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The third Myst adventure, Exile, begins some 10 years after Atrus was imprisoned by his sons beneath K'veer Island and the subsequent destruction of Riven. If you haven't played the other games then a bit of background information can be found on the Myst and Riven pages.

Here you will find all the solutions to puzzles but be warned, there is much more to Exile than is given here. Take time to explore before you test, press, operate or use objects. Draw maps, diagrams and charts, take lots of notes and enjoy the marvellous ages that open up in front of you. And remember, as with any walkthrough, use the hints given here sparingly.

The game begins overlooking the desert in an age called Tomahna where you are met by Catherine and her daughter Yeesha. She greets you and ask that you wait in Atrus's study while he prepares for a visit to Releeshan. Go through the doors and look around. Behind the desk is a linking book, with a broken link to Ghen's Age in Riven.

Read the note on the desk and examine the objects both on the desk and shelves. On the other side of the room is a pedestal. Inside is the Releeshan Linking Book. Turn round and Atrus greets you in preparation for the journey to Releeshan. Suddenly it all goes horribly wrong....

J'nanin | Amateria Linking Book | Amateria | Voltiac Linking Book | Voltiac | Edanna Linking Book | Edanna | Narayan


Arriving in J'nanin you see the thief disappear around the corner, up a ladder and into the tower that dominates the island. You follow but he has locked the door behind him. What you need is another way into the tower but first, take time to explore the island. If you cannot wait then read on.

Go back down the ladder and onto the curved pathway. On the right is a ladder leading down to a beach. Go down and turn right, following the beach to the end. Up and to the right is a post with a lens arrangement on the top. Take a look in the lenses and note the colour of the ball on the top. Clicking on the bar below the lenses rotates the post. You will notice that the lenses reflect other objects. Interesting - maybe there is a pattern here? (If you have explored the island you will have found 7 posts). Looking around you can see a circular object on top of another post with a pedestal close by. Looking closer you see a wheel and a dome in the sea. Leave it for now and follow the path around the crater. Halfway down is a broken post. At the end are some stairs leading up and down.

At the top is a tusk with a locked door (why are the doors always locked?). If you look up above the door there is a little window. Is there a symbol engraved on the window? In front of the door is some sort of focussing device. This is an excellent place to view the whole island. Apart from the central tower you can see two other tusks, most of the lens posts, stairs, bridges and pathways. Go all the way down the stairs and through a windy place (remember the sound) until you end up facing a greenhouse.

Go into the greenhouse and pull the handle. The gate opens so go forward to the entrance in to the tower (locked again). Turn round, press the large button and enter the tower.

Inside appears to be a bedroom/workroom. On the bed is Saavedro's book, take the time to read it, there may be some clues inside. Next to the hammock is a balance. Note the size and positions of the weights. Looking around you will see an experiment on the table that you can play with. Also take careful note of the other experiments especially those with balanced balls. There is an alcove with a cylindrical wooden structure, go round the back and open the door. Go inside, pull the handle and up you go. Look into the tower and you can see the thief (Saavedro) - he thinks you are Atrus. He does something with a machine and a cage rises. Nothing more to do here so go back down.

Leave the elevator and look around. Maybe you can operate the lever from the outside? Get it right and the elevator leaves without you. Down below is a pit, jump inside and look at the damaged walls. Hmm, this seems similar to the diagrams in Saavedro's book. Set the four mechanisms and climb out. Bring the lift back and get inside. Pull the handle and this time the elevator rotates. Open the door and you see Saavedro link out and the cage disappear. Enter the tower and look around. On the floor are some more of Saavedro's pages. You will keep finding these all over the place. Press the blue button on the central railing, three projectors open and Atrus appears but is hijacked by Saavedro who tells you to find the 3 symbols.

Go to any of the projectors and note the symbol etched onto the viewer lens. Experiment with the controls to discover that left lever controls the zoom, the right the focus and moving across the lens adjusts the position. As you move the controls a series of marbles rotate around the screen. You need to align the symbols with the little windows on each of the tusks - this is the first part in gaining access to the linking books. With each of the viewers aligned, take note of the marble positions.

