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Welcome to the Uru walkthrough. Like all walkthroughs the advice given here should be used only in the last resort. Take time to look around, take lots of notes and be prepared to return to places again and again in order to solve the mysteries that will unfold before you.

A quick hint to help you during your game play: I found it a lot easier to move about in the first person and to interact with things in the third person (use the F1 key to do this).

Anyway, after starting the game and perfecting your avatar, Atrus tells you about the regeneration of the D'ni city before you arrive just inside a desert compound. In front of you is an extinct volcano. Way off to the right is a caravan. Jog over there now and have a chat with Zandi (whilst listening to some cool Peter Gabriel).

The Desert Cleft | Relto | Gahreesen | Teledahn | Kadish Tolesa | Eder Gira | Eder Kemo | The Fissure


Zandi advises that you need to find and listen to Yeesha, find the cloths and go to the tree. Got all that?

Head off towards the windmill behind the caravan. There is a long lever that won't budge yet. Go now to the fenced cleft and climb down the ladder. There are two bridges that cross to the far side. Take the bridge on the right that leads to the open cave. Either you are too heavy or the ropes were rotten. In any case, you fall to the bottom of the cleft. Great.

Turn to your left and walk to the other end. On the tree is a hand symbol. You can press it if you wish but nothing will happen. Turn about and walk to the other end of the cleft. Climb up the broken bridge on the right. In the right hand cave is a letter to Yeesha from her father Artus. In the other is a strange cloth hanging on the wall. Leave it for now.

Jump down to the next ledge and cross the bridge made out of three planks. Jump down again and climb the broken bridge. You should now be in front of Yeesha's cave. Inside on the right are some symbols carved in the wall. Knock the plank out of the way and note the symbols:

Cleft Symbols

Turn about and you will see a round stone on the other side of the room. Three of the symbols match those you have just noted down. If you touch the symbols they change so press the right-hand symbol until it matches the one on the wall. Off to your left are some stairs leading down to another room. Inside this room is a shaft going up through the rock. If you pull the lever a clamp releases. No prizes for guessing what it releases.

Make your way out of the cleft and back to the windmill. Give the lever a push and the sails begin to turn. Back now to Yeesha's cave and the round stone. The windmill is providing power so the stone should be active. Make sure all the symbols match those on the wall and then press the blue button. Yeesha's hologram appears behind you. Listen carefully.

jcShe speaks about the deep city, Uru, and tells you that you need to find the 7 tapestry fragments (Journey Cloths) in each age and the 7 in the desert. She goes to the wall to the left of the bookcase niches and a Journey Cloth appears. She also talks about the water returning and the tree growing. When she has finished, go to the Journey Cloth and touch it. Time to find the other 6.

jcYou already know where another of these Journey Cloths are (in the cave on the opposite side of the cleft) but before you go there, close the door to the cave using the blue button. Now go to the opposite of the cleft and activate the journey cloth in the cave.

jcJump down and climb the steps to the right of the tree. Look across at the wooden bucket over the other side and you can just see a Journey Cloth. Go across the right-hand bridge (jumping the gaps) and press the foot pedal. The bucket descends. Jump down into the pool (with a satisfying splash) and touch the cloth on the bucket.

jcGo to the other left end of the cleft, climb the broken bridge and make your way to Yeesha's cave (the door you closed earlier) and touch the Journey Cloth that is on the outside of the door.

jc Leave the cleft and go to the Zandis's trailer. On the back is the 5th Journey Cloth.

jc Jog all the way back to the gate where you arrived and on the back of the sign is the next Journey Cloth.

jc Go back to the cleft and continue round to the other side of the volcano. You will go past the Riven telescope (remember that?) and a bit further on is a Wahrk skeleton. In its jawbone is the last Journey Cloth.

Return now to the cleft and go to the tree. Touch the hand symbol and a door opens. Climb down the ladder and follow the tunnel to the end. There are 4 glowing symbols on the walls and a linking book in the pedestal. Touch the image and you will be taken to Relto - your own personal age and sanctuary.


