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Frobozz propaganda presents the Grand Inquisitor. Not a nice man, he has banned all magic from Zork and (as is usually in these situations) a luckless adventurer (you) happens along. Armed only with a Perma-suck vacuum cleaner you enter the town of Port Floozle hoping to find shelter.

All you do discover is a sarcastic talking goatfish and Antharia Jack. Up the road is the Steppinthraxx Monastery, once the home of Alexandria, and round the corner is the entrance to the Great Underground Empire. All you need is a lamp. Once down in the GUE you do a lot of running around, teleporting and general puzzle solving. The results are a bunch of spells, various tools and the grudging respect of the Dungeon Master.

This walkthrough will get you to the end of the adventure but you should really take time to explore and discover all the clues yourself.

After listening to the Grand Inquisitor bleating on about the dangers of magic you arrive at a junction. There are three ways to go: Port Flozzle, Elsewhere and behind you the Steppinthraxx Monastery. I suggest you explore all three avenues before you progress but return to Port Floozle.

Check out your inventory (F5) - all you have is a Perma Suck Vacuum (which is reasonable since you are a Perma Suck Regional Sales Manager).

Port Floozle | The GUE | Collecting Things | Dungeon Master's House | Coconut of Quendor | Skull of Yoruk | Totemizer | Cube of Foundation | Prison | Finale


The loudspeakers remind you that there is a curfew, maybe you should try to enter one of the buildings. Knocking on all the doors doesn't help. Maybe a beer will smooth things along. Try to pick up the six-pack from the fishmongers icebox - and set off the alarm. You need something to drown out the noise. Click on the green button to increase the loudspeaker volume. While this racket is going on grab the can of Mead and the plastic rings. Anything could be useful in this game.

Wander down the jetty, can you see a blue glow (the announcer said something about this). Pull the lever on the crane and meet your new friend, Marvin the Magical Goatfish. You can keep him talking but there is not a lot of point if he keeps jumping back in the water. Try hanging the plastic rings on the hook. Pull the lever, Marvin gets caught and leaves in a huff. Up comes a box and inside is a lantern - hey didn't one of the buildings have a sign that said 'Lanterns Wanted'? Go to the house opposite the jetty and knock on the door with the lantern. Antharia Jack welcomes you indoors. He offers you a cigar and disappears off for a wrench. Satisfied that the lamp is safe he says goodbye and ushers you out. You can knock again but he keeps the lamp. You need a distraction. Go to the far end of the town and set light to the ZGI toy with your cigar. Quickly hide in the barrel behind you and watch Antharia Jack get arrested.

Jump out of the barrel and get the lamp from his shop. It turns out that the Dungeon Master, Dalboz, is stuck in the lamp. Nothing more to do here so go 'Elsewhere'. There is a well but no rope. Go back to the junction and head off to the Steppinthraxx Monastery. Hanging on the billboard is a rope so pick it up and return to the well. Hang the rope on the beam and shimmy down. (CD Change here).

You can try going down the well without a lamp but....

Dalboz explains where you are and introduces you to Y'Gael who gives you a spell book. Dalboz explains about the different types of magic, so far you have VOXAM, REZROV and IGRAM. The door is locked so open the spell book and click on REZROV. Click on the door and as if by magic - it opens. Before you enter, take a good look around, there is something in the bucket you will need later.

Congratulations, you are now a Luckless Adventurer


Step through the door and you are carried down to the Crossroad. Just outside the door, on the wall is a glass case. Get the sword and map of the Great Underground Empire (GUE) by using the hammer to break the glass. Examine the Umbrella Tree and use IGRAM to expose the scroll.

Turn round and you have three choices: The Zork Underground, Dalboz's House and the University.

Just down the path is a Totem, pick it up and discover the fate of Griff. Go forwards and turn left. Use the sword to cut down the vines to enter Dalboz's garden.

Take a good look round - his security system (Harry) is completely out to lunch - there must be a way to to get past him. The ashtray and bowl indicates he likes a smoke and a drink... There are a Quelbee hive nearby - best stay away for now. Behind the house is a mushroom plant and a teleporter.

Get the spade from the garden shed and go to the University entrance. Use the REZROV spell to open the door and enter the University grounds. Take care now, this is Zork remember. Click on the pillars to rotate the stones. You need to match all three to proceed.


