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Dark and forbidding and perched on a rocky outcrop, the Temple of Agrippa is the setting for a story of evil, treachery and unrequiting love. The four alchemists: Malveaux, Sophia, Kaine and Sartorius are searching for the elusive Philosopher's Stone. They have discovered that using elements of fire, water, earth and air they can distil and purify the 4 metals (iron, tin, copper and lead) essential for the production of the fifth element. But there is something missing, it seems that the answer lies in the 'Harmony of the Spheres'.

This walkthrough will get you to the end of the adventure but you should really take time to explore and discover all the clues yourself.

Settle down, turn up the volume and immerse yourself in a Gothic land full of treachery and madness.

The Temple of Agrippa | Collecting the Elements | Planetarium | Monastery | Conservatory | Irondune | Asylum | Return to the Temple


The only thing you can see on your arrival is the Temple of Agrippa. Since there is nowhere else to go, head up the steps and round to the right. Enter the chapel and zoom in on the sarcophagus and the candle. Who is that girl? Leave the chapel, turn left and head towards the main door of the temple.

You begin the adventure at the level of Adept

Above the door is a plaque so do what it says. Zoom in on the doorknocker and raise the Moon to meet the Sun. The doors open and you enter. At the end of the passageway is an open courtyard with exits to the laboratory, library, terrace and the transept.

After a good look round go to the Library and read the six books on the long table. The important bits are the plan of the temple and the relationship of the planets to names.

Now go to the Laboratory. There are lots of things to examine but you really need to note the scroll on the lectern - it is the key to many puzzles.

Up the ladder is a book depicting the Alchemists at work and in the centre of the room, if you look down, are 4 broken metal symbols. To the left of the door is another book.

Leave the laboratory and climb the main staircase. At the top are 4 monuments. Click on the golden heads and you will see the 4 symbols you saw marked on the plan of the Temple and the Laboratory manuscript. You can click on the 4 alchemists but there is not much more you will learn.

Climb the steps to the platform and examine the round table: there are four triangular slots and the four planetary symbols.

From the books and scroll you should have the following connections:


juperon tin air
Juperon Tin Air


murz iron earth
Murz Iron Earth


saturnax lead fire
Saturnax Lead Fire


venusiv copper water
Venisiv Copper Water

It is time to open doors and solve puzzles. Your first challenge is to find the 4 elements that Nemesis has hidden in the Temple. You can collect them in any order.



Go to the right hand door at the very back of the Temple. Inside is a star map and some horns on a stand. Blow the horns and listen to the sounds. Now look down at the star map. Listen. You need the wind not the storm so click on the purple stars to stop them twinkling. Now click on the central blue star and - wow! Climb the stairs and enter the gas chamber.

It's a bit windy up here. Go round to the right and look closely at the insect symbols. One of them closes the shutters. Now look down at the coloured circle: it is the key to the gas puzzle.

Go round to the front of the machine. There were four colours on the symbol and the green is already set. In the lab, the book by the door stated that 'air has no colour'. All you have to do is set the levers to the amounts shown on the symbol (you can do this by trial and error but there are 81 combinations!).

Stuck: Red 1/2, Blue full and Yellow full.

A mini tornado appears in the globe so click on it and you will be transported back to the stone table. Click on the wind and there is message for you.

You have reached the level of Novice


Go to the left hand door at the back of the temple. Click on the fingers and examine the symbols. Note the positions of Murz and Iron and step back. Zoom in again and click on the correct fingers: 1st and 6th.

The door opens and you see a staircase. Zoom in, pull the lever and down you go. At the bottom is a contraption that operates the stairs - you don't really need it but it's there in case you need to go up again.

Go through the far door and take a look through the telescope. You should be able to see the symbol for Earth and a lumpy something. Turn round and climb the stairs. There is a control panel with four buildings depicted. Click each one and an elemental symbol lights up. The one you want is top right: Earth.

The four buildings are actually silhouettes of the four places you will go to later. Jump in the rail car and off you go. If you got it wrong you die so I hope you saved your game!

