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A mysterious conundrum confronts you - strange dissapearances and an intricate compendium of puzzles all locked within Dowerton, a disused railway station in South England.

Your brother, Pete, has been working on a project to convert the old station into a premier nightclub. The problem is that there have been a whole bunch of strange events reaching back over 700 years, the effects of which are even now causing problems. Polly and Nigel, a couple of ghost hunters have gone some way to finding out what was going on but never managed to finish the job…

Your job is to find out where Nigel, Polly you brother and the residents of the hotel have all gone. Be prepared to go up and down and round and arouind until all the clues are in place and you are ready to face the Dark Fall.

But whatever you do, do not open your door tonight…

Like all walkthroughs, this should be your last resort if really stuck. If you follow the instructions you will get to the end but miss some of the subplots. Be prepared for doors to open and close, objects to appear and disappear, hear snatches of song and discover notes and letters that may or not help.

Take lots of notes, draw diagrams and maps and enjoy what is a most interesting tale. Now, let us begin.

There is a message on your answer phone from your brother. He insists that you meet him at Dowerton station. You must leave straight away...

You arrive somewhat unusually in a tunnel. Someone greets you - Tim Pike. You can't see him but he wants to help. Make your way to the platform. On the way read the newspaper report (on the tracks) about the mysterious disappearances.


At the station, turn right and jump up onto the platform. Go forwards then right and open to door to the shack. Click on the lightbulb and open the door to the power box. Close the two switches and you have light. Leave the shack and Tim tells you that he will leave a note on the footbridge. Take a look in the toilets. In the gents, enter the cubicle and look through the hole in the wall. There is a symbol and the word LARSUS:


In the Ladies the words: 'AND TO HIM WAS GIVEN THE KEY TO THE BOTTOMLESS PIT' are scrawled on the wall along with a strange Celtic cross type symbol.

Leave the toilets and go back to the platform. Turn right, go forwards and turn right again. Click on the door to enter the Station Foyer.

Station Foyer. Go into the Ticket Office on the right. You can read all the notes and letters. Pick up the lantern from the top of the pigeonholes. Leave the Ticket Office and go into the Waiting Room opposite. There is a mobile phone on the floor but it has a cracked screen. Pick up your brother's PDA on the desk and press the button to turn it on. Read all the messages and notes. In particular, note the theodolite settings and the name Kars.

Leave the Waiting Room and go round to the left to the telephones. Pick up the receiver. It appears that you need coins to make it work. Go to the doors leading to the platform. On the left is a ticket machine. Pull the handle and a couple of coins drop down into the hopper - there's a bit of luck. Back to the telephone, pick up the receiver and click on the coins in your inventory. The phone is answered by Nigel. He tells you to find the key hidden in a silver teapot. Replace the receiver. Finding the key is one of your first tasks, but during the search there is much we can do. Go back out onto the platform.


Turn right and walk to the the end. On your right is the door leading to the buffet. Inside, you can look at the tables and the candles (why I am not sure because you cannot do anything with them). At the rear of the room on the left is a detector. It shows you when there is electrical activity nearby. Click on the green button to minimize.

If you like you can explore the Station Hotel through the other doors, but we will be coming back here later.

Go back out onto the platform and return to the Station Foyer. Up the stairs and over the bridge. Read the note left for you by Tim.

On the opposite platform is Paul's theodolite. Press the top button to turn it on. Use the x and y buttons to pan round. Set the coordinates to 271 and 632. The screen goes wonky and you see an image. Note the shape and associate it with Paul's proposed name for the club: KARS:


Turn off the theodolite and turn round. There is a gap in the fence to the right. Push through and make your way to an old barn.

The Barn. As it is a bit dark, click on your Lantern to brighten things up. Behind the old sports car is a trapdoor leading to a tunnel. Go down and hear bats. At the back of the cave are two stones with weird markings. Put the lantern down on the plinth to the right and look closly at the points of the zigzag line. Note the 12 symbols and the order in which thay appear. You have already seen two of them: Larsus and Kars. The other stone repeats the symbols and has a strange beast surrounded with the same Celtic crosses you saw in the Ladies ablutions.

Pick up your lantern and leave the cave. Go up the ladder in the barn, pick up the screwdriver from the box and put it in your inventory.

Leave the barn and make your way back to the platform. Time to explore the hotel. You can go up the stairs here or through the buffet. It is up to you.