Welcome to your island in the clouds. This is where you will begin every time you return to Uru and where you will escape to if something nasty happens. On Relto is a hut and 4 pillars. Go into the hut and pull the lever on the left to open the shutters. The wardrobe is where you can change your avatar. The bookcase on the left is empty and the one on the right contains one book that describes 4 ages: Teledahn, Gahreesen, Kadish Tolesa and Eder Gira and Eder Kemo. Note the symbols for each age.

Leave the hut and go to the four pillars. In each pillar is a linking book to the four ages you now know about. There is a carving on the top of the pillar that associates the pillar with each age. To get to the books, touch the hand and note the colour. If you link out, the book will be transferred to the bookcase in Relto. So a good start would be to get all four books safely in your bookcase. Link to each of the ages and return to Relto by hovering over the bottom left of your screen and clicking on the Relto linking book:

Gahreesen Pillar Teledahn Pillar Kadish Pillar Eder Pillar

The clue as which age is which is given by the symbol on the top of the pillar and what you find when you get to the age. The four ages as they appear on the bookshelf are:

Blue - Open Book -Gahreesen.

Orange - Mushrooms - Teledahn

Purple - Trees - Kadish Tolesa

Green - Fish - Eder Gira

It really doesn't matter which age you go to first. I chose Gahreesen because it was the first book on the shelf.


jcAlthough you don't know it yet, you are in the centre of a huge building. Look up an note the shadows moving around. Leave the room and note the flipchart. You need a Ki. Go out into the corridor and turn right. Follow the corridor all the way round until you come to an open door on the right.

In through the door, turn right and look for the Bahro stone that will link to a balcony in the Bevin neighbourhood (you will return here if you play To D'ni).

Return to Gahreesen via Relto. Follow the corridor into the room with the Bahro stone, turn left and walk into the next room. There is the Ki dispenser on the right. Stick your hand in the slot and you now have a Ki (on your left wrist). Go out through the exit to the side of the room and jump across the hole in the floor. Climb over the rubble and there is a Journey Cloth on the wall. If you look up you can see a plank crossing the hole in the ceiling.

If you want you can jump into the crevice and collect a Relto page that puts a bunch of rocks and logs outside your hut. Link back to Relto then back to Gahreesen using the Journey Cloth marker.

jcClimb back over the rubble and leave through the door (don't jump back across the hole). Keep going round the corridor until you get to a hole in the wall on the right. On either side of the room are some horizontal bars that you can climb. Scale the bars opposite to the entrance and shuffle along the ledge to the second Journey Cloth.

Jump back down and climb up the other side. Along the ledge and onto the pile of rubble. If you are careful, you can climb up to the next level (3 jumps should do it) and make your way across the plank.

The next bit is fun. Leave the room through the crack and go straight across past the barrier. There is a rotating wall in front of you. Keep walking into the wall until you pop into a passage way in the rotating wall. Turn about and wait until you can jump into a control room (not the tunnel you just left).

jcFirst off, go to the Journey Cloth over on the left at the back of the room. Now examine the panels on the rear wall. The second panel looks much like the big gear wheel you were standing on when you jumped into the room. The third and forth panels seem to indicate up and down elevators. The last panel looks like the doors you have seen in the corridor. The huge gearwheel has 4 clamps and two foot pedals that don't work yet. Face the rotating wall and turn right. Over in the gloom is a pressure plate that activates some sort of cylinder. When the cylinder is fully deployed, run round to the 4 panels and pull down the first blue control. This activates the foot pedals. Run back to the cylinder and allow it to fully rise again. If it fully retracts, all bets are off and you have to start again.

With cylinder up, run over and press one of the foot pedals. Cylinder up then the second foot pedal, cylinder up and finally the second blue control on the 4 panels. This will cause the gearwheel to rise and engage with the rotating wall powering up Gahreesen. At your leisure, activate the third and forth panels which will supply power to the doors and elevators.