Climb the stairs, click on the lumpy head thing and you will be transported back to the stone table. Click on the earth triangle and there is a message for you.

You have reached the level of Apprentice


Go to the library. At the far end is a set of maps. Clicking on the hotspots will slide them to the side. With the last one out the way a doorway is revealed. The door at the end of the corridor has a drawing of a man surrounded by symbols. Recall the connection between Saturnax and Fire? Align the head with the symbol for fire and door opens. Inside is sundial with no pointer -great! Have you seen another sundial? Head back to the library, out the far door and on to the veranda. There you will see a sundial. Pick up the pointer and take it back to the hidden room. Fit the pointer into the hole and rotate the sundial to the symbol for Saturnax. The room floods with light and another door is revealed.

Just inside, on the right, is a mirror. Pick it up and hang it on the hooks in the candle room. In one of the reflections you will see one candle with a blue flame. Note the position, turn round and click on the candle.

Stuck: The left-hand hook then the 12th candle from the right on the second shelf up.

Click on the flame and you will be transported back to the stone table. Click on the fire and there is message for you.

You have reached the level of Scientist


Go to the stairs on to the left of the Temple. At the top are two doors that lead back to where you started which is not really a lot of help. On the left is a gargoyle that plays a tune on his panpipes. On the right are 7 water outlets. Clicking on them plays notes and releases a stream on water. All you need to do is replicate the panpipe sequence.

Stuck: The 1st, 4th and 5th from the left.

You can hear the something unlock so enter the left door and climb into the attic room. There was a clue in the library books - something about time going round. Examine the pictures on the wall; they depict various ages of Zork. Turn the hourglass in the middle upside down and sit on the ice chair. If you spin around you will travel through time to the various ages - looking through the window will show you when you are. Right goes to future, left goes to the past.

Hopefully you will discover the ice age. There is an icicle hanging above the bowl. If you can cut it through and melt it you will have your water.

Stuck: From the Curseolithic (present epozz) spin to the left to the Zorkeolithic (building epozz). Pick up the saw from the bench. Spin to the left to the Frobeolithic (Glacier Epozz). Cut down the icicle. Spin to the right to the Brogmolithic (Volcano Epozz). Zoom in on the icicle and watch it melt.

Click on the water and you will be transported back to the stone table. Click on the water symbol and there is message for you.

You have reached the level of Doctor


With all four elements in place Nemesis comes to call. Forced back by the Alchemists he leaves behind a golden sphere.

This is the Sun that you need to take to the Planetarium at the rear of the Temple. Down the stairs are two control levers. Move the left hand lever to the lower position and the arm comes forwards. Drop the Sun into the cup and move the left hand lever to the central slot.

Ready for your next mission? You need to travel to four new locations and collect the metals. If you spun the mouths in the laboratory and would have learnt the four stages of alchemy: subjugation, distillation, calcification and coagulation. From this you should deduce that you need to find the raw materials, purify, apply heat and then cool the metal.

Move the right hand lever clockwise to spin the sunlight around to the Alchemist's planets. The bell rings when you are lined up and you are taken to: the Monastery, Conservatory, Irondune and the Asylum.

You can visit the locations in any order. When you do arrive at the 4 sites there will be a floating planet that you can use to return to the Temple of Agrippa at any time.


From the Planetarium you fly over a hot and desolate land. The only building in sight is the Monastery but before you go there take a look around. Facing the Saturnax icon turn left and go through the arch. Read the plaque on the wall. Turn left and there is something shining on the pillar. Look down and click on the golden mark. Pick up the coin and look up. Go forwards and up the staircase. Go to the main door - it has been sealed. Maybe there is another way in.

Turn to the right and there has been a bit of subsidence. Jump into the hole and you end up inside the monastery. Next to the door is a sign with a bit of a clue, something about emotions? Drop your coin into the offering box and 6 cards are delivered. Read the cards and take careful note of the symbols and emotions. If you missed them, open the box, take out the coin again and have another go.