Reception. If you go up the stairs, walk along the hallway and down the stairs at the other end to end up in reception. You will probably hear the phone ringing. Go round the back of reception desk and into the Hotel Office. Pick up the phone and listen in. This may (or may not) happen each time to come back to Reception. Read all the corresponence on the desk. Open the drawer and make sure you note down the Fortis code (hidden under the Etto flour advert). Shut the drawer and leave the the office. Turn round and take a close look at the safe in the corner. Compare the lever on the right to the code you noted in the desk. Move the lever by clicking on the various points.

Solution: Click on the hotspots in the order: left, top, middle, bottom and right. Turn the handle and the safe opens.

Pick up the key to the Bar from the top shelf. Back in reception, read all the notes and letters in the pigeon holes. Note who is staying in what room:

1E: Miss Grable.
2E: A Verney
2A: Matilda Fly

Zoom in on the desk. There is a strange figure on the blotting paper. Slide a sheet of paper over it and pick up the pencil. Lines and numbers appear along with an admonition to Betty that paper isn't cheap. Align the numbers with the figure and note them down:

Join the dots

Come out from behind the desk and face the stairs. Walk forwards past the double doors on the left and round the corner to the kitchen.

Kitchen and Dining Room. Lots of recipes and notes to read. Make sure you look in the lower left drawer of the range. The half burnt note mentions 'a pretentious cow' complaining of a draught by table 1. Go through the door into the dining room. Each of the tables has a unique design and number 3 has a little sign telling you that it is in fact, table number 3. Which is nice. Note the designs and location of each table - might be useful later. Stand with your back to the double doors facing the window and a train will go past after a while. This is a little odd since the map in the Ticket Office showed Dowerton to be at the end of a branch line.

Go back to reception and round the corner to the Bar.

The Bar. Use the key to open the door and go inside. Take a look around. At the back is a piano - I played chopsticks 'cos that's all I can do. On the wall is a song about Tom Oliver.

Leave the bar and examine the two toilets if you wish - you may see a shadow flit across the mirror in the ladies.

All done here for now so head up the stairs to the first floor.

Note: there are 6 rooms on each floor with a bathroom and storeroom at the far end.


Room 1A. An empty room, but look out of the window and hear someone whistling (Pete mentioned this in one of the entries on his PDA).

Room1B. The words, 'EM EVAEL ENOLA' are painted on the wall along with the familiar Celtic cross symbol. The words seem to be an anagram of 'leave me alone'.

Room 1C. Nothing to see yet...

Room 1D. Someone called Thomas seems to be hiding in here.

Room 1E. From the note in reception, you know that this is Miss Grable's room. She asks 'who are you?'. Use your lantern on the picture and she shows her displeasure at the room. She may also ask you to go away as it will find her...

Room 1F. There is a remote camera here.

Zoom in on painting at the end of the corridor to discover it is of Henry V.

First Floor Bathroom. Lots of pictures by local artist Arthur Johnson. The taps work but there is no water.

Storeroom. Contains nothing of any real interest but there is a flyer for a Stereoscope.

Up to the second floor.


As you enter the corridor, all the lights go out and there is some very disturbing scratching...

Room 2A. There are some scissors stuck in the wall.

Room 2B. Matilda Fly's room. Read the letters and note that George Crabtree asked Miss Fly to hide a scrap for him. Take a close look at the clock on the desk. Press the buttons from left to right. Number 3 has an odd sound. Press it again then buttons 1, 2 and 4. A little drawer opens and you have a scrap of parchment in your hand. Note the symbol.

Room 2C. In the wardrobe is a box with a familiar pattern on it. To open the box you need to replicate the sequence of numbers you noted on the blotter down in reception:


Inside the box is the LUSSA symbol:


Read the note that the symbols have been scattered and that Arthur hid the words well but they can be exposed by flame. Close the box and the wardrobe doors and leave the room.

Room 2D. Is locked, but if you look through the keyhole there seems to be a modern workroom of some sort. Nigel mentioned that their room was locked - this could be it.

Room 2E. This is Andrew Verney's room, a keen astronomer, he left much behind. Take a look in the cardboard boxes on the floor, read his journal and note that he has discovered a new constellation. Piece together the torn note in the right hand box - seems to be some sort of attempt to decode something. Go now to the small chest of drawers. On top is a box with 7 buttons and a coded letter tucked underneath. Using the clues you got from the torn note you should be able to work out that:

A=Z, B=Y, C=X, D=W and so on to M=N.

The note translates to:

"Guard the skin with your life! I know I sound like a madman. Edith is feeling inclined to phone the police... you must trust me. There is a great evil with us here in the hotel. My research is going well I just need time.

