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Maybe opening the book was your biggest mistake but now you are stuck unless you can solve the mysteries of Myst. Seemingly alone on Myst Island, you begin to explore the buildings and try to make sense of the clues left behind.

After reading the books in the library you soon realize that there are a number of 'Ages' which can be visited by means of 'Linking Books'. But where are these linking books? What is the connection between the sunken ship and the 8 pillars? How can you enter the spaceship? Why is there no path leading to the clock tower? And there is the problem of Sirrus and Achenar, the two sons of Atrus - the builder of these mysterious ages. Can you trust them?

The clues are all there, time and patience are the only things that can help you...

This Myst Walkthrough will get you through the adventure. Try to use it sparingly and attempt to solve the puzzles before you resort to the solutions given here. All of the clues can be found in the game, you just need to look and listen. If you are playing RealMYST then click here.



The adventure starts on the dock of Myst Island. This will be your base for much of the adventure so take time to look around.

You should be able to find, or at least see:

A sunken ship, massive gear wheels, planetarium, library, spaceship, model ship (surrounded by 8 pillars), underground generator room, wooden hut (with a furnace inside), tall tree surrounded by a stone wall and a clock tower.

Other things to lookout for is a note to Catherine from Atrus, a number of marker switches and a hidden room on the dock.

Note also any diagrams, instructions, cable runs, buttons, levers, knobs and wheels.

Operate all the Marker Switches - note how many there are even though you cannot get to one of them yet. If you have read Catherine's note you will know where to go next.

Go down into the room by the dock. Pressing the button on the Dimensional Imager does not do much so turn round. On the wall is a panel, press the button and set the indicators to the number of Marker Switches (8). Press the red button, turn round and activate the Dimensional Imager.

In the library read all the books. Take note of any illustrations - they may be useful later. Ignore the book with the patterns - you will not need this until much later.

There are two books set apart from the rest - pick up the red and blue documents and put them in the books. Aha - now you know what Achenar and Sirrus look like. The messages give you your mission for the rest of the adventure. It is up to you which one to trust.

Now take a close look at the map. Each of the marker switches 'marks' a building or structure (except for the clock tower which you could not get to yet). Hmm - one of the symbols is flashing. Grab hold of the symbol and it will rotate the tower. Stop when the line goes red.

In the library are two pictures - a corridor and the exit. Take a close look. Get it right and a hidden entrance opens. Along the corridor, into the lift and press the button. You are now in the tower. There are two ladders - one shows the location of the Myst linking book and the other the key on how to get to the book. There are four books and four keys but you can only get to them by rotating the tower (until the line goes red).

The Keys to the Myst Linking Book

Mechanical Age: 2:40 and 2.2.1

Stoneship Age: Oct 11 1984 10:04 AM, Jan 17 1207 5:46 AM, Nov 23 9791 6:57 PM

Channelwood Age: 7, 2, 4

Spaceship Age: 59 Volts

You now have all the information you need to visit the Ages of Myst. You can visit them in any order but here is the way I did it.


Head for the clock tower. Set the time from the Key using the large and small wheels. Press the red button - amazing. Step across to the tower and operate the Marker Switch.

Open the door and go inside. There are three levers. Two operate the mechanism and the third resets the machine (you will need this one a lot). Set the discs to the second part of the Key and a hologram indicates where you should go next.

Top Tip: If you hold the levers down one of the wheels continues to rotate.

Open the linking book and step inside. At the entrance to the Mechanical Age there is a pillar with four indicators on the top. Clicking on the buttons makes the symbols change. Interesting.

Head into the fortress. There are two corridors - you can go down either one but take your time exploring Achenar's and Sirrus's rooms. One of the toys is a simulator. Experiment with the levers and note the tones at each of the cardinal points.

North: Chime or peep
South: Cow Bell
West: Trill
East: Whistle or buzz

Connecting the two rooms is a third corridor with doorway halfway along. Try pressing the button. Aha, a new opening. Go down and operate the lever until the symbols are aligned. Back up the ramp, press the button and enter the lift. Go up.

