hidden there.

Leave the maze and head for the cellar door. Use the key on the padlock and climb down the steps. Off to your left are a couple of wooden crates. Prize the lid off with your crowbar and read the letter inside. It was a very productive time for Sir Gill and the results of his excavation are in the crate with the letter: an Atlantis Scroll and the Atlantis Disk. There is mention of the Brothers of the Sacred Seven Sect - is this something to do with the 7 bird symbol? Round the far side of the cellar under the stairs is a table with a Measuring Spoon and red book full of standing stone illustrations. Note the snake on the cover. It is worth saving your game here as you may need to look at this book again.

Let's see if Lord Bathelwaite is at home - climb the stairs and open the door at the top. You are in the room at the back of the house. Go to the table by the French windows and read the book. There is a reference to the time when the Ark of the Covenant was moved to the Temple of Solomon: AD955 . At the back of the book is a Membership Card with a familiar design - you will need this very soon. Turn round. If you decide to pop up the stairs and look around you will find a map of the maze (shown here), a bit late now but at least you can compare it to your own.

Downstairs are some double doors leading to the study where Lord Bathelwaite is busy working at his desk. Go talk to him and he will reveal some of the history of Stonehenge. Take his advice and explore the library. Up the ladder is a very useful book on Celtic Alchemy. You will discover that you picked up a 1 ounce measuring spoon. On the desk at the opposite end of the room are some maps, one of which you need to take with you.

Lord Bathelwaite suggest that the time when the Ark was moved is quite significant. Examine the Grandfather clock in the corner of the room. Set the hands to 9:55 (hour hand on the 10) and the secret door opens. Down the stairs you will find a Skull Crank Handle and the second Stonehenge Scroll. Leave the cellar room and exit the mansion through the front door. Say hallo to Hump and he will ask if you have something for him. Give him the Map and Membership Card. Hint: If you do not talk to him first he will not accept the map and card. Off now to the Celtic Compound.


[CD3] Hump's helicopter drops you off at the locked gates to the Celtic Compound. Use the sundial from the maze on the lock and the gate opens. Enter the compound and follow the path to an archway overlooking a pool. Around the pool are six trees with depiction's of St George and the Dragon - not sure what the significance is since St George is not normally associated with the Celts. However, go to each of the trees and use the Skull Crank Handle to open the doors. Climb the ladders and collect the skulls from each tree and note the gold on blue symbols for bird, fish, horse, swan and boar. There is one skull missing.

Standing Stones

Between each of the trees is a path which you should explore. They lead to circles with between 3 and 7 standing stones. You will need to note the arrangements of standing stones, their ogham markings and position of the marker stones (on the ground). You will discover a hut with a roaring fire and an Alchemist's Workshop (similar to that in Reah) at the back. Note that there standing stone groups to the left and right of the hut.

The Tower

Another of the paths from the pool leads to a standing stone circle and a tall tower. To the left of the tower is a cemetery with a locked gate and no, you cannot jump over the wall. Go round to the front of the tower. Climb the ladder and open the door. Look down through the floor boards - there seems to be a room down there. Examine the niche with the familiar 7 bird depiction. Climb the stairs and subsequent ladders to a storeroom, chapel, storeroom and diningroom. Examine the scroll on the desk. Note the symbols for each animal:

animal symbols

Climb the next ladder to the workshop. Examine the workbench and note the symbols associated with the powders. Pick up the Scruple and Dram Measuring Spoons. Climb the last ladder and knock on the door. A very hairy priest tells you to 'be gorn, flee or die, away with you now, be gorn or suffer, run or feel the claws of doom' and so on. Since the message seems to be pretty clear we shall 'be gorn' and leave him on his own. Make your way back down to ground level and leave the Celtic Compound.

Back at the Mansion, go down to the cellar and examine the red snake book. Flick through the pages until you find an illustration that has the Snake symbol on one of the stones. Match the illustration to the stones you saw in the Celtic Compound (4 standing stones and 5 marker stones) and note the position of the snake stone. If you haven't already, go to the library, climb the ladder and examine the alchemy book and note down the substances that match the symbols you saw in the workshop. Note the apothecary weights and measures on the last page of the book.