Climb through the window and into the university foyer. Read the messages on the noticeboard - there are some important clues here. Examine the dispensers, without money you can't get anything. Go to the corridor and look up, it's Infinite. Use IGRAM to hide the 'infinite' and it becomes a corridor. At the end you discover all about the lost magical artefacts:

The Coconut of Quendor - symbol of High Magic, lost at sea by the wizard Y'Gael.

The Cube of Foundation - symbol of Middle Magic, stolen by Grues near the white house.

The Skull of Yoruk - symbol of Deep Magic, last seen in the possession of Antharia Jack.

There is a locked door and a bunch of student's lockers as well (remember the note about the lockers?).

Back down the corridor and leave through the main doors. Climb the stairs and use your spade to dig up another scroll. Now it's is time to visit the Zork Underground. You can teleport or walk. To teleport, go to the teleport machine on the other side of the University and insert your map into the slot. Use the pointy buttons to select your destination.


At the Zork Underground go to the turnstile and insert your token. No token? Then return to the exit, climb the dragon and look in the bucket just outside the door. Down in the subway go to the map. It need simplifying - use your KENDALL spell. Go to each of the stations and look around but end up at Hades. To catch a train go to the edge of the platform.

At Hades go to the skeleton and pick up the Scratchcard from his hand and look at it in your Frobozz Magical Viewer. To win the game scratch a path to the money. Three failures and you die so take heed of Dalboz's warning. Take your winnings and examine the books. Take special note of the dragon references. Stuck: here is a solution.

Be proud: you have achieved the status of Junior Enchanter

OK, now you have some money, head back to GUE. Change your 500 bill into coins using the machine and buy a sandwich ice cream. The OBILDIL spell inside needs translating, put it in your inventory for now. On the noticeboard by the entrance was a warning about Zork Rocks and Cola. Do you feel like experimenting?

Go to the candy machine, insert a Zorkmid and press button #8. The candy bar is stuck. But did you also hear a metallic clank. 12 buttons, 12 lockers? Take a look. To get the candy use your perma-suck vacuum - attach it to hole at the bottom and switch on. Great, now you have some Zork Rocks. Take a look inside locker #11 as well, pick up the prozork tablet and read the book. Note that the number 6 button is broken (like the locker door). Put the bar of Zork Rocks in the drinks dispenser and buy some Slam Classic. Pick up the sticky result and get round to locker number 6 fast! 45 seconds later if you are still alive the door blows open and you can retrieve Dalboz's student pass.

Use the pass on card reader next to the locked door and enter. How to you defeat an invisible guard wielding six swords? You can't so just cut the bridge instead. If you have been to Flood Control Dam #3 (last seen in Zork Nemesis) you may have found the GOLGATEM spell. If not then go there now, there is a teleporter behind you.

On the way to Flood control Dam #3 you can witness Jack's introduction to the Inquisition.

At Flood Control Dam #3 go to the window and pick up the GOLGATEM spell scroll from the book. You can build a bridge if you want. Now open the closed gate using REZROV and close all four using the red and yellow buttons. Such wanton destruction - you should be ashamed of yourself. The resulting flood knocks out the power, which is good for Jack. While you are here why not buy a commemorative Zork letter opener - only 1 Zorkmid. And take a look at the drain pipe. Dalboz notes that there is not a lot of moss. Use your THROCK spell to produce enough to pick up.

Return to GUE Tech. With water flowing, cast GOLGATEM to build a bridge and cross to the Spell Lab. Run OBIDIL through the Spell Checker. Pick up a blank spell from the box near the bridge and use the clues you found in the locker to produce a spell.

The sequence is: Origination, Modification, Replication, Interpretation and Transmogrification. To work out why this is the sequence click here.

Run the spell through the Spell Checker and collect the BEBURITT spell. Leave the lab and go to the Crossroads. Remember the Umbrella tree? Use BEBURITT to create a storm and pick up the one-shot ZIMDOR spell.

Promotion to Enchanter, congratulations


Back now to the Dungeon Master's house. Say Hi to Harry and put your cigar in the ashtray. Pour your Mead in the bowl and cast ZIMDOR. Now that Harry is completely out of it enter the house.

Go to the blinds and call Hugh the walking castle using the OBIDIL spell. Climb inside and grab the NARWILLE spell from his heart. Note the three cushions - for three magical artefacts perhaps?