PS: Do not open your door this night to anyone".

In the third drawer down is a book by Andrew containing his astronomy notes with the 'Verney Index Codes'. He also writes about a new constellation. In the wardrobe are some star maps and a reminder to himself - seems to be the button numbers for the box on the cabinet.

Corridor. Leave the room for now and go to the end of the corridor. Note the picture on the wall. If you are not sure who it is then do not worry, all will be revealed in time. Take a squint through the telescope and as you center the constellations, Andrew will make comment. On one constellation, he says: 'Brighter than all the rest, I don't recognize it at all':


If you do not hear him then make sure you have untangled his torn note in Room 2E.

Room 2E. On the star chart the constellation matches that of Raka. Examine the book in the cabinet and code for Raka is: 12/534/76. It is but a moments work to punch these numbers into the box and the lid opens to reveal the symbol for RAKA:


Room 2F. Zoom in on the drawers until you can pick up the hidden camera viewer. Press the button on the left and use the arrow keys to scroll through the camera images - number 4 looks very interesting. On top of the cupboard in the corner is a stone with a familiar symbol.

Second Floor Bathroom. Check out the soap box under the sink. Tucked in the lid is half of a picture. Note the positions of the sandstone and wood symbols. Take a close look in the fire box of the water heater next to the bath. There is a charred note from GG to Matilda Fly stating that a certain matter is now over...

Storeroom. Not much here except for a broken machine (farthing stuck). Pull the lever to match the symbols and receive words of wisdom (found 7 so far).

Up to the third floor.


Room 3A. This is Arthur Johnson's workroom. Take a look at the portrait on the easel at the back of the room - it changes as you look. On the table are a bunch of sketches and photographs. If you slide the white portrait across a picture is revealed. Click on it to put it into your inventory (it shows a bird of some sort). On the windowsill is a book with a sketch of the dining room tucked inside. Note the design of table 4. Under the windowsill are some paintings, slide the top one to the side and a painting of the devil laughs at you.

Next to the door is a gas stove. In the cupboard is a coded note:

'Arthur, I think it would be wise to write our records and drawings using your invisible ink. I do not want the others to know of our plans just yet'.

Also in the cupboard is a bottle of Arthur's Magic Lemon Ink. An old trick was to write letters in lemon juice which would then show up if the paper was heated (remember the letter in Room 2C as well?). Close the cupboard door and turn on the gas at the wall. Now turn the right hand knob on the cooker and press the igniter. Get the bird picture from your inventory and hold it over the flame. 8 words appear:

Betty: Tyma
Fry: Morcana
Grable: Frenic
Edith: Ixiam.

You can now associate the symbol in Room 2B (Matilda Fry) with the word: MORCANA:


Room 3B. This is George Crabtree's room. Tucked in one of the books is a letter from the British Museum all about the Celtic Cross symbols. In the cupboard is a box with three British monarchs depicted. If you know who they are then set the numbers and work out what needs to be done. If not then wait a while and all will be revealed. If you unscrew the brass knob from the beadstead you will discover that there are 12 lyrical names and symbols. On the left is a low table with 4 crosses and a bowl surrounded by a chalk line. You may have two clues already from the picture in the Second floor Bathroom.

Room 3C. Not much in here except for a radio. You can listen to a little light music or the shipping forecast if you wish. There is also a book on the table telling the story of Tom Oliver.

Room 3D. This is Betty's room. Go to the desk and start the metronome. A letter appears on the dressing table - addressed to Thomas (down in Room 1D), Betty writes about her Mum playing the same record over and over again.

Next to the dressing table is a trumpet. Turn it round and pick up the slip of paper wrapped around it. Note the notes that need more practice:


Note also the titles of the sheet music on the walls. You can also play with the knackered clock on the bedside cabinet.

Room 3E. In the jewelry box on the desk is a note from Betty to her mum mentioning the music again. Look at the pictures on the wall - click on the top one to hear a message from Edith. Go to the wardrobe and pick up the record sleeve. Downstairs were two pictures from Hastings, there was some sheet music called 'On Hastings Pier' in Betty's room and the pictures on the wall showed Frank on a Pier so a good choice of music might be track 2, 'On Hastings Pier'. Go to the record player. Wind the handle and start the turntable using the left hand lever. Put the tonearm on the record and find track two. Turn the volume up and turn round. If you have the right track a picture falls off the wall. Zoom in, read the letter and note the symbol for IXIAM:


Room 3F. Locked. Using your new found ingenuity, slide the bird picture under the door and waggle the screwdriver in the key hole until the key drops out. Pick up the bird picture and key and unlock the door. This is George Crabtree's Study. Read the books and letters, especially the journal on the desk. Note the reference to the cellar and the Bedspread made by Edith (April 30th 1945). There is a letter from Arthur on the back of the picture on the wall.

