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For thousands of years the ancient monuments left behind by the Egyptians have intrigued archaeologists and historians. And now, further excavations at the Sphinx have revealed a hidden doorway. Sir Gil Geoffry-Blythe has disappeared but not before calling on you, his old friend, to help him solve the 'Riddle of the Sphinx'.

When you arrive at the Sphinx site all is deserted. Walk down the ramp and take a look around. At the end is an open tent and a bridge leading across to the Sphinx. What has happened to the archaeologists? As you explore, take note of everything you see, draw maps and plans, open drawers and boxes, who knows what you will find...

As with all walkthroughs, use sparingly - this should be your last resort if you are really stuck.

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Go into Gil's tent. Looking around you can see a desk, table, trunk and bed. Examine everything.

Note the combination lock on the trunk, the messages on the desk, the position of the shaving mirror, the rubbish in the corner and the contents of the box on the bed.

The first important clue is hidden in Gil's wallet, open the box on the bed and find the slip of paper tucked behind one of the identity cards. On the paper is written: Numbers, R 6:10, L 15:24, R 8:25. Take a note also of his campus membership number.

Now look at the books on the bedside table. The Bible has a bookmark in the book of Numbers. Search out the verses that match the clues on the slip of paper.

Go to the desk and pull out the board above the left hand drawers. Again a reference to R, L, R and some tape positions. But where are the tapes? It has been a long day, time for a nap. Lie down on the bed and your eyes close. Click again and when you wake up it is dark. Pick up the matches, strike one and light the candle. You might have looked at the piece of paper under the pillow and found it blank. Try again now. In the candle light you can see the hidden message Gil left for you. Time for sleep again. In the morning get up and look in the stewpot. Nothing there but you are a bit peckish. Turn on the gas, and go get a match and light the stove. The stew bubbles away and a key rises to the surface.

Breakfast over, go to the desk and use the key to unlock the drawers on the desk. In the left hand drawers there are the missing tapes. Rewind each and the fast forwards to the positions given on the pullout board. Listen to the tapes and Gil gives you the missing clues that you need to open the trunk.

Take note also of the star maps on the top drawer specifically the updated plot to 10,500 BC.

Now it's time for the trunk, the packaging in the rubbish box tells you how to open the lock. It is a bit tricky so if you are stuck here is the solution: Make sure the latches are closed. Make sure a T is on the hand and rotate the dial a couple of turns to stop at 0. Make sure an R is on the hand and rotate the dial clockwise to 12. With an L on the hand, rotate the dial anticlockwise a full turn and continue to the 5. Now with a R on the hand rotate the dial clockwise to the 20. The lock clicks open. If it doesn't, try again.

Open the two side latches and the lid. Inside the book is the Translation Scroll (the first of many scrolls you will find) and a tape which gives you some tips.

Leave Gil's tent and walk over to the bridge leading to the Sphinx.

Go down the ramp, turn left and keep going. Note the date written on the scaffold. Walk under the scaffolding and keep going to the doorway in the side of the Sphinx. At the end of the tunnel is a door which looks very similar to that on the translation scroll.

There is nothing more you can do here so go back to the helicopter and take a short ride to the Great Pyramid.


Go to the awning. It is a hot day so take a drink. Next to the urn is a spade - is something buried? Every time you open the water urn, water splashes to the sand. Look down. Open the tap again, keep doing this until the Sacred Scroll is revealed. This scroll adds to the information you got from the Translation Scroll.

Now pick up the fuel can and walk along the path to the Pyramid. The entrance way is very dark - you need light. Fill up the generator and press the start button.

Enter the Great Pyramid. Did you read Gil's book on the pyramids in his tent? It would help you right now. At the first junction go up. At the next junction look around. There are some steps to the left, a grate on the right and a tunnel leading down. Go up first, it's a long climb and at the top is a room with only an empty sarcophagus inside. This is the Kings Chamber. Go back down now to the junction and follow the tunnel down into the Queen's Chamber.


This is a bit more interesting, at least there is something to play with. Read the journal on the table. Take note of the reference to Gil and the grate, is there something there? Run back up the tunnel and open the grate to discover the note from Gil.

Down once more into the Queen's Chamber. Power up the equipment on the table. This is the controller for the Cheoptronic which is sitting on top of some flight cases.

In the journal there was a cross section of the pyramid and reference to the Gatenbrink door. Lets see if we can find it. Place the Cheoptronic in the hole in the wall to the left of the table. Press the library buttons until the camera on the Cheoptronic operates. Press each of the buttons on the lower unit to discover how to control the Cheoptronic.

Using the switches on the left of the central unit, drive the Cheoptronic up the tunnel. Every now and then it gets stuck. Driving back then forwards again or using the Aux switch usually does the trick. After a loooong drive (your mouse finger will have gone numb) you arrive at the Gatenbrink door. Remember Gil's note and the number you got from the Sphinx site? Enter the code to open the door.

Stuck? The solution is: construction date + campus number = 0217 + 1334 = 1551.

Fantastic. That alcove behind the table has suddenly turned into a tunnel. But before you rush in let's see if anything has happened in the King's Chamber.


