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Here you will find the solutions to all puzzles but be warned, there is much more to Amerzone than is given here. Take time to explore before you test, press, operate or use objects. Draw maps, diagrams and charts, take lots of notes and enjoy the marvellous locations that open up in front of you. And remember, as with any walkthrough, use the hints given here sparingly.

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The game begins in a misty road somewhere in France. A postman cycles up a long hill from the lighthouse towards you, a journalist investigating the story of Valembois and his quest to return to the mystical land of Amerzone. He tells you about the letters and bids you farewell. Nothing much for it but to walk towards the distant lighthouse. There is a small path off to the left leading to a telescope - take a look if you like.

Arriving at the lighthouse, you notice a letter in the post-box which you should take. Open the gate and look around. Round the back of the lighthouse is a metal tower thing. What is it for - maybe you will find out later? Open the door to the lighthouse and enter the ground floor. There is a trapdoor into the cellar and some stairs leading up. You need to pass on the letters so up you go. On the first floor you can hear music and see Alexandre Valembois, hunched over the table. Listen to his story. With his dying breath he begs you to the white bird egg to Amerzone.

In the cabinet drawer is a letter, take it and read all the correspondence you have. It seems that the University has refused funding for an expedition. Give them a call, you have their number and there is a phone on the wall. The letter from David Mackowski tells of Amerzone's slide into dictatorship and the letter from Alvares is a refusal for a visa. Take a look at the photo of the girl - there must be a story there but Valembois has expired so it is no use asking him.

Up the stairs again and into a library. On the wall is a picture - the white birds perhaps? You can spin the globe and look a the slides in the projector but whatever you do pick up Valembois' diary from the table, it is full of information you will need later. Climb the ladder in the corner of the room and there you will find a letter explaining the story behind Valembois' request. You also discover all about his lost love Yekoumani - the girl in the picture.

Up more stairs and into a workroom. The TV has a recording of a dodgy dictator. Spin the handle on the wooden model and check out the drawing on the drafting table to find out what a Hydrafloat looks like. That seems to be your first task - find the machine that will take you to Amerzone.

You can go outside and up to the lighthouse but eventually you will need to go down into the cellar. Before you open the trapdoor, pick up the sledge hammer leaning against the wall.

Down in the cellar is a dark tunnel, close the switch on the right and let there be light. Follow the passageway, down more stairs, along another passage and then down again to a locked door. Great. Turn round and go back up the stairs. At the top you will see an opening on the left. Inside is a small room with the oldest computer in the world. Close the switch on the wall and the processor begins to hum. Click the switch on the tall box to the right of the table and touch the gauge on the monitor to get an image on the screen. Pick up the disk from the table, zoom in on the computer and slide the disk into the slot. The system boots up and you discover you need a password. There are six dots on the screen, a date perhaps? Check out the first page of Valembois' diary and there is a possibility: 280604, his birthday. Enter the numbers and press *.


Click on 'AUTHENTICATION' then 'LOAD'. The computer clunks away and you can hear the door opening. Back down the stairs and into an elevator. Pull the lever and down you go again (how deep is this place?). Notice the slight pause halfway down. At the bottom, open the door and there is the Hydrafloat. Hooray. From the stairs you can see a rail leading off to the left, a building on the left and a gantry above the Hydrafloat. Down the tunnel there seems to be a pathway.

Time for some exploration. In the building is a drawing of the marine base - with the egg at the top of the rail.

Somehow you need to get to the middle floor. Go to the far side of the Hydrafloat and jump into the cockpit. Insert the disc, click on 'LOAD' and you are presented with 6 options. Only the 'PLANE' is active and only the 'FUEL' is OK. What do you suppose are the details? Leave the Hydrafloat and follow the path along the tunnel. At the end is the hanger door and a small tunnel off to the right. Jump in the elevator at the end, click on the red light and then the up arrow. When you stop there is a small room with another telescope. You see the geese fly over and the direction 140. If you go up in the elevator again you discover what the metal tower thingy is.