Read all the books and listen to the messages on the answerphone to find out about the recipe for cocoa. Looking around you will be able to collect a Mug, Flatheadia Fudge, Hungus Lard and Hotbugs. You already have the Moss so all that is missing is the Quelbee Honey. The lard stinks (use the Frobozz Magic Viewer) so go outside and stick in the Quelbee nest. Quickly, grab the lard, cut open the nest with your sword and pick up the honeycomb. Put all of the ingredients on the mixer and collect the YASTARD spell.

Go into the bedroom and jump through the mirror into the mirror world. There is half a spell scroll on the window ledge. The window looks out onto the trampoline plant. If you take this half-scroll back through the window it reverses. Put it back where you found it. You need to get the half scroll from the window without going through the mirror. Remember the book with the illustration of the snapdragon on the bouncy mushroom plant? Go to the snapdragon plant, toss it a Prozork tablet to put it to sleep and cut it free with your sword. Round the back of the house, place the snapdragon on the mushroom plant, cast THROCK and hit the plant with your hammer. The snapdragon collects the half-scroll. Back into the house and pick up the other half of the scroll from the bedroom. The letters reversed so go to the mirror room and assemble SNAVIG in the Frobozz Magic Viewer - but it still needs spell checking...

OK, you are just about ready to hunt down the lost magical artefacts One more spell and its time to go.

Open the wardrobe in Dalboz's bedroom and cast NARWILLE to open the time tunnel. Cast YASTARD on the Griff totem and off you go. Remember the white house? Griff does.

By the way, you are now an Assistant Sorcerer

Round the back is a spell-scroll, if you jump back into the time tunnel you will lose the spell (only spirits can pass through the time tunnel remember). Take the spell-scroll round the front to the mailbox, and get the envelope that is inside. Look at the envelope in the Frobozz Magic Viewer - note the address. Put the spell inside and bung it in the mailbox. Close the door and put up the handle. Down the path are two torches - one bickering and one flickering, interesting. Off to the time tunnel and back to Dalboz's house. Make sure everything is spell checked (big hint here).

High Magic | Middle and Deep Magic


Use the teleporter to return to Hades and pick up the phone. Listen to the simple and user friendly instructions! Press 2 to listen to the answers (press 6 to get 2). Press 1 and answer the questions.

Solution: 2, 8, 9, 5. Why? Listen to the instructions again.

Pay Charon 2 Zorkmids and walk to the gates of Hades. On the gates is a mailbox. You've got mail! It's the GLORF spell. The two headed monster won't let you pass through the gates - you need to distract him, Go to Charon and cast SNAVIG (not spell checked yet? I did warn you). Now in Charon's guise go to the two headed monster, when he leaves clock out using Charon's timecard.

Sorcerer already!

Enter Hades and pick up Brog's totem. Open the Time Tunnel using NARWILLE. Cast YASTARD on the Griff totem and enter the time tunnel. Fly to the dragon's feet and tweak his toe to expose his stomach. There have been loads of clues as to what to do but if you are still stuck, fly to his stomach and pick up the inflatable boat and captain. Fly to the hand and pick up the airpump. Fly to the dragon's head and stuff the inflatable in his nostrils. Pump them up and he opens his mouth to breath. Climb into his mouth and hanging on his uvula is the Coconut of Quendor. You cannot leave with the coconut but somebody wants to make a pina colada and throws you a rope. Pick up the rope, go outside and tie it to the inflatable. Back inside put the Coconut in the liferaft and puncture the Captain using the gold tooth. Leave the lost sailor behind (you rat you) and fly to the dragon's stomach. Pick up the coconut and Hugh turns up to collect the artefact (how did he get there?). Place the Coconut on its cushion and leave through the time tunnel.

Charon won't let you leave so cast SNAVIG on the two-headed monster and climb into Charon's boat. Teleport to Dalboz's house and go inside.

Executive Spell Manager - welcome to the world of the Suits


Go to the time tunnel in Dalboz's wardrobe and cast YASTARD on the Brog Totem. Back at the White House, pull the boards from the door and step inside. Dark in here isn't it. Go back out and down the path and grab the flickering torch. Inside the house again. There is a cooking pot on the floor. Go down the stairs. Behind the stalactites (or is it stalagmites - I can never remember) is the Skull of Yoruk. Maybe if you throw something you can break them off. Brog eats the rocks and the Grue eggs smash. Maybe if you hard boil the eggs they will be tough enough. Take an egg up to the cooking pot, drop it in and use the torch to light the fire. Pick up the egg when it is cooked and throw it at the stalactites/mites. Sunlight illuminates a step stone so off you go. Any good at chess? Just use your plank to smash the cage - it's a lot easier. Up the ladder into Hugh, place the skull on its cushion and leave through the time tunnel.