With this puzzle completed, you now need to find the three linking books. Pull the lever next to the door to send the lift down and step through the door. The lock mechanism for the outside door is now exposed and you can leave the tower.

You can visit the three ages in any order. This is how I did it.


From the tower, go towards the nearest tusk. On the far left of the last rock is a hole with a ladder going down. Climb down. Unfortunately there is something blocking the path. Climb back out and look along the rock behind the tusk. Right at the end is a ladder. Climb down and look around. In front of you are two levers, a walkway leading to the tusk and the cylinder that was blocking the way. Pulling on the levers moves the cylinder around. You need to get the cylinder at the far right hand end and the ladder back where it started. The correct sequence is Left, Right, Left, Right.

Climb back up the ladder and go back down the hole. The way is now free to the tusk, open the door and... Somebody has smashed the floor.

Use the levers to roll the cylinder back into the now open linking book room. The sequence is Left, Left, Right, Right.

Return to the tusk and align the marbles on the pedestal to the same position you set them in the tower:

Amateria sliders

Now press the button in the middle. A cage lowers and reveals the linking book to Amateria. Off you go.


A very oriental island. There is a large pagoda in the middle, some suspended tracks and a platform that you cannot get to. Step onto the path leading to the central pagoda. On your left is a hexagonal control panel with lots of buttons. You can see two more units that must be the keys to close the gaps in the walkway.

Three boxes probably means three puzzles. You can complete them in any order.


From your arrival point head off across the bridge. At the next intersection is a linking book back to J'nanin Follow the path into the tunnel, down the stairs and turn right at the intersection.

Go past the elevator and follow the path. Towards the end there is a ladder on the right. Climb up and go down the track until you reach the control panel on the left. Pull the lever and up you go. There are lots of buzzes and thrums but ignore them for now. Start the machine and watch. A silver ball rolls into the rollercoaster and shatters. But note the sequence on the control panel. Copy down the five shapes that the little marble passes through. This is the track sequence. Go back down to ground level and carry on along the path, follow the wooden path and hop across the stepping stones. At the end climb up onto the track and turn left. From the centre of the rollercoaster there are five exits (plus the way you came in).

Note: There is another way into the rollercoaster, but I will you find that on your own.

You now have to follow the path the ball would take. Start by going straight ahead. At the far end is a vibrating force field on the right and a platform in front of you. Climb down to the platform and look right. Click on the little control panel. You have to set the lever to the first shape you noted. Back onto the track and walk into the force field: vvvvveerrrrryyyy ammmusssing.

Now follow the track all the way to the end - setting each lever to the correct position.

The solution is: From the centre of the puzzle, go down the track leading to the setting sun. Set the lever to the 10 o 'clock position. Go through the force field, follow the track down and go straight through the junction. Set the lever to the 12 o'clock position. Carry on along the track and straight across the central junction. Set the lever to the 2 o'clock position. Follow the track down and take the central exit. Set the lever to the 4 o'clock position. Carry on along the track, across the central junction and set the final lever to the 6 o'clock position. You should now be above a bunch of hexagonal rocks.

Return to the main control panel and start the ball rolling. Enjoy watching the ball roll around the rollercoaster and away. The cover of the control panel half closes and you see a little bridge rise out of the water. At the end the cover fully closes and reveals a pattern. Note the pattern and the colour:



From your arrival point head off across the bridge. At the next intersection is a linking book back to J'nanin Follow the path into the tunnel, down the stairs and turn right at the junction.

Jump into the elevator and pull the lever. At the top look around. There is metal channel balanced (key word here) on a massive gear wheel and a track at either end. Take a good look at the ball at the left hand end. Recognize the materials - you saw something similar in Saavedro's workroom. Turn around, pick up some more pages and go down.