Head down the aisle and examine the heads on the wall. Each one displays a different emotion when you click on it. In each of the 4 urns are 2 engravings. Pick up the six you noted from the cards and put each one on the correct slot below the heads.

Stuck: Face the exit, turn right and clockwise from the first head place the cards thus: fear, anger, boredom, happiness, the backbone thing, suspicion.

The heads pass on a message but more importantly you need to note the order in which they speak.

OK, now it is time to explore a bit. Go up either staircase, round the corner and into the scriptorium. At the far end are 4 books with a story about Yoruk, a demon and a shield. This could be useful. Go on a bit further and through the door on the left.

In the centre of the room is a plinth with a bunch of glyphs. Obviously a code of some sort. Behind you is a locked gate leading down to the lower level. Nothing much else to do here so leave the room and head back to the staircases.

One of the staircases leads to a closed door. Go inside to the dormitory. At the end of a room you are told to go away - which is not much help. Round the corner is a stone bowl that contains a flashback to the baptism of Alexandria. In the corner of the room is a grate (once an entrance to the Zork Subway but that is another story). Click on it and grab the parchment. Aha - all become a bit clearer. Leave the dormitory and go to the other staircase. Inside is a staircase at the top of which is a bell ringing thing. Take a look at the poster on the wall.

The last line is blank except for the last symbol (happiness; the sixth emotion). Leave it for now and turn right. Go along the walkway and into the hallway. The stairs on the left lead to a Malveaux's room. The door has been nailed shut so you will have to find another way in. On the right is Alexandria's room. Her violin is still on the bed. Go to the music stand and receive another flashback this time with Malveaux, a young Alexandria and a wish for the Conservatory.

Leave the room and go to the double doors at the end of the hallway. Take a good look around, there is a strange mirror on the bench to one side - pick it up it may be useful later. Go to the chair in the centre of the room and click on the hookah. This time the flashback has Malveaux, Sartorius and Sophia arguing over Nemesis. Read all the notes and books and leave the room. Go back to the bell tower and the bell ringing machine.

You need to click on the levers in the same order that the heads downstairs spoke.

Stuck: anger, suspicion, backbone, boredom, fear and happiness.

The bells toll, a trapdoor opens and bell rope descends.

Go to the bell rope and click on it. You are pulled rapidly up and the window flashes past. If you are quick you can double click and jump through the window. Walk along the balcony and round the corner into Malveaux's room. Click on the symbol lying on the small table to hear about Malveaux's penitence. On the bedside table is a photo album and on the bed a book with a blurry image. Remember the mirror? Place it on the image and 5 skulls appear. Note the direction that the skulls point from top to bottom. Also take careful note of the colours of the flames on the wall.

Face the bookcase and click on the hotspot - the bookcase slides back revealing a secret passage. Back in the hallway walk, round to the scriptorium and the book on the centre of the room. There is a flashback of the betrayal of Alexandria and Lucien.

Go to the room at the rear of the Scriptorium and zoom in on the pedestal in the centre. If you have taken a look at the gate you will have seen the lock - all you need to do is OPEN the lock. Remember the parchment with the glyphs? Click on the symbols for O, P, E and N and voila:

Go to the gate and down the stairs to the magic museum. The note at the foot of the stairs warns of a security system. Once you have had a good look around and picked up the Red Ruby and the unlit torch, go to the metal stand in the centre of the room. Open it up and press one of the left hand buttons to turn off the security system. It also unlocks the trapdoor in the floor and since you have explored everywhere else it is time to descend into the cellars.

Down below is a fiery corridor round to the left - with a warning form Nemesis. The books in the Scriptorium told of Zoruk's shield, let's see if we can find it. At the bottom of the stairs is a room with a burning torch, use it to light your torch and go to the end of the room. Open the sarcophagus and climb inside. If you close the lid you will see the shield with a ruby missing. Place your ruby in the centre and open the lid. Place the torch in the holder on the wall and go back to the fiery corridor. This time use the shield to extinguish the flames and jump across the stepping stones to the end. On the right are five skulls which you need to set to the same directions you saw in Malveaux's room.

