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The year is 2083. 10 months ago a group of scientists arrived on the seemingly deserted of Argilus and disappeared. Sent on a rescue mission to Argilus, Sam and Hannah become separated and land on opposite sides of the planet. Their only hope is to join up at the scientist's base. But how to get there? The landscape is alien, the language and numbers are alien, the planet seems to be abandoned and so much is out of reach.

To solve the mysteries of Argilus both Sam and Hannah need to join forces. Stranded on opposite sides of the planet they need to solve a series of puzzles to get to the city of Bosh. It does not matter who plays first - the result is the same. Make sure you look everywhere, there are many hidden clues - and take lots of notes, you will need them.

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Note: There seems to be some differences between the CD and DVD versions: On the DVD the graphics are better, there is a extra puzzle on Mathia and you can access the logbooks. Apart from that the gameplay is unchanged.

Spire City | Numbers | Building Bridges | Bosh (Hannah) | Balloon Land | Inflating the Airship | Flying controls | Bosh (Sam) | Bells | Temple | Measuring Towers | The Secret Door | New Co-ordinates | Buying Oil | Mathia | Bridge Puzzle | Opening Doors and Building Circuits | The Computer | Leaving Argilus


Arriving on Argilus you are standing on a platform on the ocean surface. All around are spires and towers connected by bridges and walkways. There is only one way to go, and that is up. At the next platform turn right and go up again.

In front of you is a spire, as you go inside an elevator arrives. Climb on board and turn to face the control panel. Press the up triangle and rise to the next platform. Looking around you can see another elevator and a control panel. Walk round the other elevator and you can see a suspension bridge (with no floor) and another ramp leading up which you should take.


On this platform is a strange tank with what seems to be a set of alien numbers. Copy them down. To the right of the tank is a blue flask with a picture of a insect on the wall - I reckon that is what is flying around all those tuber-like plants. Note the pattern on the flask. Try knocking on the door, there is nobody at home right now - maybe later.

Back down now and climb into the second elevator. Go up to the next platform and look around. At the far end is a lamp hidden round the corner. Press the button on the top and note what happens. Pick up the lamp and turn round. Go up the ramp to the next platform and up again.

There is a message for you: the scientist talks about a place called Bosh and needing the tablets but the co-ordinates have changed. On this platform, behind the fountain, is a series of metal 'flowers'. You can look inside the first but it is empty.

Turn round now and climb the stairs to the very top. There you will find one of the tablets you were told about. Copy down the symbols and relate them to those on the water tank.

Go back down the stairs and stop at the control panel you saw on the way up. Click on the dials and something bounces between the 'flowers'. The trick here is to get whatever it is down to the bottom. Note that the dials cause a jump of 3, 3, 2, 2 and 1 and the direction changes after each jump.

With the dials numbered from the left 1 to 5, one of the solutions is: 4,2,3,1,5.

Climb down the stairs and go to the 'flowers'. Inside is another tablet. Copy down the numbers again.

It is time to take stock. Using the tank sequence and the two tablets you should be able work out the alien number sequence:

or in English:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Go down the ramp and down in the elevator and check out the control panel between the two elevators. Pressing the button brings a gondola and it is time to leave this island.


At the other end, behind the elevator is a ramp leading up. On the upper platform is a row of thorns just like those you saw when you picked up the lamp. There is also a path leading to some curly structures. Behind these is a pillar with a set of graduations. In front of you is the row of thorns at the right hand end of which is another platform. Maybe you can use the lamp to extend the thorns to make a path?

Put the lamp on the pillar and press the button. Success of a sort, all that remains is to get the rest of the thorns extended. You can rotate the lamp by moving the pointer round the graduations. Notice that pressing the button extends or retracts 3 thorns. The trick is to end up with three adjacent thorns retracted then shine the light on the middle one. If you are really stuck, here is one way of doing it, the numbers give the order you need to press the button on the lamp:

When you have achieved this an electric web forms so head round there and cross the bridge. At the other end is a long structure joining you to another island. Hanging below the structure is a transporter, click on it and away you go. Now we are getting somewhere.


Go down the ramp and up in the elevator. This seems to be a control room with the main controls in front of the seat. Zoom into the left hand panel. The lights are set to the same sequence as those on one of the tablets - Zooming into the right hand panel reveals the same. The symbol on the top of the relevant tablet is that for this location.