Take a close look at the slide projector, slide box and sheet describing each slide. Slot each slide in turn into the viewer and turn it on using the switch. When you get to slide number 5, zoom in on the figure on the left - he is holding a shield with a familiar icon. Zoom out and refer back to the sheet. Slide number 5 is denoted MORTYM:


Also on the desk is an illustration of the symbols you saw in the Bat Cave.

In the corner of the room is a stereoscope. There was an advert about this down in the First Floor Storeroom. Switch it on, slide the cylinders into the slot and wind the handle. Zoom in on the eyepieces. There are 4 presentations. The key one is: Trial 2, Elements. Note the sequence: Fire, Light, Wind and Water.

Leave the room and note the picture at the end of the hall.

Third Floor Bathroom. Very art deco - the shaving mirror squeaks a bit.

Storeroom. Over on the shelves is a silver teapot. Look inside and there is the key that Nigel spoke about on the telephone. Click on it to put it in your inventory. Turn about and note the ladder leading up. Explore if you wish, we will return later.


Room 2D. Use the key you found in the teapot to unlock the door. Inside is Nigel and Polly's workroom. Start off at the desk. Listen to the message on the Dictaphone. Polly's suggests you go to the third floor bathroom to get the settings for their discovery. She also suggests you read the journal on her computer.

Third Floor Bathroom. You may already have played with the mirror on the wall. Click on the shaving mirror and it squeaks round. Take a look at the wall above the bath and you should see a reflection. If not, give the mirror another nudge. The result is: 0020, 0090, 0005 and 0040. Return to Room 2D.

Room 2D. Take a look at the notice board to the left of the window. On the bottom right note Nigel mentions that his password is his favorite menu. Note down the telephone numbers of the three takaways from the other notice board. Go to the computer desk and zoom in on the left. Pick up the phone and dial the numbers - press the green button to make the call. Eventually, the Dragon Inn will confirm your regular order: number 15. A check of the menu will reveal that this is Chicky Chow.

Go the the computer desk and zoom in on the left hand screen. Click on the screen to access Polly's files. Read her journal entries, the case files and check out the websites she has accessed. Amongst all the supernatural stuff are some hints on playing the piano - remember the notes on the trumpet? Note also the references to 'Energy Orbs'. One of the sites reveals your past lives...spooky.

The image cleaner will tell you that Henry VIII is on the third floor and Elizabeth I is on the second.

Make sure you also read the instructions about the EM Tracker and the Thermal Radiation Goggles - they can pick up residual radiation, possibly up to 100 years ago.

When you have read and listened to everything, log out and go to the other screen.

Click on the screen and enter the password: chicky chow' The thing fires up and you can take control of most of the remote cameras.

When you get to the last one it needs the parameters setting. Enter the codes you saw in the bathroom upstairs (alpha, 0020, beta, 0090, particle, 0005, density, 0040) and discover some sort of hidden cavity down in the cellar.

Just about done here, all you need are those radiation goggles. Take a look at the Haddon Industry boxes and behind them are the missing goggles. Turn round - note the reading on your detector and hear a ghostly voice saying 'here'. Put on your goggles and you will be able to read the message:

'The InNoCenTs mean Well useless pieces UseLess Pawns with Electric gifts they thInk theY KnoW Useless piEces ThrowN Away'.


Might as well check all the rooms out for other residual radiation and finish off some puzzles:

Room 1A. The goggles reveal the bedspread that George wrote about in his journal in Room 3F. Note the colours.

Room 1E. With the goggles on you can see the Energy Orbs fly up from the floor. Zoom in and lift the loose floor board. Miss Grable says, 'So you've found my little secret'. In with the money is a note from George, the word FRENIC and the next lyric:


Hotel Bar. On the back wall is the message: Tyma. tick & Tock & ticK and tocK. One Of Many. One Too Many.

Whilst you are here you can practice your musical skills. The note on the trumpet had 5 notes that Betty needed to practice. The website on Polly's computer told you what these notes were and where middle C was on the piano so off you go: GGABC. Note the lyric and it's name TYMA (which you got from the bird picture in Arthur's studio) and the note on the wall:


If you go to the alcove near the door and use the goggles, you will hear Andrew Verney speaking.