Stuck: S, W, SE, SW, E

Behind you the wall opens and your goal is in sight. In the workroom are three machines, a book, a key and lump of lead. Pick up the key and the lead. You need to mould the lead, remove the tarnish, melt it and cool it into the symbol for Saturnax.

Go to the machine to the left of the lion's head. Open the panel on the wall and wind up the mechanism using the key. Step back and open the mechanism using the lever. Place the lead inside and pull the lever across. When the machine stops, pull the lever back and pick up the lead sphere. Over on the other side of the room is an acid bath. Drop the ball into the cage and click on the counterweights. The cage drops and rises revealing a now very shiny lead ball. Back to the lion's head. Behind you is a wheel that opens a valve allowing lava to flow. This lights the burners on the distillation tube. Set the burners in the same order you saw in Malveaux's room.

Stuck: from the top: blue, yellow, red, orange and white.

Drop the ball into the lion's mouth and a molten blob dribbles into the metal pan at your feet. Click on the bellows to cool it down and the symbol for Saturnax appears. Click on the Lead symbol for Saturnax return to the Temple of Agrippa. Place the symbol into its slot. Return to the Planetarium.

You have reach the level of Seer


From the Planetarium, after flying over the flood control dam you land on the terrace. Turn round and enter the Conservatory. You are in the Practice Room. On the podium are 8 instruments that elicit strange sounds when you pick them up. On the wall next to the exit is a plan of the Zorchestra. To the right of the exit is a record player. What's the betting there are some records in the building somewhere.

Leave the practice room and enter the Foyer. Off to the left is the entrance to the Auditorium (can't go in there yet - you haven't got a ticket). Behind you are some stairs and at the other end of the room is Sophia's Study. Go there now. Behind the piano is a book that identifies 4 of the instruments. On the opposite side of the room is a table with a wooden box containing a tuning fork. To the right of the table are some records - pick up the last two. Go behind the desk and read the messages and letters in the bottom drawers. There are some important clues and some very dodgy revelations about Kaine and Sophia. The bill from the maid spoke about the lamp key - but where is it? Go to the piano and put the tuning fork in the block and give it a twang. All you need to do is find the correct note on the keyboard.

Stuck: 16th white key from the right.

There is a clunk from somewhere. Get up from the keyboard and go to the side of the piano. If you zoom in you will find the lamp key. Go to the lamp on the desk, insert the key and click. The light reveals a plan and some notes regarding crystal production.

Let's go and play some records. Place either record on the turntable, wind up the handle and click on the lever at the bottom of the screen. You will get an introduction to the Orchestra that enables you to link sounds to instruments. Alexandria's record reveals the Zorkian fanfare. At the top left of the record player is another lever. When the record stops, click on this lever, wind the player back up and start it again. The records play backwards -Smokin!

With all the clues in place, go to the podium and place the instruments on the correct chairs.

Stuck: (the sounds are in brackets),

Back row: wertmizer (accordion), gederaglini (trumpet), frobophone (French horn), popperkeg (plunky sounds).

Front row: violin, nambino (drums), miano (guitar), fleezle (oboe).

With the instruments in place Sophia will remind you of a note sequence: C, D, E, B, G.

That's about it here so go back into the Foyer. Go up the stairs and round to the right. The first room is a dormitory. At the far end is Alexandria's bed space. Read the books and open the poster book. The last poster is for her last concert - have you seen this somewhere else perhaps? Pick it up anyway. If you look down and lift the floorboards are some letters. Leave the room and carry on along the hallway. At the end is Sophia's bedroom. There are some letters on the dresser but more importantly evidence of her infidelity hidden behind the screens.

Back down the stairs and turn left to the posterboard. Place the poster you picked up on the board and go to the auditorium. Still no ticket? Go to the ticket booth at the back of the Ante room and collect your ticket, note the box number.