There are no exits on this level so you need to go down and try and find the elevators. Leave the control room through either door. Wander along the corridor and you will eventually come back to the hole in the wall you used to get into the corridor. Go through the hole and jump down to the lower level (but take care not to jump into the crevice). Into the room with the Ki dispenser and out the door. Opposite is the elevator that should now be working. Walk straight towards the door and it will open taking you up to the top of the building - prepare to be astounded.

jcAfter admiring the view, walk to the end of the walkway that juts out from the side. Wait until a rock platform comes into view and jump across (hint: easier to do this in 3rd person with caps-lock on to run automatically). Activate the Journey Cloth. Look down and around and you will see another rock tower and the exit door over to the right. Do not go there yet as you have not yet activated all of the Journey Cloths.

jcBack up to the top and get ready to jump to the other building. After jumping across, run to the door at the far end and go inside. Up the stairs and through the inner door. Once again you are in a corridor. There are 6 inner rooms: 2 control rooms, 2 machine rooms and 2 conference rooms. There are also corridors linking the control rooms to the machine rooms.

In the machine rooms are circular plates on the floor. Stand on them and you will be equiped with a Maintainer's suit.

In the conference rooms are report books, one about Gahreesen and the other about your Ki. In the 'Gahreesen' conference room is a Journey Cloth which you should activate. In the 'Ki' conference room is a Bahro stone that links you a balconey overlooking Tokotah in Ae'gura (you will return here in the 'To D'ni' expansion pack). There is nothing more you can do for now so return to Relto.

Go to the bookshelves, open the second (orange book) and link to Teledahn.


jcThere is a manhole in the centre of the hut that you can't open yet. Leave the hut and walk round to the back where you will find the first Journey Cloth. Back to the hut entrance and out onto the outer walkway. If you look down you will see that the place is full of water so if you are going to get down there you need to drain the building. The elevator in front of you is not yet powered up so pressing the button will do nothing. If you walk round the outer walkway you will come to junction leading outside. Go there now.

More of the mushrooms and a number of mechanical contrivances await you. Note the passage of the sun - a little quick methinks. Follow the walkway to the Y junction and take the left fork up to the platform. In the book on Relto you read that light will reveal. On the platform is a pillar with the Riven number 3. Press it three times and the machine comes alive. Go round to the telescope on the other side. Zoom in and you should see the sun whizzing past (although you may have to wait for it to arrive). You task is to track the sun. Use the half rings at the bottom to go up and down and those on the right and left of the lens to track across. To speed up, double click. To slow down or stop, click in the opposite direction. When you finally get the sun to stay in the centre of the lens, you will hear the generator power up.

Zoom out and go to the three small platforms and push the levers. Only two of them work. There is also a walkway leading down from the platform but the supports are broken and you can't get very far. Make your way back to the Y junction and go left. Love the bouncing flappy things. Anyway, at the end of the path is a lever. Down the stairs on the left is a bucket that you can jump into. Pull the lever and race round to the bucket, you have about 5 seconds to get on board. If you miss, then you need to pull the lever to stop the transport. Getting it to stop in the right place is a little tricky but pulling the lever just as two buckets pass each other is about right.

jcIn the bucket you are taken to a control room and dumped on the floor. Look around and find: an elevator, control panel, two telescopes and the second Journey Cloth. The telescopes zoom in and out and a flying something nearly crashed into the lens (which made me jump).

Sit down at look at the control panel. On the left are the controls for the bucket. On the bottom right is a lever that unlocks the manhole and in the middle a lever that drains the cistern. Pull this lever down and, when the water has drained, flip the switch to unlock the manhole. The three buttons on the right turn the lights on, which is nice.

Go now to the elevator and kick the clamp on the right out of the way. Yellow goes down and blue goes up - either way is good but you do need to end up up.

jcIn this room, open the shutters using the lever on the wall and touch the Journey Cloth nearby. Read the correspondence on the desk, note the instructions for the 'Fry Man Safe Haven III' tank and the parchment illustration. The telescope gives yet another view of Teledahn. Go to the fish tank. Down to your left is a Relto page that lets you customize the roof of your hut. In the tank are some of those bouncy pancakes. Hold down the light switch for three seconds, release, and the lower compartment opens. Inside is a linking book which takes you to the Baron's Office in Ae'gura.