In the dining room on table 4 there is a conversation between Matilda Fly and Gable.

Head back to the third floor.


Room 3B. Open the door to the little cabinet and look at the box. With the clues from Polly's computer, Set the dials to VIII, V and I. The lid opens and inside is a note from George that one of the lyrics has been stolen and he must cast the runes. Note the picture - you found the other half in the second floor bathroom.

Close the lid and zoom out. On the table on the left is a bowl and four symbols. You need to replicate the positions you saw on the pictures:


If all is well, the words: 'One of the lyrics is missing', 'Nemesis is... Will not work' appear followed by OLKAS:


Head back for the third floor store room and climb up into the attic.

Attic. In the attic towards the back is an old suitcase. Use your screw driver to force the lock. Yank it left and right a few times then down to spring the hasp. Inside is a book (Swallows and Amazons) and a letter from George. With the letter is the lyric, OLIVIAK:


Right at the back behind the wall is a Ouija Board. An Energy Orb lights the candle. You can have a go if you wish. Click on the thingy in the corner and ask your questions. I discovered that Tom was there, alone and I could help him by doing the trials. Make sure you say goodbye.

Go behind the boiler and turn on the system - you will see the heater light up. Round the front and pull down the lever and twiddle the wheels to get hot water into each of the bathrooms. The system is pretty cranky so it only works on one floor at a time. Get some hot water to the first floor (left hand wheel) and head down there now.

First Floor Bathroom. Turn on the taps and click on the mirror. The steam shows the last missing Lyric: MALUS:


The only place left to go is the cellar. Down in reception, face the panels below the stairs and click on the right hand door frame. The door opens and down you go.


Off to the left is a locked metal door. To the right of this door is a pillar behind which are 6 buttons. Recognize the patterns? Click on the buttons, replicating the table numbers in the Dining Room.

Solution: Numbering 1 to 6 from the top press: 3, 2, 5, 1 and 4.

You hear a whirr and a click as the metal door unlocks. Inside is George Crabtree's and now Nigel's Darkroom.

Open the cupboard doors on in the corner and pick up the handle. Go to the workbench.

Read Nigel's notes (on the left) and then examine the photographs. Zoom in on the photographic equipment. There are still some pictures to develop.

Click on the little control box to douse the lights. Click on the enlarger to get the holder. Place the negative in the holder and grab a sheet of photographic paper. Click on the timer (on the control box) and when the light goes out place the photo in the developing fluid. When an image appears place the picture in the fixing fluid. When all is done, another flying chair will be revealed. All done in here for now.

Leave the Darkroom and you have another chance to try out your goggles and talk to the dead.

At the far end of the cellar is a camera. If you set the codes in Nigel's computer up in Room 1D you will be able to slide the corrugated iron sheeting across. If not then it is back to Room 1D to set the computer.

Behind the sheeting is a dark corner. Get your lantern out and you will see the wall George mentioned in his journal. Plug the handle into the hole and give it a twist. A stone slides away and you can enter a dark corridor.

When the lights come on you will be ready to face the three trials.


Note the symbols in the walls: Raka on the left and the cross on the right. If you turn about you will see the symbols above the door that you last saw in the camera in room 2F.

Trial One. As you step forwards, four coloured panels appear. Press the symbols to repeat the sequence you noted in George's journal and saw on the bedspread in Room 1A: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange.

The barrier fades away and you can step forwards.

Trial Two. Click on each of the symbols and you will hear the four elements. Repeat the sequence you saw in the stereoscope in Room 3F: Fire, Lightning, Wind, Water.

The barrier fades away and you can step forwards. Down on the floor to the left is George's notebook. Some useful background information.

Trial Three. Look left, click on the cross and listen to the sounds. Now face the barrier and press the symbols. Repeat the sequence from the walls: top, bottom, lower right, middle, lower left.

The barrier fades away and you can step forwards. Enter the chamber.

The Dark Fall. The Dark Fall sprays upwards from the central formation. The six surrounding statues pour forth the same icky stuff.

To defeat the Dark Fall, say each of the names of the lyrics in the correct order:


lussa, kars, oliviak, frenic, morcana, tyma, malus, larsus, olkas, mortym, ixiam, raka.

As you enter each name, click on SAY and the symbol will appear on the far wall.

After the last name has been said hopefully all will be well...


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