Back in the auditorium climb right to the top and walk down the hall to Box C. Pick up the opera glasses and enjoy Alexandria's music. Leave the box and head down to the Auditorium. Someone calls for the Fanfare and since the conductor is missing it's up to you. Walk forwards to the orchestra pit and pick up the baton. It's awfully dark so you will have to rely on your memory of where the instruments are. Once you have located the instruments play the fanfare (it took me ages to do this bit).

Stuck: poppenkeg, nambino, poppenkeg, wertmizer, violin.

The lights come on and you go can go forwards to the stage. On left is a note from Alexandria. At the back are some backdrops. There is a hole in the front one. Go back round the screen and into the control booth. The book of backdrops revels three with doorways. Maybe if you raise the rest you can go through.

Stuck: Press the red button then the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th blue buttons.

Climb through the backdrops and go down the stairs into the prop room. There is little you can do but jump into the swan. Turn the handle and jump down onto the drum. You crash through the ceiling into the boiler room. Save Your Game Now! Looking around you see a hole in the floor with a locket in the rim. Pick it up. Oops, since it was probably important dive in after it. Look down and pick up the locket, go to the door and swim up the stairs. Wow! Is this the cave where Sophia did her experiments? There is a drawing on the wall which should help except only the notes C, D, E and B are shown. In the centre of the cave is a pool of water. Remember what Dr Sartorius wrote: water, earth and fire (the letter in the desk) and Sophia's note on the desk: prepare the boiling solution.

Go to the exit (next to the drawing of the lab) and back into the boiler room. Only one of the levers on the wall works but is not heavy enough to stay down. Hang the locket on the end and now you're cooking! Go back to the cave and the water bubbles away in the central pool.

Sophia's note said to seed and purify the crystal and Dr Sartorius said to use white calcium bromide.

On the wall of the cave is a green crystal. Break a piece off and go to the big green statue (I thought it was a dolphin). Open the top and grab a tablet.

Back to the boiling water. Drop the green crystal into the water and a dark crystal emerges. Drop the tablet in the water and a clear crystal is the result, this is the missing G.

All you need to do is play the notes. Pick up the copper Venusuv symbol and return to the Temple of Agrippa. Place the symbol into its slot.

You have reached the level of Evoker


From the Planetarium, as you fly to Irondune over the desert, you can see a tank that seems to be the only transport out of here. After landing on the top of the tower, pull the lever and descend into the foyer. In front of you is the main exit that opens to an old soldier who tells you to stay inside. On either side of the foyer are alcoves containing suits of armour: a black knight and a conquistador. The doorway under the stairs leads to the Main Hall.


Face the stairs and go up the left-hand flight. Halfway up turn left and continue up to Kaine's room.

On the bed is a book and at the foot is a locked trunk. You need something to open it. On the desk is a note suggesting that nitro is needed - that could blow the lock. Go behind the desk and open the drawers. Inside is another note and some nitro. Go to the trunk and use the nitro. After a satisfying crump, you can open the trunk and read the scrolls. One of them suggests a strategy that could be useful. The other is a map of Zork (and where I got the names of the locations). The letters from Sophia are a bit, you know... Other books in the room discuss the problems with Thaddium. Another states that encryption is a game. Hmm?

Outside the room is a suit of armour with a gold visor. Up the stairs again and into the game's room.

On the wall are the instructions for the pool table. Press any of the first four buttons then shoot using number 5 for some cool trick shots. Since this is a game, maybe the order the balls are potted has some relevance. Remember where you are, in a desert, and play the number 3 trick shot - fishing in the desert. Note the order of the balls in the magazine.

Table football now? It does not help but does pass the time. Leave the games room and turn left down to Lucien's room.

An artist at heart, he has left his much behind. On the desk are some letters from Alexandria. In the corner of the mirror is Lucien's draft papers. Zoom in on the table next to the easel for a flashback. Go to the easel, pick up the paint brush and clean the canvas. Twelve codes appear, some of which correspond to the battle plan you saw in Kaine's room. Under the wardrobe is a pack of gunpowder. Pick it up. Read the note on the floor. Where is this broken sword?