Turn right and follow the path round to the right. Across the wooden path and onto a mudbank enclosing a green pool. Halfway along is a platform. Pull the lever on the left and take a short ride up. Play with the controls. The three levers in the centre adjust the position of the wheel which acts as a fulcrum. The other lever activates the pagoda and releases a silver ball. Watch the sequence carefully and try to work out what is happening. It is all about balance.

Pull the lever to go back down and carry on along the mudbank. At the end is a little building. Go inside and behold: there is the balance weight. Recall what you saw in Saavedro's workroom: the balance with the stick men and the balance with the ball. And remember the construction of the ball up the lift. Put all this information together to solve the puzzle. Stuck? Here is the solution:

1 iron ball balanced 4 crystal balls and 1 crystal ball balanced 4 wooden balls. This gives us: iron = 16, crystal = 4, wood. = 1

The released ball had 1 crystal and 7 wood segments giving a total weight of 11 (4 + 7).

From the stick man balance, with the fulcrum at the very left hand end, the counterbalance must be twice the weight (obviously the makers did not understand physics but never mind).

Therefore the counterbalance must weigh 22. The combination that works is 6 wood and 1 iron = 6 + 16 = 22.

So, add 2 wood and 1 iron segment to the counterbalance.

Go back to the control panel, rise up, set the fulcrum to the left, activate the machine - and watch. If all goes well the ball passes through the chute, the cover of the control panel half closes and you see a little bridge rise out of the water. At the end the cover fully closes and reveals a pattern. Note the pattern and the colour:



From the arrival point go down the ladder (towards the glowing rocks), across a wooden walkway and up onto a mossy path. Halfway down turn right and go through the gate. Pull the lever next to the control panel and rise majestically into the sky.

Below you are three pegs which fit into the holes in the two wheels. If you pull the lever across a silver ball rushes down the track and into a cup. The wheels rotate and... the ball shatters. Great. The puzzle here is to set the pegs in the correct sequence so that the silver ball is flipped back and forth without breaking or falling into the sea. It would be easy if Saavedro had not damaged one of the pegs. If frustration gets the better of you the pegs should be placed like this:

Red Pegs

With the pegs in place start the machine and enjoy the tennis match. When it is over the cover of the control panel half closes and you see a little bridge rise out of the water. At the end the cover fully closes and reveals a pattern. Note the pattern and the colour:

Hexagon  Key


With all three puzzles complete, it is time to enter the central pagoda. Return to the little platform where you arrived. Go to the first hexagonal pedestal and key in any of the patterns and look to your right. If the floor closes all is well. Do the same for the next two pedestals and enter the central pagoda. If it does not work then it means you have not solved all the puzzles.

Inside the pagoda watch out for an impressive set of stairs appearing. Climb up and sit down.

You can press the button and listen to Saavedro's moaning if you wish or alternatively, pull the handle above the the viewer and leap like a salmon into the night sky. You are now suspended in mid air with a complex little puzzle in front of you. Remember the bridges that rose up when you solved the puzzles? The button panels were coloured blue, yellow and green for the right, center and left bridges. The trick here is to set the dials so that the track is continuous and ends up at the red marker. If you cannot solve the puzzle here is the solution:

Pagoda Puzzle Solution

When you are ready look up and press the blue button to start the sequence and prepare yourself for an astounding ride.

At the end, the Amateria symbol reveals itself and you can return to J'nanin through the linking book.


On your return from each of the ages you arrive in the tower on J'nanin Go to the imager next to the blue button. Place the symbol from your inventory on the imager. The cage rises from the depths and Saavedro has another dig at you. Ignore him.


From the tower head for the dome you saw in the sea (near the yellow lens). Turn the handle until the sunlight is at maximum reflection (4 clicks). Sunlight is amplified through the reflector onto the yellow post. Stand with your back to the incoming beam and rotate the assembly until a beam of light shines to the right. Look into the lens and you can see where it is pointing. Fantastic, all you need to do now is align all 7 posts and take note of the order.

Voltiac Lens Positions

The colour sequence is: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Red

Looking through the last lens you can see a rainbow shining on the tusk. Run round there now and look at the array of lights created by the prism device. Press the buttons in the same order you set them and the door opens.