Go all the way back down again and return to the marine base. Take the elevator up to the top and step out. On the floor to the left is a metal key. In the elevator is a small hole near the floor. Insert the key and pull the lever. This time the elevator stops half way but there appears to be no way out. There is however a patch of unfinished brickwork - try giving it a slug with the sledgehammer. Jump through and along the path to the egg. The thermometer shows that the egg is still alive so pull the lever and watch the trolley roll down the rails.

Back to the elevator. Go up, pull out the pin and then go back down. In the marine base you can see the egg behind the Hydrafloat. To load it into the Hydrafloat you need to find the crane controls. Go down the stairs, go right and then right again. Climb up the ladder and pull the lever.

You are ready to leave. Climb into the Hydrafloat and insert the disk. Run through the sequence and click on 'PLANE'. The 'DETAILS' is the direction you need to take. In Valembois diary there was a picture of the geese and a correction of +5 degrees. Enter 145*, click on 'DESTINATION and off you go.

The Hydrafloat chuggs along the rails and out through the hanger doors on to the launch pad. A quick direction fix and the JATO blasts you off into the evening sky. Catching up with the geese you follow them until the fuel runs out.


Just out of reach is an island. With no fuel left maybe wind power will help? Touch the computer screen and select 'SAIL' The system initiates and you float forwards for a bit. The entrance to the island lagoon is blocked with a shipwreck, since you cannot go through the only option is to go under. Select 'SUBMARINE' follow the whale into the lagoon and moor against the jetty. Sitting on the end of the jetty is a hairy old fisherman who, when you talk to him, complains about the trapped whale scaring away the fishes. Since he is the only one about who could possibly help you, perhaps you could help him to help you. If you see what I mean. Walk to the beach and into the bar. Take the knife from the dartboard and the old diving helmet.

Walk to the next building (a hanger) and pick up the spanner from the bench and the empty (clue here) fuel can. Outside is a petrol pump - guess what you have to do? Go back to the windmill. From the beach you can zoom in and pull the lever to start the sails rotating. Now climb up onto to windmill. There are two controls, one engages the gears and the other starts an airpump. Attach the diving helmet to the hose and engage the gears. Now pull the lever to start the pump. After a couple of chuggs it cuts out. Turn round and you can see the pipe leading into the water - no wonder it doesn't work if it is sucking water. Use the spanner to disconnect the pipe and try the pump again.

With the pump pumping away, put on the helmet and jump in the lagoon. Walk forwards twice and you can see the trapped whale. Down by your feet is a peg holding down the net, cut the cord with the knife and the whale does a 'Free Willy'. While you are down here take a look around - with enough searching you should be able to find an old Hydrafloat - unfortunately the door is jammed. Lets see if the old fisherman is more talkative, leave the water and go and talk to him again. He tells you about the last time he saw a Hydrafloat and hands you a key to Valembois' chest.

Time to open the door; since it is jammed you need something to pull it off. Jump into the Hydrafloat and touch the screen. Select the grapnel, pull the lever and it fires in to the water. Back to the diver's helmet and jump back into the lagoon. Walk to the sunken Hydrafloat and attach the grapnel to the door. Back out the water again, into your Hydrafloat and pull the grapnel lever to remove the door. Go swimming again and this time you can get into the Hydrafloat. On the control panel is the destination 227. One more thing to do - find and open the chest. Walk round the beach, past the crashed plane and over the rocks. In the hut is a chest. Use the key and pick up the Disk. Time to leave this ocean paradise.

Back once more to your Hydrafloat. Insert the new disk into the slot and run through the boot up sequence. Select 'HELICOPTER' and enter the details 227*. Click on 'DESTINATION' and off you go until the fuel runs out (again).