Outside the room is another suit of armour. Down the stairs again and through the Foyer into the Main Hall.

On the right as you enter is a sword hilt. On the left is a bronze animal, it could be the cannon you read about in Kaine's room but does not look much like a cat. Take the sword hilt and fit it to the blade above the fireplace. The flashback reveals Kaine's disgust for his son. Pick up the sword and find the suit of armour that it fits.

Stuck: Try the Black Knight.

The door to the museum opens. Inside are stained glass windows of the 5 knights. Remember the note in the drawer - 3 blind and 2 can see. Set the visors to the correct positions.

Stuck: Gold Visor down, Blue Plume up, Conquistador up, Black Knight down, Samurai down.

The door to the dungeon opens. Go down and examine the drawing on the wall of the open cell - it shows a cave to the underground. The door at the end of the dungeon leads to the torture chamber. The instruments of pain repeat some of the code numbers.

Go back up to the museum and examine the display cases. Find the one titled 'The Age of Kaine' but do not touch anything!

Return now to the Main Hall. The door at the far end is locked. You managed to blow open the trunk, maybe you can do the same here. Back to the entrance and zoom in on the cannon. Load it with bones by tweaking its ears. Now look at the rear end. Open the breech and put in the gunpowder. Pull the tail and Boom!

OK, now for that far room. Inside are 6 cabinets containing battle scenes. Pressing the red buttons replays the battles. One of the cabinets contains a communication centre. Using the clues from the parchment, easel codes and torture chamber, code in the battle plan to win the day.

Stuck: 10 (decoy), 1 (build bridges), 9 (split troops), 6 (infiltrate) and 12 (verify message).

All the notes and letter seem to indicate that the place to go is the underground Thaddium plant. Go to the main doors, the old soldier congratulates you and allows you to leave. Climb into the tank. In the corner is an empty container. Go back to the 'Age of Kaine' display case. Save Your Game Now! Open the box and put the Thaddium in the flask. Close the flask and pick it up. As quick as you can, take the flask to the tank and load it into the container.

With the Thaddium safely in the container, zoom in on the control panel. Enter the 6 figure code you got from the pool table.

Stuck: 7, 4, 1, 9, 5, 3.

Push the lever on the right of the control panel and you are taken to the Thaddium Facility.

Leave the tank and examine the machine in the corner. Since Kaine's planet is Murz it seems logical to construct the symbol. Take the mould from the slot and Save Your Game Now!

Head towards the exit and press the down button. You haven't much time so go to the control panel on the right. Press the red button and set the ideal temperature (remember the book). There is a chime and a message when you are correct.

Stuck: the 6 buttons on the left.

Now go to the Thaddium furnace. Stick the mould in the box on the left and press the Arm Button. Cool the metal with the Fans. Click on the Iron symbol for Murz and return to the Temple of Agrippa. Place the symbol into its slot.

You have reached the level of Diviner


From the Planetarium you freeze your bits off in the snowy northern wasteland. As you enter the Asylum, note the sphere hanging in the centre which indicates which floor you are on. Walk round the room to the left and you will find a file room, laboratory and an elevator.

In the file room is a torch with a flashback to Sartorius. Examine the files. One of them shows an 'interesting body' and another recommends the use of a patient for an experiment.

Go to the Laboratory and examine the heads (a bit macabre this). The central stand is empty, maybe the 'interesting body' still has a head you can use. Go round to the elevator and close the door. The panel on the left only has two keys and since you are on the first level, turn the key for the basement and down you go.

Open the door and enter the mortuary. The guillotine at the far end seems to be the preferred method of removing heads. All you need is a body. Most of the drawers are empty (except one with a head and one without).

Stuck: With your back to the guillotine, turn right and the body is in the fourth drawer from the right hand end on the second row from the top.

Put the body in the guillotine and go to the control levers. Operate them left to right and collect the head.