Return to the Celtic Compound. Let's see if the priest is still about. Climb the tower to the top and you will discover that the hatchway to his quarters is open. Climb into his room and look through the telescope to see the Priest skulking about. Pick up the key from the bedpost. Read the alchemy book on the desk. It shows standing stones, substances and quantities. You know which is the snake stone (1, 5, 1 and 2 lines) so you should be able to find the right page. When you do, it states that you need 4 Drams and 2 Pinches of Cinnabar.

Close the book for now. Open the drawer and pick up the 1 Pinch Measuring Spoon. It is worth doing a 'Save As' here so that you whip back here later to get the formulae for the other 5 animals (climbing the ladders is a real pain).

The Hidden Room

Leave the tower and go round to the cemetery. Unlock the gate and go get the Celtic Cross from the top of the gravestone. Back to the tower and the niche in the wall on the first floor. Insert the Celtic Cross and a secret entrance appears. Climb down the ladder and look around. There a 6 bookstands, 5 books (the sixth is in Lord Bathelwaite's cellar) and 6 swords. Flick through each of the books until you find each of the animal symbols marked on one of the standing stones. Note the position of the standing stone associated with each animal. Solutions here. Take the snake sword from the wall, you will need it later.

If you have noted down the arrangements and ogham markings of all the standing stones in the compound you can head straight up the stairs to the priest's bedroom and the alchemy book. If not, you will have to walk round the compound again and gather information. With everything noted down, flick through the alchemy book until you see the standing stones with the correct markings for each animal. Note the substances and quantities required for each animal.

Stuck? All the images you need are here.

Nearly there, all you need now is the Horse Skull. Think back to the maze. Remember the statue without a sword through his stomach? Return to the Mansion and the maze. Follow the path round to the swordless statue and stick it in.

The statue slides back and you can enter another part of the garden. Walk through the garden until you reach an old hut. Open the door and climb down. Pick up the Horse Skull and read the scroll. It seems to be instructions on how to use the Alchemist's Workshop you saw in the Celtic Compound. Leave the hut and walk back to the maze. Leave the maze and return to the Celtic Compound.


Make your way to the hut with the fire and zoom in on the Alchemists Workshop. Place the six skulls on their stands and take a deep breath.

You need to mix together all the substances in the correct quantities to produce the Stonehenge disk. To mix the mixture, select the correct Measuring Spoon, click on the skull to open the lid and click on the powder to fill the spoon. Zoom out and zoom in on the griddle in the centre. Click to empty the spoon. Do not pull the lever as it dumps the whole shebang.

You will soon get very bored with this so save regularly so that you can backtrack when you miscount, as I did on too many occasions.

Stuck? The solution is:

Cinder Crystal Cinnabar Sulphur Sea Salt Mercury
1 pint (1 ounce + 4 drams) 2 scruples 4 drams 1 pinch 1 pound (12 ounces) 4 scruples
3 pinches 1 ounce 2 pinches 1 dram 2 ounces (14 total) 1 pint (1 ounce + 4 drams)

You will notice that the horse skull is empty. You will need to get the crystal from the workshop in the tower - that's right, you gotta climb those ladders twice more.

When you have assembled the mixture, turn round and pick a burning brand from the fire. Go to the Alchemist's Workshop and set fire to your potion. There should be a satisfying flash of light and the top opens to revels the Stonehenge Disc. If not then you ain't done it right and incineration follows.

With all six discs safely in your rucksack it is time to go find Sir Gil. Return to Giza


At the Giza site, Sir Gil has left you a letter in his tent, it appears that there isn't much time so hurry. Pick up the pass card to Santorini Island and return to Hump in his Helicopter. Give him the pass card and he will take you there.

At Santorini Island, read the letter on the table, put on the diving gear and jump into the clear blue water. Swim down to the pyramid and enter the chamber at the top. On the wall is an image of 6 symbols:

disc positions

Match these symbols to those on the scrolls you have collected to discover which disk goes where. Zoom in on the plinth in the centre of the chamber. Slot the disks into their correct locations and the center will open up to reveal the Omega Disc.

Stuck? The solution, working clockwise from the bottom left, is: Chichen Itza, Easter Island, Devil's Triangle, Atlantis, Stonehenge and Giza.

Take the Omega Disk and leave the pyramid. Swim down to the circular building at the base of the pyramid and insert the Omega Disk into the holder on the side of the plinth. The crystals light up but fade away....


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