Align the marbles on the pedestal to the same position you set them up in the tower:

Voltiac Sliders

Now press the middle button. A cage lowers and reveals the linking book to Voltiac. Off you go.


You arrive in the Voltaic Age on a metal walkway facing a stone building on a little island. Go to the building and face the door which is locked (again!). To your left is a pedestal with a linking book to J'nanin Behind you is a walkway leading nowhere. Go to the end anyway. Looking around you can see tower with a platform on the top and behind it a turret above a wooden door. There seems to be lots of cables, trackways and strange mechanisms about. Perhaps you need to get power from somewhere? Follow the walkway now into the cliff. Inside there is a doorway on the right. Pop inside and walk forwards (watch out for more pages) until you come to a junction. To the left is another locked door. You can explore the right hand tunnel now if you want but we come back later anyway.

Go back out, turn right and follow the path into a sandstone crater. What can you see: a path leading past a tower and a massive, round, metal structure at the other end. Investigate the tower on the right then carry on to the end of the walkway. Suspended is a sort of airship with no air and you now realize that the metal structure is a door with no obvious controls to open it. Down the ladder and into a metal tower. Check out the pressure gauge and valve operating wheels - are these the controls for inflating the airship? Jump out onto the surf board shaped platform and look around. There is another wheel out here and a broken walkway (Saavedro again) and if you look up, a ladder.

Climb to the top, pick up more pages and grab the handle. It swings down and reveals an opening. Climb through and you find yourself overlooking the crater. Can you see a way to the far wall? Yup, it's a balancing act along the pipe. At the other end jump down and open the ventilator cover. Crawl along until you see an opening below you. Jump down. There is a window, a pedestal, a door and a ladder leading down. Unlock the door - it's the one you saw ages ago. Climb down the ladder and look through the window. A bit warm in there: best leave it for now.


Leave the room through the door, go down the blue tunnel and step into the pit. To one side is a panel showing a power distribution circuit - is one of the symbols the airship? On the other side is a ladder. Carry on through the tunnel, at the end is another door similar to that on the little island. On the right is a ladder leading down but it is full of water. Go back to the ladder in the pit and climb up. Recognize where you are? Turn the wheel and the gate closes. Looking down you can see a turbine which you cannot start as someone has sabotaged the controls. Climb back down and go back to the submerged ladder. Now free of water, climb down and press the red button. Check out the generator, turn the crank and the gear wheel engages. Climb up and go back into the metal walled tunnel. At the end is a broken window. Look through and you can see the turbine. Give one of the paddles a nudge and everything gets going.

Now go to the locked door, and take a turn on the wheel. Jump off and you will see a green light on the door. Open sesame! Go through and down. There is a viewer here where you can listen to Saavedro's rantings. Follow the tunnel to the end and climb down into the chamber. On the structure is the Riven number 1. Walking around you will find four other numbers and some more pages. Look through the gap between the metal panels - there seems to be a circuit. Click on the buttons to rotate the circuits until the pattern is complete. But take care, there is more than one solution - you need to check each of the panels to make sure your solution is correct. If you are really stuck here is the solution when viewed through the number 1 panel -1:

Voltiac Circuit

With the circuit complete, the system powers up - the last thing to do is inflate the airship.


Go back to the lava room. The control knob has been sabotaged - wonder who that was? This next bit is really frustrating - you can move the knob a bit but it always ends up in the centre slot. The trick is to click on the knob and release, move it a little up or down and click again. It will rotate all the way round and a platform lowers. So far so good - the next thing to do is turn on the fan in the lava room and bring the lava back.

With the platform in the lower position, go down the ladder. Look through the window - the chamber is empty. Open the door and climb onto the platform.

Slide the lever to the left (gear moves to the left).
Rotate the lever anticlockwise (to raise the platform)
Slide the lever to the right (the gear moves)
Rotate the lever clockwise (raise the platform again)
Turn on the fan.
Rotate the lever anticlockwise (to lower the platform).
Slide the lever to the left (gear moves to the left).
Rotate the lever anticlockwise (to lower the platform).