Go back to the laboratory and stick the head on the empty stand. Pressing the buttons plays back his rantings but more importantly the numbers 36, 24, 36.

Now go the freezer and lift out the safe. I wonder what is inside? Place the safe in the x-ray machine and press the R button. Pull down the lever and take a close look. Inside the safe is a key and engraved on the side are the numbers - - - 20 - 18.

It seems you have the combination. Turn off the x-ray machine and click on the top of the safe. Click on the numbers: 36, 24, 36, 20, 18. Inside the safe is a beaker with a frozen red substance. Pick it up and go to the machine at the other end of the room.

Place the beaker in the holder and the machine operates leaving the key behind in the glass bowl. The only place you know to put a key is the elevator so go there now. Close the gate, slot the key into the 20 keyhole and up you go.

On this floor is an open door and a wobbly panel. Go through the open door, examine the chair (don't sit down yet) and take a close look at the blood stained table. Click on the syringe and discover the truth behind Alexandria's parentage. Read the book on the shelf and take a peek through the 5 microscopes.

Now head towards the other door and be met by a female Dr Sartorius. You were ordered to 'sit down' so do it now. The doctor starts things going and it all goes wobbly. Time to leave, wobble your way out the main door and round to the left. Click on the wobbly panel and all becomes clear again.

You are in another elevator so take it up. In this room are a collection of books, letters and displays. The book on the left as you enter has an important clue. Find the model of the Asylum, click on the base and the top opens. On the bed is a box containing an axe that you will need later.

Leave the room through the other exit and go forwards. The control panel next to the door looks a bit dodgy; you need something to insulate you from the short circuit. Walk round the room and examine the results of Sartorius' experiments. When you find the arm, smash the glass using the axe and pick up the arm. Go back to the locked door and use the arm to press the buttons. Climb the ladder into the laboratory.

The end is in sight. All you need to do is power up the batteries then distil the tin.

The batteries seem to be connected to the bathtub so fill it up (using the tap) and drain is away (using the lever). The battery indicators now show green so all is well.

Examine the other workbench. There is a glass globe containing a lump of tin, a power switch and oxygen, hydrogen and helium supplies. Remember what you read in the book downstairs: helium rises, oxygen on its own has no effect and hydrogen and oxygen burn to produce water.

On the gas cylinders, left is off and right is on. Turn the oxygen off and the hydrogen on. Close the power switch and the hydrogen ignites, melting the tin. Turn the oxygen on and close the switch again. This produces water, cooling the symbol for Juperon. Open the helium and the globe rises allowing you access to the symbol. Click on the Tin Juperon symbol and return to the Temple of Agrippa. Place the symbol into its slot.

You have reached the level of Alchemist


With all 4 symbols in place the Alchemists are revived and greet you with smiles and congratulations. They offer you a drink which it is better to refuse. Their smiles turn to scorn and Nemesis returns to reveal his true nature. He offers you a chance to complete the mission. Click on the ring for another flashback. Now take the ring to the fountains in the courtyard. Click on the righthand tusks on either side to stop the water. Place the ring in the skeletal hand, a doorway opens and you descend into a crypt. Go through the eye into an underground chamber. Take note of the infinity symbol as you enter. Examine the four creatures and their attendant symbols. Walk round and take a close look at Alexandria's frozen corpse. Her ghost leaves behind a ring which you need.

With both rings go to the Dragon. Place the rings in the bowl and click on the fire symbol to melt the rings. Take the bowl to the Elephant and click on the air symbol to cool the metal. Take the ingot to the Snake to form the infinity symbol which needs to be placed in the mould beneath the Bear. He (or she) points to the central structure. Look up and click on the magic wand. There is an earthquake and you can pick up the wand. Place the wand in the bear's hand. There is another earthquake and you are returned to the temple.

You have reached the level of Master Alchemist

Look down at the Alchemists, they are about to sacrifice Alexandria in order to the create the fifth element. Throw the infinity symbol at Alexandria and all's well that ends well.


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