In the top room note the arrow above the lift - look up. The levers are too high to reach. You need to lower the lift - it needs to be in the middle. With the levers now accessible rotate the fortress. You will hear the tones you noted from the simulator.

Top Tip: The left lever sets the speed and the right lever sets the amount of rotation. You need either the whistle or the chime to get to the east and north islands.

Back down to the lower level, out the main door and head for the new island. Note the symbols on the pillar. Back to the upper room again and rotate the fortress again to the other island. Back down and head for the island, note the symbols on the pillar. The four symbols together are:

Fortress Codes

This time go into Achenar's or Sirrus's room. If you have not found them already there are two secret rooms. Look carefully at the walls - is the something different about part of them? In the hidden rooms is a red or blue document. With either in your hand go back to the upper room and rotate the fortress once more (the cow bell) and return to the south island - the one you arrived at. Using the symbols you have found, set the indicators to the correct sequence. Press the red button and Ta Daa.

You will have to return once more to get the other document - but it is easy now.


Head for the planetarium. Sit in the chair and move the sliders to set the readout to match those given in the Key. Press the button. Can't see the constellation? Try turning out the light by the door. Once you have all three constellations go back to the library. Flick through the Stoneship book to the constellations.

If you are really stuck then the solution is: Leaf, Snake, Beetle.

Now you need to find the matching symbols on the island. Try looking down the long path - can you see the model ship?

Press the buttons on the pillars corresponding to the constellations, if all goes well, there is a gurgling sound and the model ship rises - maybe the real ship has done the same? Rush down to the dock and as if by magic the way is cleared to the next linking book (in the ship).

Open the linking book and step inside. In the Stoneship Age you will be able to see:

The two halves of the ship (just like in the library book), a lighthouse, a telescope, two flooded (and very dark) stairwells and a island with three buttons which seem to start some pumps.

Climb the steps and take a look through the telescope. Look around the island. Does something flash on top of a building? Note the compass direction - it may be useful.

Now go to the lighthouse. The hatch is locked and the key does not reach. Maybe there is something down below. You need to pump out the water (hint - start the pumps).

With the lighthouse drained go down the stairs. At the bottom is a chest, wood normally floats, maybe the chest is full of water? Can you see a tap on the side? With the chest empty, refill the lighthouse by turning off the pump and open the chest. Take the key and open the hatch. Upstairs is a battery and hand generator - it takes 6 turns to fully charge the batteries.

Now you need to drain the stairwells (its one of those pumps again). Go down and take a good look around. There are some fun toys to play with. Check all the drawers - there is an important message for you and a blue and a red page.

On the way up the stairs check the landings - there is a hidden door. Crawl down the tunnel and examine the compass. Remember the compass direction you got from the telescope? It either goes light or dark. If it went dark you got it wrong - charge up the batteries and have another go.

There is one more pump to go. This one drains the ship. Go down and open the door. At the bottom is a table - take a close look.

You can now exit the Stoneship Age.


Head for the wooden hut. Go round to the right hand side and find the tall tree. Go back into the hut. Note the furnace, pressure gauge and the large red wheel. Turn round and open the safe using the Key.

Strike a light and ignite the furnace. Turn the wheel fully to the right and wait - it takes a little while to heat the water. When there is enough pressure (and the machinery starts banging away) go outside to the tall tree. Look what has appeared. Back into the hut, close the wheel and rush back outside to the tree. Jump in the lift and keep going down to the bottom.

Top Tip: If the lift comes down too quickly, leave a bit of pressure in the system.

Open the linking book and step inside. When you arrive in channelwood all you can see are a bunch of walkways, trees and pipes. turn round and you can see a rocky island.

I hope you copied the diagrams in the Channelwood book - there was an important clue there.


Explore the walkways. Water is the answer to everything. Note where the elevators and motors are. Follow the pipes - note the levers at each of the junctions.