Note, you can try flying out of the lagoon but the run up is not long enough and you crash into the beach - the wrecked plane should have given you the clue. Select 'HELICOPTER' and try again.


With no fuel, the only option is to sail along the river until you reach the Pueblo. There is a gaspump by the jetty but no fuel can. The gate up the path is locked but off to the right is a graveyard and Valembois' old friend David Mackowski. He bemoans the loss of Yekaumani but tells you there is fuel in the fort and gives you a key. Return to the gates, use your key to unlock the gates and enter the fort. The desolation is complete - the bustling market Valembois describes in his diary is gone. Explore the buildings - the fuel must be somewhere.

At the rear of the fort you meet a soldier who throws you in jail where you experience a vision and watch a beetle climb the wall. Check the diary as there was an important note about the soothing effects of the beetle. Look through the hole in the door to see the guard's bottle of tequila. Now pick up the cup from the bed and trap the beetle on the wall. Drop the beetle into the bottle and the guard collapses in front of the door. Grab the key and let yourself out. On the jeep is a coil of rope and a fuel can - both of which you will need. Now go to the bar and listen to a drunken soldier. Something has happens to the priest.

The door to the church is locked but the well holds some secrets. Tie the rope to the well and climb down. Follow the tunnel and climb the ladder into the church. The priest is covered in blood but he offers some advice before he expires. Go to the lectern and open the bible. Inside is a key which opens the locked door on the altar. Pick up the letter and Disk#3 and leave the church the same way you came in.

Note: There is an alternative way out - find the sword and place it in the statue's hand...

Return to the Hydrafloat which is now looking the worse for wear. Fill up the gas tank and insert the disk. The only option that works is the glider. After chugging along the river you reach an abandoned jetty.


Since the Hydrafloat has run out of fuel again you need to find some more. Climb the ladder and head into the jungle. On a rock to the right is an Amerzone Suckerer. Follow the path to old hut. Inside is a fuel can (lucky that) and a map. Return to the Hydrafloat, fill 'er up and continue on your way until you reach a herd of Porcopotamus blocking the river. A toot on the horn scares them off. A bit further on is a pair of Tricorn Buffalo The horn won't work so try pushing them out the way. They take exception to this and push back damaging your engine.

Since this route is blocked and you do not have an engine anymore the only option left is to drag yourself along with the grapnel. Look left, select 'GRAPNEL', click on the rock in the middle of the river and pull the lever. Continue to point and fire until you see a Rhinopoatmus in the water. Hint: the target rock is always directly in front of you.

Perhaps the Rhinopotamus will drag you along so fire the grapnel at his back. This idea works for a while but the stupid animal wanders off down a tributary and takes the grapnel with him. Jump out and follow the rope. He is not going to give you the grapnel so you need to distract him or something. Turn round and walk into the forest. After wandering around you will find a blowpipe. Return to the old Rhinopotamus and shoot him with a dart. The sopoforic knocks him out and you can pick up the grapnel. Back at the Hydrafloat you can continue the shoot and drag until you reach another jetty on the right. A pair of Pechosaur are sitting on the rocks. Fire the grapnel again and the Pechosaur tosses it back. A game they find most amusing.

You need something to distract them. Leave the Hydrafloat and walk down the cleft in the rocks. Towards the end are some beehives on the cliff face with some dry grass on the ground. Bees do not like smoke so rub the little twig on the larger branch and the resulting smoke drives the bees away - and with it the Pechosaurs. Back to the Hydrafloat and the way is now free to grapple your way along the river. Once past the waterfall you can tie up at the wooden jetty.


Pick up the egg and leave the Hydrafloat. This looks very much like the illustration in Valembois' diary. At one end of the jetty is a counterbalance and a lever guarded by the large snake. The other direction leads to an abandoned village which you should explore. Note especially the two machines in the huts. There are the white husks on the floor of one machine hut and in another hut a drawing of villagers doing something with the egg. In one of the huts is a door leading out to the jungle. Go to the path junction and turn right, follow the path and climb the ladder in the cave. On the platform is a wheel which opens the water valve.