Go up to the King's chamber. Looking around, you find that a block at the back of the tomb is recessed. Click on that stone block and it slides back allowing you access to the hidden tomb. Under the golden table is a tunnel, crawl along and you end up facing a cobra fire.

There is lots to explore here so take your time. Turning left takes you to a corridor with a series of doors on the right.

Throne Room

In one corner is a model of a labyrinth - it is worth copying this down. In another is a silver pot with the Heraldic Key inside. Go through into the other room and sit down for a while - this place is full of surprises! Go into the hidden room and pick up the Royal Scope. Examine the mural, note the arching figure and the comb shape. Time for the next room so go back to the corridor.


In the chest next to the stairs is the Yacht Scroll. Pick up a few arrows while you are here, they may be useful later. There is also a pot with a star diagram and a symbol on the bottom. Up the stairs and open the box to collect a Golden Dagger. Leave the room and continue along the corridor.

Music Room

To the right of the door is a Royal Trumpet and the Flautist Scroll. On the other side of the room is a board game with the Flat Wick Key inside. There is also another of those star pots. To the left of the flutist is another star pot and the Flautist Scroll. Now take a look at the flutist, there is a pipe on the back and some sort of plug. Stick the plug in the hole and go to the stand in the middle of the room.

Place the trumpet on the stand and give it a toot. The door shatters, turn the trumpet around blow it again, the other door shatters.

Depending on which way you are facing you can see either a room or an alcove. Go to the room and stop - it's a bit dangerous in there. Now go to the alcove, there is a leather bladder similar to that on the flutist scroll, and there were 8 there. OK, squeeze the bladder 8 times, save your game and try the cobra room again. If all is well you should be able to enter safely and climb all the way to the end where two versions of Hathor's Tablets await you. But which one is safe - Gil told of a warning when looking at the Translation Scroll. So choose the tablet not on the scroll. Leave the room and go round the corner.

There is an interesting looking door on the right and a hole to the left. But we can come back later. Go round the next corner and there are three more rooms to explore. Enter the first room.

Pillar Room

There are 6 pillars with knots securing doors on each and 3 alcoves. In the left alcove there is the Reed Leaf Key in a wooden box. In the other alcoves you will find some more star pots.

Using the Gold Dagger, try cutting the knots on the 6 doors. You will only succeed in cutting on knot. Open the doors, climb the pole and cross the bone bridge. At the other end is a fire, some arrows and a crossbow. Light an arrow using the fire and place it on the the crossbow. Pull back the string and aim the crossbow at one of the statues at the far end of the chamber. If all goes well the rope burns through. Now do same with the other statue. If you run out of arrows you have to go back to the Armoury and get some more.

A platform rolls towards you and allows access to Anubis' Tablet. On the was back pick up the Archway Scroll from the back of the plinth. Leave the pillar room and continue down the corridor.

Model Room

In the centre of the room is a model of a yacht. Click on it to see it slide backwards and forwards. This looks much like the the yacht depicted on the Yacht Scroll. Also in the room is a wooden chest with the Pillar Key inside. You will also be able to find the Charmer Scroll and the Sacred Amulet. Leave the room.

Pottery Room

Near the entrance there are two more star pots. On the base of one of them is the same comb you saw in the throne room. Note the positions of the 9 stars. On the table is a pot containing the Ahnk Key. Leave the room.

Anubis Statues

Return to that hole opposite the interesting door you saw before. Inside is another room containing a larger version of the yacht, a wheel on the wall and 6 statues. Take another look at the Yacht Scroll. Maybe the six statues relate to the 6 circles with crocodile heads on them?

Get up real close each statue and click on the eyes - note the colours that appear. This is becoming quite a puzzle. Leave the room and open the door on the other side of the passageway.

Astrological Chamber

Climb the stairs  - it is quite a way up but eventually you will reach a star on the wall with another star shaped hole beneath it. Take another look at the Throne Scroll. Keep climbing right to the top and take a look at the grid on the wall. It is the same dimensions as that on the star pot. Go to the big urn and pick up a star. Keep clicking until you get one with the comb pattern on it. Now place the star in any of the holes relating to the star positions on the pot. Do the same thing with another 8 stars and the Star Sceptre shoots out of a hole.

Star Map

A hidden door opens but it is very dark up there. Leave the room and climb back down the stairs to the hole in the wall and slide the Star Sceptre into place. Open the sun and climb back up the stairs. There is now enough light so enter the astrological room. There is another tablet to collect: Thoth, but heed the warning on the note. Push the lever across and go down the steps to collect the Astro Scroll.

It has been a long day so lie down. When you wake up it is night time. Place the Royal Scope on any of the stands and take a look through the eyepiece. You will be able to see the constellations of Hathor, Horus, Thoth and the Hippo. Go back to bed again and when you wake it is morning.

There is nothing more to do here so leave the Kings Chamber and return to the Queens Chamber (where the robot controls were). But before you go, make sure you have 5 keys and 3 tablets.


Go into the stepped alcove. At the end is a small opening on the right. Crawl along the tunnel and step out into yet another secret passage.