Meanwhile back at the Inquisition Headquarters...

Two out of three artefacts. Just about the only place you haven't been is the Monastery. You could do with a rope. Leave the GUE and cast GLORF on the rope you used to climb down the well with. Use the teleporter at the crossroads (or the train) to go to the monastery station. Join the rope and sword using the Frobozz Magic Viewer and throw it up through the hatch in the ceiling.

Welcome to the Totemizer, Vice Wizard.


This place has changed since you last saw it. Zoom in to the top of the totemizer - the Perma-seal light is on. Now look at the panel below and press the button for the Halls of Inquisition. You can visit the other locations, but make sure you SAVE HERE.

On the front of the Totemizer are three wheels. Turn of the Perma-seal unit using the right hand wheel (the yellow light) and go to the panel that Brog used. If the red light shows, turn on the panel using the centre wheel. Pull the handle and grind your way through to the Halls of Inquisition. Jump out of the box and play with the exhibits. One of them is very familiar if you have played Zork Nemesis. Leave through the far doors and examine the code sequences. Note that 'Apprehend Goatfish' is very similar to 'Dismiss Guards' Go to the control panel on the left and press the button. Take out the middle hammer and the ' Dismiss Guards' sequence is activated. Back inside and go to the other set of doors. Lucy calls out from the box so pick up her Totem. Find out what happened to the resistance. Go to the time tunnel exhibit and pull the brass lever down. Press the button and the hammer head falls off. Put your hammer in its place and press the button. Another time Tunnel. Cast NARWILLE and send Lucy through the rift (Oops, sorry that was in Myst).


The only place open in Port Floozle is Jack's place. Knock on the door and enter. Look at the dart board - there is a very annoying fly buzzing around. Pick up the cards from Alpine's Quandry and slot them into the slots. None of the sequences work - the game is fixed. You need a five card. Take the 4 to the dartboard and squash the fly - now you have a 5. Play Alpine's Quandry again using the sum 5/1 - 2 = 3. You win! Time for the high rollers.

Antharia Jack is waiting to play Grue, Fire, Water. Use you telepathic orb to guess how he will play. You can have great fun here but eventually Jack loses and offers you the Cube of Foundation. Hugh arrives again. Place the Cube on its cushion and leave through the time tunnel to reach the exalted position of Wizard


Caught by the Grand Inquisitor you are thrown in a cell with a friendly poster on the wall. Go to the grill and discover that Jack is somewhere nearby. Pull on the grill nothing happens except that Jack offers you a scroll. Use your letter opener to remove the grill. Look at the scroll in your Frobozz Magic Viewer. Cast the LEXDOM spell on the door and guess what it does. Get the poster from the wall and slide it under the door. Push the key through using the letter opener, pull back the poster and unlock the door using the key. Note the numbers of the cameras. Go behind the control panel and look at the CCTV. If you wait a while you will see Jack waving. Set the controls to his cell number and use the diagram to work out which letters open his cell door. Get it wrong and you die so save your game.

Solution: The cameras in your block both have the number 43. That is column 4 and row 3. Select 43 on the panel and the green light shows indicating the open cell BA. Jack is in block 31. Column 3 and row 1. If you follow the air duct on the map it goes to cell AB. So the controls need to be set to 31AB.


With Jack free he grabs your stuff and meets you at the control panel. Hugh arrives to take you to the Tower. After the meeting Y'Gael again get the artefacts from Hugh and cast the BOOKNIK spell on your spell book. Go to the guard tent and cast VORZER to seal them in. The electric fence is invisible. Try casting MARGI. It is still dangerous so look left and pull out the plug (simple really). Cut the fence and go to the base of the tower.

You need to place the artefacts in their proper position (deep, middle and high). And become Uber Wizard.

Stick the Skull of Yoruk in the container at the bottom, The Cube of Foundation halfway up and the Coconut in the balance. Dalboz suggests you put his lamp in the other cup. To bind the magic's cast MAXOV on the disc. There is too much interference - cut the antenna cable with your sword. Jack proves to be no help at all at this point and the Grand Inquisitor joins you at the top. Quickly cast MAXOV on the disc and....

You are facing a white house. In front of the house is a mailbox...


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