All you need to do is enter the numbers from the other tablet - the co-ordinates for Bosh:


On the left-hand control panel: press: 7 on the outer ring, 8 on the centre ring and 10 on the inner ring.

On the right-hand control panel: press: 9 on the outer ring, 2 on the centre ring and 9 on the inner ring.

Now place your hand on the centre panel. Woah! It's not an island, it's a ship. Into the dawn and a new location.


When you arrive a second button on the control panel lights up - your new location. Leave the control room via the elevator and ramp and climb onto the hanging bike thing and pedal across to the other island. Follow the tunnel into an twilight cavern. Go forwards to the end and turn left. Take a close look at the illuminated panel - the layout of symbols is the same as those on the tablets you found earlier but the numbers are missing. Turn round and climb the ladder to see where the light is coming from.

Head back towards the entrance tunnel but before you get there, turn right and go down the path. Halfway down you will receive a gift - what it does is anybody's guess. At the end turn left and you will see an mechanical computer on top of a stone structure. Examine the keys but do not touch anything. Go back down the stairs and face the archway.

And that is all you can do. Lets see how Sam is getting on.


Arriving on Argilus you are standing on a windy platform, surrounded by a bunch of balloons and gasbags. If you look down there is a compass at your feet. Note the symbol the arrow is pointing towards.

Turn right and you can see a lectern and a sort of machine. The message on the lectern is not very helpful so take a look at the machine.

On closer inspection you see that it is a musical instrument. There are 8 levers with the same symbols as those on the compass - but what is the connection? Pressing the levers produces a collection of noises and alien words. Leave it for now and head down the promenade. A bit further on is another compass on the left. Note the symbol and direction of the arrow. Carry on along the promenade and you will find a gondola.

But you do not want to leave just yet, carry on along the promenade and find 3 more compasses, note the direction of each and return to the musical machine. Press the keys in the same order you found the compasses.

Note: the sequence changes each time you start a new game.

The central bulb opens and a bunch of pearls appear. Pick them up - always a good idea. Now press each key and note the words (you will need some of them later).

Time to leave now, head for the gondola, jump inside and press the tee-bar. Enjoy the view as you are transported across to a massive floating island.


Get out of the gondola and explore. Examine the control panel near the doorway. Inside is a message for you and two complicated looking gas collectors. Leave them for now and go out the other passage. Outside and to the left, if you look down, is a floating something. Nothing else to do here so go back inside and experiment with the gas collectors.

The message from the scientist spoke about one of the gasses being twice as strong as the others - but which one? If you press the levers, gas is collected in the 10 bulbs. Press the central button and the indicator to the right measures the combined strength of the gas. Turn back to collector and press any lever to inflate one of the balloons in the airship (which is what you saw outside) with the gas from that collection point.

The trick here is to inflate the airship with the powerful gas - none of the other gasses are enough to keep the gasbag inflated. The problem is that there are two collectors and a mistake deflates both gasbags and changes the where the gas is collected. You can solve the problem by trial and error but there is a more elegant solution.

Press any of the levers once, its neighbour twice, the next lever three times and so on all the way round until the last (tenth) lever which needs to be pressed 10 times. This should give you a total pressure of 55 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10). Now press the central bulb and the indicator gives the actual pressure. One notch on the outer ring is 12 units and one notch on the inner ring is 1 unit of pressure.

When I played, I had an indicated pressure of 63 (5 x 12 + 3). This meant that the powerful gas was in the 8th collection point. Pressing the 8th lever inflates one of the gasbags on the airship.

Top Tip: when you have got it right, save your game.

Now turn to the other gas collector and do the same thing again. If you have got it right, the ship will rise to the top - if not then you need to try again. Note that a failure resets both collectors, which is why you needed to save your game.


With the airship raised, climb aboard and go into the control cabin. Pick up the CD from the left hand seat and sit down in the right hand seat.

In front of you are a set of controls. Do not touch the big blue button. Examine the symbols on the left and right hand handles and the semicircular dial above them. Leave the ship and return to the platform where you arrived.