Return to the control room and rotate the lever clockwise (to raise the platform).

Leave the control room either through the door or the ventilation shaft and return to the hot air controls below the airship.


If all is well steam is venting through the valves. Close any of the valves and note the rise in pressure on the gauge. Looking up you can see two more sets of valves. The trick here is to set the needle exactly on the blue line.

Close all the valves (pressure rises). Crank the lever over and go up. Close all the valves again and go up. Close all the valves. You should have noted how much the pressure rose each time you closed a valve:

Bottom =10 , middle = 4 top = 1

You now need to reduce the pressure by 41. Open 3 valves on the top level, 2 on the centre and 3 on the bottom.

Climb out on to the platform and open the valve you saw before. If the pressure is correct the airship inflates. Magic, the only problem is that it crashes into the round door. To open the door climb the ladder back up to the main walkway (not the one to the suspended pipe). Go to the track junction and walk round to the tower. Get in the elevator and pull the lever to go down. Walk all the way to the end and pull the lever to open the door. The airship drifts forwards and engages with the walkway. Climb on board and pull the control lever. Enjoy the ride.

When you stop get out and operate the lever at the end of the platform - and watch. Wow! Get back into the airship and operate the control lever again. The green light is on so open the door.

Climb down and open the hatch at the bottom. Retrieve the voltaic symbol. Looking around you spot a door in the wall, click on it and the J'nanin book appears. Time to leave.

Activate the symbol and the cage opens.


From the tower go down to the beach, turn left and hop across the stepping stones. Scrabble up the slope and down the stairs to the bridge. Cross the first bridge and you can see the door to the tusk but no way to get across. There are some red growths but not much else.

Climb halfway down the ladder and step onto the ledge. There is a large plant that, if you get close, amplifies sounds. Put down the plant and continue down the ladder. At the bottom instead of going into the greenhouse, climb across the rocks and press the top of the conical thing. Hey, a little animal appears. Turn round and click on the strange plant growing out of the water. Click again on the animal house and the creature runs across. His squealing inflates the red plants so that he can drink. This could be useful. Head back to the ledge (halfway up the ladder), pick up the fern and pan around until you can hear 'Squeak'. Click once and the red plants inflate providing a path across to the tusk.

Go inside the tusk and look down at the pedestal. Align the marbles in the same position you set them up in the tower:

Edanna sliders

Now press the button in the middle. A cage lowers and reveals the linking book to Edanna. Off you go.


Arriving on Edanna you are on a small platform. Look into the centre of the flower and you can see a linking book. Pan right and you can see two vertical plants, one open and one closed. That's where you need to go.

But first: Edanna is a very organic place. Because it is dark in the lower levels, some plants have developed alternate means of gathering light, other plants react to the light in different ways...

Walk down the path to the vine and get transported up to the top. Go up the path to the left and you will see a colourful bird fly in with food for her chick - now you know where the sounds were coming from. There is a lens flower nearby so take a close look at the avian family.

Walk back back down to the vine and you will see it drawing water from an organic bowl. Now go through the opening in the wall and follow the path a little way until you come to the vine that is all closed up. There is a bowl nearby with what looks like a water bulb next to it. Click on the bulb to make sure. You will also see the mother bird fly down into Edanna. Carry on up the path to the top.

There is a palm of some sort and an orange bloom in shadow. Click on the bulbous bit in the middle of the palm and it rises up revealing a linking book back to J'nanin and allows sunlight to fall on the orange bloom. Click on the red stamen on the back of the flower and it opens revealing a lens. Look through the lens and you can see a pulsing hot spot. Pan around until the hot spot falls on the water bulb. The heat from the focussed beam explodes the bulb and the vine begins to drink. These are all important clues which will help you solve later puzzles. Return to the vine and jump on board. After a bumpy ride you end up in the depths of the forest.

Follow the path a bit until you come to another bowl. There is a little electric fish in there. Carry on down the path until you come to an empty water bulb on the right. Click on the spines and water flows down bringing with it the electric fish.