Climb back down the ladder and return to the village. Valembois' machines are now working. Just inside the door is a desk with a picture of the counterweight system and Disk#4 in the drawer. From the central plaza look right and there is an Amerzone woman sitting on the floor of a hut. She wants the 'ovo' so give her the egg. Listen to her again. She now wants 'munka, locoulo and chico' and points to a wooden bowl. A check of the diary reveals that these are coconuts, white flowers and a beetle.

Go back to the jungle and walk to the cave. Just inside is a red beetle on the ground. Pick it up. Turn round and go forwards, on the right are some white plants. Pick them up. Go all the way to the end, past the junction and shake the tree to release a coconut. Pick it up.

Return to the village and go to the hut with the white husks on the floor. Put the flowers in the hopper and pick up the now full bowl. Go the hut with the hammer machine and put the coconut in the hopper. Pick the bowl of coconut milk and return to the Amerzone woman. Give her the three ingredients and watch as she prepares the egg for you.

Return to the jetty and see if you can get rid of the pesky snake - try to grab it and it slithers off the lever, following the music played by the mysterious Amerzone woman. Now pull the lever to open the gate, jump into the Hydrafloat and replace the egg in its cradle. Insert the 4th disk into the slot and the only option left is 'BOAT' so select it and pull the start handle. Float forwards into the cradle, turn round and pull the lever on your left. Rise majestically to the top of the cliff and slide down the ramp. Turn round again, pull another lever and you are dragged along, deep into the swamp. At the end of the rail the Hydrafloat capsizes, tipping you into the water.


Go round to the other side of the wrecked Hydrafloat and pick the egg which was thrown clear. Now climb the ladder into the hut and unhook the leather bag from the wall. Leave the hut and explore the glade. Close by are two speakers mounted on tall poles. At the base of each are three buttons. Try holding the bag against each button. Get it right and a Web-footed Giraffe appears. Follow the Giraffe and until you reach another speaker pole. Call the Giraffes again (using the bag against the hole) and they appear on the far side it the trees. Since there is no way though, retrace your steps to the first speaker pole and select the parallel swamp. After a careful search you will reach another speaker pole.

Lost? From the twin speaker poles go forwards to the frog. Take the right fork then go right again. Keep following this path past another frog, bees, bird, frog, bees and a final bird. A bit further on is your goal.

Use the bag again and three Giraffes approach. Jump onto the back of the largest and they will take you to the far side of the swamp. Climb the ladder and step out onto the rope bridge.


At the far end of the rope bridge, walk along the path to a pyramid - remember the illustration in the village? Climb the stairs and enter the room. Alvares is sitting waiting for you. He grumbles on for a bit and then dies (seems to be par for the course in Amerzone). Collect his medals as a memento and turn the wheel on the wall. There is rumbling and when you leave the room you can see that a new door has opened halfway down the steps. Inside is a wooden structure with a glider on top. Jump on board and roll to a halt at the bottom. There just isn't enough lift. Walk round the chamber until you reach the crane. Crank the handle and a crucible comes to rest near a mould. Drop your medals into the crucible and you will be rewarded with a key. But where is the lock? In one of the alcoves is a series of plates and a key hole. Stick the key in the hole and turn it until the plates stop turning. The wind rushes into the chamber through the open shutters - there must be enough lift now.

Climb back onto the glider and this time you soar through the air and into the caldera. After a bumpy landing take a look around. Near the entrance to the caldera is a promontory reaching out over the lava. Take the left path and you will find a doorway. Go inside and place the egg on the pedestal - not quite sure what happens but it seems to prepare the egg. Pick up the egg again and leave the chamber. Continue round the path and keep looking on the ground for a silver bird with a pin. Now return to the promontory, set the egg down and pierce it with the pin....


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