If you have not already, take a close look at the pedestal close to the tunnel entrance. The three symbols at the 4 o'clock position are the same as those on the left hand control handle. The lower symbols relate to the right hand control and the upper symbols match those on the dial. Load the CD and click on one of the triplet of symbols. Two others will light up. Now do the same with the other two symbols. At the end you should have 3 groups of 3 symbols:


The left symbols in each group are those for the left lever, the middle ones for the dial and the right symbols are for the right lever. These are the co-ordinates you need to program into the airship controls. Go back to the pilot's seat in the airship now.

Set the left hand control handle to the top symbol (a 7). Now set the semicircular dial and the right hand control to the correct positions (a squiggle and a branch shape). Repeat the sequence for the other two sets of symbols and finally press the blue button. If all goes well you should be off on a quite spectacular ride.


When you land a second white button lights up - your new location. Climb out of the ship. Sam and Hannah exchange reports. Go down the stairs, under the pipe and across the bridge to the elevator. Press the T-bar and down you go. Head off across the bridge and into the pillared chamber. Take a close look at the door in front of you - it seems to be broken. Turn left and look at the other door. To the right is a pipe, zoom in and press the button. Nothing else for it now but to head down the tunnel. When you emerge in to the light again feast your eyes on the fantastic view. There is only one way to go now and that is across three bridges and up a long staircase. Make sure you keep looking around and note any interesting symbols or machines.

At the top of the stairs, there is a dark tunnel in front of you. Turn round and you will be able to go left and right (or back down the stairs). To the left is a bridge leading to a targeting device (which you should look at). To the right, across the monorail, is Base 1.


Step across the monorail. Go forwards and take a look at Base 1 which Sam notes you cannot reach anymore. Turn left and examine the monorail. There are some power cables leading to a pillar which if you look at from the far side has a control unit installed. Click on the lever and call the train. Climb on board, pull the only working lever and you will be taken into the far cliff. At journey's end walk into the darkness and you will see a circle of bells. The next bit takes a lot of patience.

Spin each of the bells and note the sounds you hear. The first sound is the bell and the second is that for the coloured symbol. Spin the symbols and ring the bell again. You will hear the bell word and that for the new colour. Once you have listened to each bell and colour you should have 16 words. It is worth noting the shape of each bell as well.

Here are my translations starting with the bell to the right of the entrance (the bell with the green symbol) and going clockwise:

Trrlai or Drrai

And the colours:

Green: tumnah
Orange: lissaghe
Purple: hursho
Blue: deenhar
Black: stountoo
White: hurgah
Yellow: hackree
Red: tsarlu

Top Tip: It is worth saving your game here as you may need to pop back and check the sounds.

Leave the cave and take the monorail back to where you started. It is now time to enter the dark tunnel.


At the other end of the tunnel is a temple. The door to the right is blocked so head left along the cloister. Towards the end, on the left, is a familiar set of rotating bells and coloured symbols.

Carry on to the end of the cloister and climb the stairs. Go into the room at the top and examine the stone in front of the picture and the tablet on the wall. You should be able to see an insect and the symbol for the Argilus number nine - make sure you look closly as it is a trigger for later on in the game. There is a pattern surrounding the symbol, you can't see it very well but it is the similar to that on the blue flask Hannah found.

Leave the room and turn left, go down the stairs and along the cloister. There is another set of bells before you reach a spiral staircase on the left. Climb the stairs, step onto the mezzanine floor and go along the cloister. On the right is an illustration on the wall but you cannot see it very well in this light. Carry on along the cloister.

At the next pause, turn right and enter the room. There is some sort a control panel with a symbol on the wall similar to that on the cliff face. If you have played with the targeting device you will recognize the dials on the machine. But recognition is one thing and knowing what to do is another. Moving the dials causes the pipes at the back to rise up but so what? Turn around and take a good look at the illustration on the wall. Note the targeting device and the geometric figure above it. You really should copy this figure down, it is the key to solving the next puzzle:

Note also the shape of the building behind the tower.


Leave the room now and head back to the top of the long staircase. Head to the left and walk out to the targeting device. Sit down and pull the lever in the front. When the cover opens much should now be familiar. Compare the controls and dials to the figure you copied down (I hope). Hold down your mouse button and rotate the device until it is pointing towards the orange symbol on the cliff face.

The central (vertical) scale shows the distance to the symbol - 10 units.

The target (the oval window) measures the relative height of an object at a distance of 10 units. Grab hold of the target and pull it up until the graticule is aligned with the top of the symbol: the scale should read 7.