Turn round (picking up more pages) and go down the orange lit tunnel. At the bottom there is lots to see, much all out of reach.


Walk along the branch to the rotten log - it is covered with the strange tubers you used to get to the Edanna tusk (a clue here). Suddenly there is the sound of the mother bird in panic. Cross the log (hope it is strong enough) and go straight ahead into a hollow log. At the end turn on the light and a leaf unfolds. Directly in front of you is the log bridge and behind it a flat area. That is where you want to go. Walk down the leaf and grab hold of the tee-shaped vine. Swing across to the the platform on your right.

Landing safely, have a good look round. There is a little crank which raises the trap and a release mechanism connect to a string which leads back across to the leaf bridge. The first part of the puzzle here is how to trap an animal.

Raise the trap using the crank. Shake the tree until one of the pink fruits falls to the floor. Go behind the crank and slide down into the hollow log. Turn right and walk out onto the leaf bridge. 'Squeak'. Arrives so pull on the handle to drop the trap.

Now you know what animal the fruit attracts, you realize he may be able to help you destroy the log bridge which is blocking your way to the ledge far side of the forest.

Reset the trap and shake another fruit free. This time kick it a bit further along. Return to the leaf bridge and soon 'Squeak' turns up. He picks up the fruit and you release the trap. The frightened 'Squeak' runs off and complains bitterly from the log. The tubers react and the log crashes down into the depths. Fantastic, now you can swing across to the far ledge.

Go left and turn on the light to unfurl the leaf. Carry on down the path until you hear some frantic flapping. In front of you is a large trap with a very annoyed bird inside. If you played with Saavedro's experiments you will know how to open the plant. If not do not worry, the solution is given below.


Carry on down the path through the opening in the sea wall and you will soon come an open area. On your right are some of Saavedro's paintings and another deflated bulb. Fill the bulb with water and along comes the fish as well. Now turn to face the path. Go left and down until you come to another dish and deflated pod (near the green lights). Click on the pod to fill it with water and the fish (who is probably quite fed up by now). If you look up you can se the plant that has trapped the bird. Its roots are in the dish - maybe releasing the fish will electrocute the roots and force the plant to open. Look around now and you will see some white orchids and one of those sun flowers. Carry on around the dish and you will end up next to a rolled up leaf. Nearby is also a viewer with another boring message from Saavedro To go across the leaf we need light.

Return to the ledge with Saavedro's painting and take the other path - following the thick vine root. At the bottom are three white orchids. Go under the root arch and look into the lens of the furthest orchid. Pan around until you are focussed on the middle orchid. Go the the middle orchid (which is now glowing) look into the lens and find the rolled up leaf bridge. Aha, as if by magic the bridge unfurls.

Head now for the leaf bridge. Step across and climb up the fungus encrusted hollow logs. At the top is the sun plant which is focussed on the water bulb. Climb up a bit further and focus the orchid on the sun flower. Return now to the three orchids on the other side of the bridge.

Realign the furthest orchid with the other orchid (the one you can't get to). The light flashes to the sunflower, heating up the water and the bulb bursts. The electric fish now released attacks the roots and the trap opens freeing the bird (hooray).

The way out is on the other side so realign the orchid to unfurl the leaf bridge. Cross the bridge and climb up the first hollow log. At the top look left, there is another tunnel there - crawl inside and you will come out on another branch. Jump onto the tee-bar and down you go again.

Go down the path to the end and turn left. In this clearing there is a huge plant. Follow the path all the way up to reach another white orchid. Look into the lens and pan about until the light shines onto the stamen of the huge plant. They rise up in the light.

Now go back down the path and keep looking right. There is another opening by the mushrooms. Go through it and in front of you is another of the huge seed pods. This one is open and flitting above is a swarm of butterflies. Turn left and follow the path all the way down. Somebody has cut a hole in the vine, climb inside and crawl along to the end. It appears that you are inside the first seed pod you saw. The seeds look very much like those the mother bird was feeding to her chick. Maybe you can use them to get a lift up to the linking book.