In the first room is a linkng book back to the Douglas Sharpers room. On the desk is Douglas Sharper's diary of the efforts to restore Teledahn. In the alcove is another telescope. Down to the left is a linking stone (bit like the one in the Moiety age on Riven). These stones are called Bahro Stones and when you use them they will add a new page to your linking books. Use the Bahro Stone to link out and get marooned. Return to Relto, discover a new book in your library. This is the Ae'gura book which will fill up with pages if you play the To D'ni Expansion Pack. You need to return to Teledahn now and since you have done all can in the upper levels, you can go directly to the arrival hut (not via the Journey cloth marker).

jcThe manhole in the arrival hut should now be open so climb down to the bottom. Round to the right is another ladder going down so go on down. At the bottom, slosh through the water until you get to a pipe. Towards the end on the right is an opening. Go through and up the stairs to the slave caves. On the wall is the forth Journey Cloth.

There are 7 pressure plates on the floor and two exits. If you look through the bars of the right hand exit you can see 7 markers, 3 down and 4 up. Your job is to place weights on the plates corresponding to the 'up' markers. Remember the diagram in Douglas's office? If you do not know the D'ni numbers then all is not lost. The numbers from 1 to 10 are:

Numbers 1 to 5Numbers 6 to 10

The correct plates are to the two nearest each of the gates. Shove some rocks along until they are on the plates and the gates will open. Unfortunately, opening the gates on this side, closes the one on the far side. Flip one of the markers and the outer gate opens.

jcFollow the path down to the left. At the bottom pull the lever to lower the bridge. What? It won't go down? Then step back a bit and take a running jump to knock it down. Step back and pull the lever to lower it all the way (Don't forget to do this or you will not be able to return here later). On the other side there a machine that squirts spores into the air when you pull the lever (still not sure about that one). Keep on going until you reach the shore. Out to sea is a hairdryer (good enough description for now). Off to the right is a door and, if you climb the crates you can jump across to the ledge and activate the fifth Journey Cloth.

jc Since you cannot get to the ladder above your head, jump down and go through the door. Inside is a gloomy room, under the staircase is a Bahro Stone - leave it for now. Climb the stairs and open the door. In the tunnel on the right is the exit door from Teledahn. On the left is the 6th Journey Cloth and an exit to a walkway. At the far end is a way back to solar generator and a lever that closes a water gate. Continue along the walkway to the end - do not jump down. Instead jump up and down and the walkway will fall allowing you to return here later. Return to the tunnel.

jcTake the side exit. At the end is a telescope. You can pan about and shoot things using the blue button. Pan round to the ladder on the ledge. Shoot the three hanging stones and the ladder will fall. Head back round there now, climb the ladder and step inside. Activate the last Journey Cloth. Go down the staircase and open the door at the bottom. Recognize where you are? Up the stairs and touch the Journey Cloth on the left again (you will be returning here). All that is left to do is touch the Exit Door.

When the door opens, walk into the darkness (ignore the animals) and you will end up in the Balto Caves. Yeesha begins the story of betrayal and pride. When the glowing man on the wall fades, touch the handprint to transfer the pillar to Relto. Go there now and you will see the Teledahn pillar sinks into the ground.

Let's go back to Teledahn and find out where that Bahro Stone takes us. Use the Journey Cloth marker to get back to the dock area. Down to the round room and under the stairs. Touch the Bahro Stone and off we go.


jcIf you look out of the window of the cell you have arrived in you will see the scenery go by - this is the clue as to where you are. Activate the Journey Cloth. On the bed is a page that adds a waterfall to your Relto. Go to the manhole and climb down. Face the window and follow the corridor round to the left. In one of the inner tunnels you will find a ladder leading up to a circular courtyard.

jcGo through the door and climb the ladders to the top. The seventh Journey Cloth is on one of the pillars. Link back to Relto and from there to the Gahreesen entrance hall (where you began). Walk round the corridor to the elevator opposite the Ki room, go up to the roof and make your way to the rock tower. Touch the Journey Cloth again (ready for when you next return) and jump across to the lower rock pillar. Jump again to the cleft and go the exit door. Touch the hand and once more you will be in the Balto caves.

Listen to Yeesha and touch the hand to return to Relto with the pillar. Two down and two to go.