The horizontal dial measures the increase in distance to the object in the target. Pressing 0 resets the dial and the + button takes a reading. If you press it now nothing happens because it measures an increase in distance (remember the diagram).

OK, now that you have calibrated the device it is time to take some measurements. If you rotate the device you will see 5 towers or columns, similar to those on top of the machine in the temple room. Maybe if we can measure how high the towers are we can set the machine in that little room.

For each of the towers, measure the height and distance. Rotating the device clockwise from the symbol (the building behind the tower is the one you saw on the wall), the readings I got were:

Tower 1 2 3 4 5
Height 4 5 7 4 6
Distance 45 16 20 25 35

Now for some maths. What you need to do now is calculate the true height of the towers, all you have so far is the relative height at a distance of 10 units.

The sum is: (10 + distance) x height / 10 and the results I got were:


Tower 1 2 3 4 5
Height 4 5 7 4 6
Distance 22 13 21 14 27

Head off to the temple, round the cloister and up the spiral staircase to the upstairs room.

Numbering the dials 1 to 5 from left to right, rotate the each dial until they are set to the heights of the towers:

If you have set the dials correctly a drawer will open in the base of the machine and you can pick up a lens. This puzzle requires a bit of patience but if you were clever you will have written down the symbols for 10, 20 and 30 which makes things a lot easier.

One more thing to do. Go back down the spiral staircase and turn left. You go past two more sets of bells before the cloister comes to an end. Turn to face the pool and SAVE YOUR GAME NOW. Walk forwards and a priest appears - the words he speaks open a door below the statue. Note that if Hannah is not at the mechanical computer the priest doesn't appear although some players have noted that as long as Hannah is on Bosh all works OK.


You may recognize the words as being the same as those you heard from the circle of bells. I had to replay this bit many times before I had the words correct and I reckon they are: tosk, stountoo, doolgee, hurgah, dahrlee, tumnah

What you need to do is match 3 bells to 3 colours. A quick check back at the circle of bells gives the pairing so go now to the bells at the far end of the wicker bridge and spin the bells.

If you are really stuck, number the bells 1 to 8 from left to right. Spin the 6th colour to Black and then click on the 6th, 3rd and 8th bells.

I checked the other sets of bells and discovered that only this set gives the correct combination of shapes and colours.

If you have got it right, the secret door opens. Zoom out, turn left and go through the dark doorway, follow the path to the steps and climb down. Recognize where you are? At least this explains the dripping water.

At the end of the path you will be in front of the same computer as Hannah, you will also regain contact but not be able to see her.


With lens in hand, turn left and walk to the end of the passageway. Left again and climb up the statue. Place the lens in the mounting and climb down and examine the image. Remember - to get to Bosh, you needed to use the corrected coordinates and you will need to do the same here. If you are really stuck click here for the solution.

Note: I managed to get Hannah to collect the lens - once the secret door was opened she could enter the temple.


Before you leave, remember the stone tablet in the temple - the one with the carving of the insect? On the wall was an second stone with a pattern and an Argilan number 9. There were a bunch of insects near the oil tank on the Spire Islands and the jug had the same pattern as the stone on the wall. Since Sam has nine pearls it seems as if there is link there somewhere. Sam needs to go back to the islands where Hannah started out from.

In the control room of the Island Ship, press the first button on the central panel and click on the palm.

Back at the spire islands, leave the Ship and cross to the next island using the suspended bike. Head back round the thorn bridge and cross to the next island using the gondola. Walk up the ramp at the opposite end of the platform and you will be met by a man who advises you that you can exchange 1 unit of oil for 1 pearl. Note: unless you have found the tablet in the temple he won't turn up.

Since you have 9 pearls it seems sensible to buy 9 units of oil. Go to the tank and click on the symbol for 9. The bottle to the right of the tank fills with oil so pick it up and return to the temple. I'll meet you there.

In the temple, go up to the room with the altar and stone tablet. The priest is not impressed and indicates that you need 1 more unit of oil. You have been swindled - head back to the Island Ship but do not leave just yet.

Hannah has been waiting patiently all this time so get her to join you. Bring Hannah along to the control room (this involves a lot of CD swopping if you haven't done the full install).

With both Sam and Hannah in the control room, but still invisible to each other, return to the Spire Islands.

