Hype - Time Quest

Hype - The Time Quest

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Back in the age of chivalry and magic there was a brave Knight called Hype. One of King Taskan the Fourth's soldiers, it was his job to protect the Kingdom. But suddenly, a dark dragon descended from the sky and a Dark knight with burning red eyes turns Hype to stone and transports him back to the age of Taskan the First.

The young wizard, Gogoud tries time and time again to reanimate the statue but without luck until now, with one final burst of magic, Hype is released from his stone prison. Still weak from his incarceration, Hype has to relearn the skills that made him a great warrior.

With Gogouds help, Hype has to discover the whereabouts of the 4 jewels. Only these will allow Hype to return once more to the age of Taskan the Fourth and defeat the Dark Knight.

This search is long and arduous, Hype must battle with guards, ghosts, wizards, alchemists, dragons, gladiators and other magical creatures. But he also discovers friends and helpers who assist him on his quest alnog with 12 magical spells together with potions and herbs which restore his health and magical powers. One of Hype's greatest allies is Zatila, a dragon who takes Hype to the skies above the kingdom and charges the Jewels allowing Hype to jump between the ages of Taskan.

There is always sustenance in the Inn, a blacksmith to restore his weapons and armour and a shopkeeper with a ready supply of potions and herbs. And then there are the Brigands, it takes some time but Hype gains their trust and alliance in the battles ahead. But it is not all about his warrior skills, Hype must unlock the secrets of many puzzles left behind by their ingenious inventors.

In the final age, Hype must fight his way to the top of the Dark tower to confront the Dark Knight who has cast a evil influence over the Kingdom. Only Hype has the strength to defeat him and restore the Kingdom.

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