Go to the bookcase in the hut, open the third (purple) book and link to Kadish Tolesa.


jcLook around when you arrive. You are surrounded by massive trees and there are two exits: one with a lamp and one without.. Take the exit without a lamp and follow the path. When you get to the end walk round the broken path to the end and activate the Journey Cloth on the pillar. Back round the way you came and climb the stairs onto the raised platform.

Take a look through the telescope. The three buttons at the bottom move the outer, middle and inner mechanisms. Leave them for now and go to the linking book on the opposite side of the platform. Enter the book and you will be in a gallery with a number of illuminated panels and windows. If you can, take screen shots of each panel - it will make solving the puzzles much easier. If not then take note of each panel. Details of all the panels are here.

Use the linking book in the centre of the room to return. Go back now to the telescope. All you need to do is set the mechanism to match the panel you saw in the gallery. Work the buttons from left to right and all should be okay:

Telescope 1

With the mechanism set, climb off the platform and follow the path back to your entry point to Kadish Tolesa. Go under the arch with the light and follow the path. At the end, on the right is another telescope and on the left (under the mechanism) is a raised platform. Go under the mechanism to the raised platform

jcOn the right of this platform is the next Journey Cloth. On the other side of the platform is a niche. In the niche is a Bahro Stone to a balcony overlooking the cavern city of Ae'gura (you will return here in the 'To D'ni' expansion pack). Return to Relto and back to Kadish Tolesa using the Journey Cloth. Climb up onto the platform and take a look through the telescope. Set the mechanism to match the middle panel of the library set:

Telescope 2

Climb off the platform and walk round to the telescope you saw earlier. Zoom in and set the mechanism to match the lower panel of the library set:

Telescope 3

jcIf all three mechanisms are set correctly you will see a door open on the far wall. Go through the door and into the next room. Press the blue button and the door will close. On the back of the door is the third Journey Cloth. Make your way into the main hall and down the ramp to the bottom. If you have copied the panels from the gallery, this puzzle is a doddle.

Press buttons 2, 3 and 5 and you will see the pattern of light match that from the illuminated panel. Now walk down and around to the point on the wall that matches the red dot in the illuminated panel. Remember the words from the book in Relto, 'find that which is hidden'. Walk to the centre of the room following the unlit path. When you get to the centre, the floor will fall away to reveal an exit.

jcWalk down the stairs and out of the room. Up the stairs and out to a tranquil lake. I picked up a firefly here which became my friend for a while. More trees here (hint). Go to your left and jump to the platform on the other side of the gap. Pick up the Relto page and return. Up the stairs now and face the pyramid. Round to the right is the fourth Journey Cloth. Enter the pyramid and stand in the centre of the floor, pause as the lights come on and climb the steps to the balcony.

Press the blue button and the floor tiles lit up with all sorts of images. There was a panel in the gallery which showed a tree above a pyramid - another clue perhaps? If you look down, you will see lots of tree icons. You need to make a path from the tree down to your right all the way over to the tree on the far side. There are 10 tiles in all. If you follow the correct path the last tile falls away taking you deep beneath the surface:

Tree Maze

jcWhen you get to the bottom, don't hang around as the lift will cycle up and down and you only have a few moments to get off. On the right wall is the next Journey cloth.

When you walk into the hall you will see 4 levers, 4 hexagonal pillars in the floor and 4 massive counterweights on the walls. There is also a blue 'reset button' and a doorway way up on the rear wall.

First job is to get to the doorway. If you play with the levers, you will discover that you have 8 pulls before the counterweights reach the bottom . You should also note the length of the ladders on the 4 pillars that rise up.

jcTo get to the doorway, Pull lever four, 4 times; lever three, 3 times and lever two, once. Climb the ladders and discover the sixth Journey Cloth. Go down the stairs on your left and open the door using the lever.

Next bit needs the illuminated panel from the gallery. In the panel the 4 counterweights were coloured red, white, green and blue. There were 12 coloured images round the outside, 3 for each counterweight and each one with a corresponding number: red: 2, 3, 4; white: 1, 2, 3; green: 2, 3, 4 and blue: 1, 3, 4.