Sam needs to return to the door where you met the local inhabitant. He witters on a bit but admits that the missing pearl is in the elevator. Go down the ramp, across to the nearest elevator and zoom in at the entrance. There is a pearl but it is trapped. Go and get Hannah now, she needs to meet you at the elevator and take it up. This allows Sam to pick up the pearl.

Right, now that that's sorted, go and get 1 unit of oil. Place the bottle on the shelf and click on the gauge on the front of the tank. Pick up the now full bottle and walk past the door to the ramp. The bloke in the dodgy suit apologizes and tells you that you need to use the balloon.

Both Sam and Hannah need to return now to the Island Ship and from there to Bosh.

Back at Bosh, take the bottle to the altar room where you will be met by a priest who takes the oil and hands you a CD. There is only one place you know of to play the CD so you need to return to the Gas Islands in the airship and get the new coordinates. Hannah needs to return to the Island Ship.


On the way to the airship you will get two messages, the first a tip and the second a warning. Make your own mind up as to who to believe but it seems that the answers are in a place called Mathia.

Once in the pilots seat of the airship you will see that two buttons are lit up on the lower bar. Press the left hand button and the controls set themselves to the Gas Islands. Press the blue button and off you go.

When you arrive at the Gas Islands, leave the airship and walk through the tunnel to the pedestal. Place the CD in the centre and press the triplet of symbols in succession. This will give you 3 new sets of co-ordinates:


Return to the airship and program the onboard computer.

Press the blue button and off you go to Mathia this time through the night and with piscarian accompaniment.

When you arrive leave the airship and look around. In front of you is a gate and on your right is a panel. Take a close look at the joist to the left and when you have found it turn the key. The panel opens revealing the co-ordinates of Mathia. No help there then. Close the panel and take the key.

Turn to your left and open the gate. Get into the elevator and grab hold of the knob in the centre There are 4 positions, each for one of the levels. You need to go all the way to the bottom push it all the way down.

At the lowest level, leave the elevator and do some exploring. You should be able to find a prisoner, three valves and a bridge that won't close. You need some help here so send for your partner who you left in Bosh.


Go to the control room of the Island Ship and using corrected coordinates , set the controls:


On the left-hand control panel, press: 10 on the outer ring, 12 on the centre ring and 2 on the inner ring.

On the right-hand control panel, press: 3 on the outer ring, 2 on the centre ring and 2 on the inner ring.

If you are stuck as to how I got these coordinates, click here for the solution.

Place your hand in the centre panel and head off for Mathia. When you arrive on Mathia a third button is lit up. Leave the Island Ship and go to the suspended bike.

In the DVD version of the game there rail is not fully extended. If so you need to take a detour to Bert Jamis' walkthrough to solve the next puzzle. If, like me, the rail is in place then carry on.

There is a tiny continuity error here - at the far end, as you arrived, you can the see the bike already there.

Once on Mathia, jump into the railcar and play with the controls. The symbol in the window is where you are so it may be worth noting it down. You will discover that rotating the bar at the top and pressing the buttons will get you to a pathway above the village. You may have ended up further on down the track but soon came back. When you leave the car, look at the pillar - the symbol above the button is where you are - again note it down.

Walk down the pathway until you reach a door on the right with a red symbol above the lock. Take a close look at the lock and note down the symbols from left to right. Since the door is unlocked, you might as well take a look so press the button. On the far side is a oval building and a railway leading to it. On your right is an incomplete circuit panel - do not touch it yet.

Return to the pathway and carry on. There is another door on the right, this one is locked but the red symbol is the same as that on the card one of you received on Bosh.

Keep on going down the pathway until you reach the elevator. Go now to the lowest level and get ready to solve a few puzzles.


Sam or Hannah needs to go into the tunnel and face the prisoner - there is water flowing into the chamber preventing you from getting close, if you follow the inlet pipe it leads to the water valve (overlooking the dam). The weight holding the catch in place is missing so one of you needs you need to rotate and hold the wheel closed (you can hear the water stop) while the other goes and talks to the prisoner.

You find out a bit more about what is going on but more importantly the clue to a puzzle you need to solve.

Find Sam and go to the bridge. If you press the button it only lowers a little. You can now either work alone or enlist Hannah's help. Whichever method you use, go to the two water valves either side if the tunnel entrance. Turning the wheels anticlockwise increases the flow of water to the bridge pistons. After a couple of turns get Sam to press the button. Hopefully the bridge lowers a bit more. Continue to turn the valve wheels and eventually the bridge closes. Remember you need to open both valves to succeed.