Channelwood Walkways

Now go to the rocky island. On the way up stop and listen - can you hear water? At the top is a hut with a pump, reservoir and a pipe that leads back down to the walkways. Look around and see if you can turn on the water supply to the pipe network. Back down to the walkways. Can you hear water now?

To explore the village you need to go up. Turn the levers at the pipe junctions to direct the water flow to the elevator. Step inside and up you go.


Channelwood Village

The huts are connected by a rope bridges - explore everywhere. You should look out for a door (behind which is a spiral staircase), an elevator and a hut with a lever.

To get to the upper level you need to start the elevator motor. Go down the spiral staircase and flip the lever to activate the upper elevator - there is only one lever to change.

Back up the stairs, into the elevator and up to the second level.


Forwards takes you to Achenar's huts. Play with the toys. Go behind the elevator to Sirrus's hut. Take a good look around. There is an important message in one of the drawers. With either the blue or red documents head back down to the walkways.


There is one more elevator. To get there you need to raise the bridge. Change the water supply to activate the motor, operate the lever and cross to the elevator. There is no water supply - bum. Follow the pipe and turn the handle to extend the pipe. Now head back round the walkways and change the water supply to activate the elevator motor.

You can now get in the elevator and exit the Channelwood Age.


Head for the generator room. Take note of the diagram next to the exit. Now operate the buttons. Each button increases the output of the generators - the correct combination will produce the voltage given in the Key.

Hang on a minute, what has happened to the Spaceship readout? If the output is too high, the circuit breakers will shut off. Follow the electrical cable to the spaceship to find the circuit breakers (there are two of them).

If you have trouble finding the combination of buttons then the solution is: 4, 7, 8, 9 (16V + 2V + 22V + 19V).

Enter the spaceship, at one end is an organ and the other is a set of controls. Play the sequence you noted from the library book. Now match the controls to replay the sequence. It may be easier to count the number of notes.

The lowest position is number 1. You need to count up from there to end up at: 8, 20,23,13 and 6.

The trick is to move all sliders to position 6 and check they are all level. Then move the first four sliders to position eight and check they are all level. Repeat for the other three sliders.

Get it right and the Myst linking book appears.

Open the book and step inside. When you arrive in the Spaceship age there is not much to see yet but near the spaceship is a door. Play with the sliders - not very tuneful but fun.

You should be able to find five other structures without too much problem. At each is a button with a brass plaque - press the buttons (always a good option - worry about what they do later).

There is also an island with a dish on top - to get there go down the ladder and along the tunnel. When you come up there is an acoustic receiver. Select one of the five square buttons and rotate the receiver using the arrow buttons. When you are near the correct position the buttons will blink indicating which direction to press. Once aligned you will be able to hear the sounds. Note the sound at each position. Once you have got all five press the summation button and a sequence will play.

If you have not already, go get the red or blue documents. Head for the doorway near the spaceship. The sliders should be set to play the sequence you heard at the acoustic receiver. Open the door and go inside.

You need to get into the ship. Sit down and press some buttons - only one of them does anything. When you come to a stop, listen. Where have you hear this sound before?

If you cannot remember the sounds they are:

North: Chime or peep
South: Cow Bell
West: Trill
East: Whistle or buzz

The red button replays the tone. The arrows turn the ship. The indicator shows the direction of the ship. Follow the tones to get to the end - there are 14 steps.

If you get lost the solution is: N W N E E S S W SW W NW NE N SE

You can now exit the ship and leave the Spaceship Age.


By now you should have retrieved all of the red or blue pages and found the two halves of the message. Now copy the pattern from the correct page in the half burnt book (the page number was given to you by Achenar or Sirrus).

Carry out the instructions given on the message - if you need reminding then it was to turn on all the Marker Switches except for the one on the dock which should be off - pick up the page from the pedestal and return to the library.

Climb into the fireplace and press the button. Replicate the pattern on the screen (an X means press here):


The rest is up to you - you can decide to Trust Achenar or Sirrus or go for the green book but make sure you save your game before you choose.


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