The missing numbers were: red, 1; white, 4; green, 1 and blue 2. Press the blue button to reset the mechanism and pull lever one, once; lever two, 4 times; lever three, once and lever four, twice. All sorts of things happen now. Climb up and up some more and leave this subterranean grotto. Walk forwards into a massive chasm. Down to your right is the exit door and up to the left is a suspended chamber.

Go round to the left and up the stairs. Look down at the panel. You will see 6 buttons and 24 icons matching those you saw in the gallery.

Your first task is to work out the order that you need to press the buttons. If you are hopelessly lost then here is the solution.

Press the buttons in the order: 1 5 2 3 4 6.

jcThe door at the top of the stairs opens. Go inside, note the skeleton and climb the crates to reach the last Journey Cloth. Near the crate is a linking book back to the gallery.

Leave this enigmatic treasure trove and make you way back down to the button panel. Face the exit and look to the left. Over on the far wall is your exit door. Jump down onto the pipe and make your way (carefully) to the end. Jump down and exit to the Balto caves.

Listen once more to Yeesha and return to Relto with your pillar.

Activate the fourth (red) book and link to Eder Gira.

Eder Gira

You begin your exploration of Eder Gira in a sandstone gully either during the day or at night (seems to be completely random). There are two hot air geysers that you can cover and a slope leading up. Go up the slope and turn around to face the gully. High on the rock wall on the left is a ledge and a Journey Cloth.

Since there is no way to get there yet, have an explore. Facing the entry gully, turn left and follow the path all the way round to the end to the third geyser. Back the way you came and, just past the slope on the left, jump across to the rock arch on the right. At the top of the arch look down to your left. There is a pathway down there the entrance to which is blocked. Go down the arch and look down to your right, into the lava stream. There is another geyser on a rock pillar and a Journey Cloth on the opposite wall. If you look over the fence you can see a much more pleasant area, full of sparkling water. Keep going round and at the far end of this lower level are two more geysers one of which is near the blocked path.

jcClose one of the geyser covers and stand on the other. As the hot air blows up your trouser leg you will rise slightly. This is the trick to getting one of the Journey Cloths and over the blockage to the other path. Close both covers and head back to the arch. Up to the top and jump across to the other side. Shuffle along until you are above the Journey Cloth and its ledge. Drop down and activate the cloth. If you are very careful you can jump down to the geyser in the rock pillar. If not, go round to the other side or under the arch and jump from there. When you finally manage to land on the pillar, close the cover and jump to safety under the arch.

jcBack up to the top of the arch, jump across and round the long path to the geyser where you should close the cover. Return to the arrival gully and close the cover on the right. There should now be enough pressure in the remaining geyser to throw you up to the ledge. Activate the Journey Cloth and jump down. Do not close the geyser cover - there will be too much pressure and they will all blow open.

Head back to the geyser near the blocked path and open the cover. Back now the geyser you left open in the arrival gully and close it. Return for the last time to the geyser near the blocked path and step on board for a leap over the rocks. Wander down the path to the end and go to the wooden duckboards. The linking book will take you to Eder Kemo, go there if you wish but it is not important right now.

Either jump or wade across to the other side of the stream and investigate the rock near the waterfall. Behind the rock is a Bahro Stone that will take you to the Tokotah roof in Ae'gura (you will return here in the To D'ni expansion pack). Here you can find out much more about the D'ni royalty. Return to Relto and back to Eder Gira using the Jouney Cloth.

Go behind the waterfall and into the cave. In the gloom you can see some fish traps. There is a trap in the dark area between the two exits that you need to push into the water. This is a bit of a cheat because you do not know yet why you need to do this but it will save a lot of time in the long run. Keep shoving the trap along to the little stream until you have built a bridge. Test the bridge - you must be able to cross without getting your feet wet. Here is a good place to wedge the trap.

Go back to the cave and you may be able to see a very dark tunnel at the far end. You need light. You may also be able to see two steam generators on the back wall that will brighten things up a bit. If not, do not worry, we can turn them on later when we can see better. Since there is little more you can do here, go to the linking book and link to Eder Kemo.