Cross the bridge and draw a map of the buildings, you need to identify the one in the middle and 4 more with steps leading up or down.

The clue to solving this puzzle you were given is: enter each house twice and leave it once. The solution takes patience but noting a few extra clues makes it easier. You cannot enter the central house - so it does not matter how many times you exit. Opening the door to the central house resets the puzzle.

If frustration gets the better of you then here is the solution:

If A is the first house then B, C and D finishing with E as the central house: Enter B, leave E. Enter D, leave A. Enter A, leave E, Enter A, leave C, Enter C, leave E, Enter C, leave B. Enter D, leave D. Enter B, leave E.

If you want to know how to solve the puzzle click here.

Along the way you will receive another card and at the end it is night time. You receive a message along with the a choice of directions. She also keeps looking up at the dam so take a look yourself. On the top of the dam are 12 lights - hey, where else have you seen 12 of anything, on the computer on Bosh perhaps.

Note the positions of the lights: U D D D U D U U D U D U.

Open the door to the central building and it is daylight again. Go back across the bridge and visit the prisoner again (one on the wheel and the other to talk). He says something about Hossa and Disha - the last time you heard this was on the Gas Islands when you collected the blue pearls. Now take a look at the panel near the entrance. Slot the card with the semicircle on the symbol into the top of the panel and the four symbols change.


The card is the key to the already unlocked door you found earlier. All you need to do is slide the symbols across to replicate the code sequence: From the top, left 1, right 2, left 1 and finally right 1.

Now place the card with the rectangle in the slot the symbols change again. All you need to do is move the symbols to the same positions as with the other card. This should be the result:

OK, its now time to leave the lower level. Send either Sam or Hannah up to the second level and leave the elevator. Walk along the pathway to the far door and go to the circuit panel. Click between any of the studs and a link appears. The only problem is that a block appears blocking one of the link positions.

All you need now is a patience. The puzzle is different every time you play - but keep note of the sequence you use. There is one tip I can give: place a link in the left hand column. Now place a link one up or one down in the next column along. This gives you two opportunities to link to the left hand vertical bar. Now do the same on the right so it looks like this:

All you need to do now is fill in the middle bit. With the puzzle completed a bridge raises halfway. If you kept note of the sequence you used it will repeat to let the bridge rise to the top. Save your game so you do not have to do this bit again.

Now go to the other door, enter the code and press the button. You can solve this puzzle by trial and error but there are over 10 000 combinations!

On the other side is another circuit - except this time the machine has the first go.

When you have completed the puzzle (twice) both bridges are raised and the rail link is complete to the oval structure.

You can use the rail car to go there and have a look around if you want. In any case, Sam or Hannah need to return to Bosh and the mechanical computer - you can use the Floating Island or Airship.


Once at the computer set the 12 buttons to the same positions as Sam saw on the top of the dam. There are 8 keys lit up on the keyboard. Press the keys relating to Hossa and Disha:

As you press each key the computer clanks and whirrs and the lights the bottom light up.

The sequence is: • • O • O • O O and O • • • O • • O

Magic, now return to Mathia. Time to split up. Send whoever has the key to the Oval structure and the other to the Airship.


At the Oval structure walk to the large panel in the centre. Unlock the panel using the key and it opens to reveal the your current location. Turn round and press the button, nothing happens.

Now go to the left-hand house, there is a pipe leading to the Oval with 8 valves on the top. You need to set these valves to sequence you discovered on Bosh. Click on the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th.

Go to the other house and do the same: 1st, 5th and 8th. Still nothing happens so try the button again. If all is set properly the oval should open - and close again.

Switch to your partner who should be in the Airship. Once in the pilots seat program the computer to the co-ordinates of the Oval:


You will notice that there is very little difference between these and that for Mathia- the airship does not have to go very far. With the codes entered, press the blue button. The airship flies to the oval, collects a sphere and delivers it to the floating island. It's nearly time to leave, go one more time to prisoner who tells you to say together and vanishes.

Both of you now need to return to the Island Ship. Once in the control room the priest appears one more time and indicates to the right. When he leaves take a look and there is a golden sun in the centre.

Click on the Golden Sun and.....


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