Climb back out. The puzzle here is to open the closed seed pod and call the mother bird down.

Climb all the way up the path through the hanging flowers. At the top is one of those palms you saw at the top of the tower- click on the central bulb and the vine rises, blocking the light to the seed pod. Turn round and follow the path all the way to the bottom. Walk round the seed pod and look up to see the butterflies still there. Click on one of the fungal growths near the seed pod - the butterflies do not like the spores and fly away.

Back once more to the seed pod root. Climb inside and crawl all the way to the top which is now open. Grab hold of the central stalk. Another cloud of spores is released and the bird returns to take you away. Enjoy the ride.

Back on the top of the tower, look around and you will find a gap you can slide through. And there is your goal - the Edanna symbol.

Activate the symbol and a bridge slides out and you can link out to the last age: Narayan.


You arrive in Narayan facing some steps.  Turn around and examine the red tapestries. You should recognize some of the symbols. And beneath these symbols are legends which may also be familiar if you bothered to read Atrus's notebook.

Now climb the steps and turn left. There are two pedestals and a lever (none of which work), a blue force field and a gate. Looking through the gate you can see a suspended gondola.

With nothing else to do, climb the metal staircase. Saavedro is there to greet you - he seems a little eccentric and he is wearing one of the tapestries. Take heed however of his warning that the doors the linking book open don't close behind you. When he finally clears off look around until you find the power lever. Give it a tug and everything powers up. Looking out over the landscape you can see a series of floating islands.

Go back down the stairs and over to the lever between the pedestals which needs to be pointing left. Open the cover on the left pedestals. Looking closely you can see three sets of interlocked circles - one for each of the ages perhaps? Unfortunately the symbols you have are not enough.

It is now time to read Atrus's journal if you have not already done so. Amongst all the clutter are four sets of four words emboldened. Take careful note of these. If you cannot find the word sets here they are:

Nature - Encourages - Mutual - Dependence
Energy - Powers - Future - Motion
Dynamic - Forces - Spur - Change
Balanced - Systems - Stimulate - Civilization

Now go back to the tapestries. You will be able to find the symbols that match the words but you will only be able to fully match three of the word sets. Copy the symbols down carefully and return to the pedestal. If you click on each of the circle arcs they light up. Your job is to replicate the symbols. The three parchments provide the position of 6 symbols. The other 6 must be positioned so that the 4 words follow in the correct order:

Narayan Pattern  Narayan Pattern  Narayan Pattern

When the symbols for each age are complete the panel will light up. When all three are entered, the pedestal closes and the force field turns itself off. Brilliant. Now for the other pedestal. Move the lever to the right (turning the force field back on) and open the hatch. There is only one set of circles here. You need to find the four symbols that match the forth set of words from Atrus's journal.

Move the lever to the left and go outside. The outer force field is still activated. Have a look at the gondola if you like but do go down the stairs. There is a linking book back to Tomahna but what you really want is the Reeleshan book.

Around the corner are more tapestries and on them you will find the missing symbols. Back up the stairs pull the lever to the right again.  Open the cover on the pedestal and enter the last set of symbols:

Narayan Pattern

The outer force field opens and Saavedro delivers an ultimation.


What to do now. Do you let him go and return empty handed? Do you confront him? Difficult decisions. Remember, you need to return to Tomahna with the Releeshan Book and also prevent Saavedro from following you (open books do not close remember).

Once you have tried every combination and still got nowhere here is the solution:

With Saavedro outside but contained by the outer force field, go upstairs and turn off all the power trapping Saavedro. Go back down and confront Saavedro through the gate. Trapped, Saavedro pleads for release to join his family and offers the Releeshan book in return. With the book safely in your hands, move the pedestal lever to the right and turn the power back on. Saavedro bids you farewell and sails away.

Time to leave now. Move the lever back to the left and go down to the Tomahna linking book. Wave goodbye and return triumphant to Atrus and Catherine.


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