Eder Kemo

jcYou arrive in a little gazebo. Walk across the bridge and down to the first garden. Activate the Journey Cloth on the tall rock on the centre.

jc There is another cloth on the wall in the bamboo grove. Walk out of the garden down the path and note the exit door on your right.

jcThrough the tunnel into the next garden. Walk forwards to the junction with the stone in the centre and the lamp overhead. On your left are some whistling trees. And in front are some stairs leading down to the next garden. Between the paths is a small circular seating area with a lamp above. Climb the stone wall around the area and the Journey Cloth is on the lamp bracket. Off to your right is a floating rotating obelisk. Behind the wall is a Bahro Stone that will take you to a rooftop in Bevin (you will return here in the 'To D'ni' expansion pack). Return to Relto and back to Eder Kemo using the Journey Cloth.

jcGo back to whistling trees and if you wander about a bit you will come across some fireflies. Walk through the cloud and they become attracted to you. Take them with you and go down the stairs. On the right is an alcove with a wooden structure. The sixth Journey Cloth on the rock wall of the alcove.

It may well have rained by now. If not, it will soon - the fireflies don't like water and will fly off. They also do not like lots of fast movement so running or jumping about will scare them off as well.

There is a ramp that leads up over the tunnel leading out of this garden. At the top is a book about Shomat. If you turn and face the garden you should be able to see a Relto page on the ledge to the right of the arch. Walk down to the right and just before the last slope do a running jump onto the rock in the centre. Jump again on to the ledge and pick up the page (which will decorate your hut).

If you go now through the tunnel you will come to a room with a linking book back to Eder Gira. But before you leave, you may recall the dark cave behind the waterfall. If you take some fireflies with you they may shed some light on the problem. Walk back to the whistling trees and get at least two bunches/clouds/groups of fireflies. Walk back down the stairs, along the path and through the tunnel to the linking book.


Back in Eder Gira, back off from the hot air vent a bit and walk now to the bridge you build some time ago. This is where you find out if it was any good. If you get across with all your fireflies intact then well done. Go now behind the waterfall and jump carefully across to the cave. Do not do a running jump.

In the cave you should now be able to see the two steam generators. Press the button on the top to fire them up. Wander up the tunnel until you get to the little room. Press the button on the steam generator. The other exit from the little room takes you up another tunnel and back outside. Jump across the waterfall and the path brings you round to yet another tunnel, again very dark. You need more fire flies but as you will have noticed, they flew away when you jumped the waterfall. What you need is some more traps to build a bridge across to the lower cave.

Back down to the little room and out through the door. At the other end of the tunnel, you end up behind another waterfall. Splash out into the water and round to the left. In the next cave there are two traps you can shove over the edge. Jump down to the lower pool and push the traps around until you have formed a bridge to the cave

jcLink back to Eder Kemo and collect some more fireflies. Link back to Eder Gira and make your way across both bridges, through the cave, up both tunnels and jump across the waterfall. With your fireflies still in tow you should be able to now see the steam generator. Turn it on and activate the last Journey Cloth.

All that is left to is return to Eder Kemo and leave through the exit door. Making sure that you press the Journey Cloth close by before you leave.

Listen to Yeesha one more time and press the palm to take the last pillar to Relto.


Just about all done now. Yeesha has reminded you a number of times to return that which is taken - so do that. Go one more time to each of the ages and leave through the exit door. In the Balto caves (now yellow not blue) press the palm and each pillar will return. Note the symbols on the floor, especially their position relative to each other. After each pillar is returned jump through the fissure and return to Relto. When all four are in place a fissure will appear on Relto. You can journey wherever you like but eventually you will have to jump into the fissure.

Landing much like Mr Bean, get up and head off round to the cleft. Cross the bridge to Yeesha's house and set the icons on the round stone to match those you saw in the Bahro caves. The sequence changes each time you install so I can't help you with the solution. If you have it correct, Yeesha appears and congratulates you. Enter the linking book she presents you. Listen once more to Yeesha. When she leaves, go outside and climb up to the desert. Over on the volcano, you should see some creatures that will be familiar if you read the story of Shomat.

Return to the cave and press the green button...


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