On the left is a doorway with a copy of the maze plan above. In the room is a statue holding a lever, pick up the lever and place it in the hole to the right of the doorway. Pulling down the lever seals you in the room, which is not much help so operate the lever again to open the door - maybe though you have set another piece of the system? Pull the lever down again but leave the room before the door closes.

Carry on down the corridor. On the right is a single statue. Give it a push and a hidden door appears.

Go through the opening and follow the passageway to the ladder shaft. Climb down the ladder and step forwards into the Yacht Room.


Fantastic, now you can use all the yacht clues you have discovered so far: the scroll, crocodile eyes and model. But first, take a good look around. At the far end of the room are two sets of stairs leading to a wheel of some sorts. Between the stairs is an alcove at the end of which is a relief of an archway that resembles the figure on the Archway Scroll you collected earlier. Note the positions of the recessed stones. Now all you have to do is find the real archway.

Go back to the stairs leading to the exit. Off to the right, behind the cobwebs (and a bunch of bones) is the Archway. The puzzle here is to work out which stones to press to open the door.

Numbering the stones from left to right, the solution is: 12, 18, 20, 9, 3, 7

Get it right and the door revolves, jump quickly onto the base and you will end up facing a new tunnel at the end of which is a bunch of crocodiles (what do you expect from a crocodile god). Shoo the croc out of the way and walk to the end of the path. Looking down you will see it is too far to jump but wait a while and the crocodiles form a bridge for you. Jump across and climb up the slope. At the top is yet another pair of tablets. Use the Translation Scroll to work out which one to pick up.

Turn round now and leave the crocodile chamber. Click on the door at the end and you will end up outside again.

Now to solve the yacht puzzle. Climb up the stairs at the opposite end of the chamber. If you look down at the wheel you will see that there is a key missing. Look up now. Compare the Yacht Scroll with the pillars in front of you. You should be able to work out that six pillars need to be set to the colours you discovered in the Hidden rooms.

If you are really stuck the solution is:


Climb the first pillar on the left and you will be able to rotate the carvings at the top until the one with red eyes is facing you. Now set the other pillars.

All that is left to do is find the right key. After a really good search you should find it in the alcove where you saw the recessed stones - try smashing the vase.

With the correct key in hand, climb up to the wheel and slot the key into place. Look up and turn the wheel. If everything is set properly the yacht should slide towards you. Climb back down the stairs and take a look at the far end of the yacht. Below the hull is a new entrance. It is time to take a deep breath and dive into the water.


You will eventually come out in a subterranean river. Swim forwards until you reach a chamber with three exits (plus the way you came in).

The Right Exit

Swim all the way to the end and climb up onto the rocks. On the left is a stone that hides yet another underwater passage. At the end climb up and take a look around. There are some notes in the brief case that you can read and a pickaxe you will need later. Heed the skeleton holding a tablet and decide to leave it alone. On the other side of the cave is a rock with footholds carving into it. Climb these and collect your 5th tablet.

Jump back into the water and return to the chamber with the choice of exits.

The Left Exit

Swim all the way to the end and you will end up facing a painted wall. There is a hole already but it is not big enough to get through. But before you continue have a look at the Cobra Scroll. The figure is holding the Sacred Amulet in front of a Cobra. Save your game here! Now attack the wall using the pickaxe. After two or three strikes a cobra will appear, quickly grab the Sacred Amulet and click on the cobras head. With beating heart, enter the shrine. At the other end turn round and look closely on the left - can you see the tablets. Go forwards once and turn left. Pick up the correct tablet and leave the shrine.

Swim all the way back to the chamber with the choice of exits. This time swim down the centre exit.


At the end of the tunnel is an astounding sight. Swim to the end of the pool and climb out the water. Explore the temple: you need to find 3 statues with coloured symbols, the sun mirror and a puzzle with missing weights.

Hint: facing the pool, there is one statue down the right side and a door leading to the rest down the left side.

It seems you need to find the missing weights in order to solve the puzzle. Leave the temple now through the main exit (not the pool). Walking forwards you should see 4 enormous statues carved into the cliff.

Follow the shoreline round to the right and keep going until you are splashing about in the water. Turn right and climb the stairs. In the room to the front is Ra's Scroll. Leave the room, turn left and find the gap in the wall. This path leads (eventually) to the top of one of the statues: the view is quite spectacular. Look down and note the three symbols engraved there.

Climb back down and return to the waters of the Nile. Turn right and carry on until you reach the broken head of one of the statues. Look closely and you will find a Scarab Weight in his ear.

Head back towards the Temple. On the way, keep a sharp lookout for another Scarab Weight in the sand on the left and some stepping stones in the water. These stones lead to an archway on top of which are three coloured stones (click on the gold covers to see the stones).

Return to the Temple and keep on going along the shore. Tucked away is a narrow gorge at the end of which is a golden pyramid.

The Golden Pyramid

If you hover over the panel in the centre of the door, symbols appear. The puzzle is to find out the correct sequence of symbols.

Take a good look at RA's Scroll. The figures face each other, which seems to say that the symbols are mirrored. Comparing the statue engravings with the scroll returns three animals. Combine these with the three coloured stones and you have:

Blue/Fish - Yellow/Turtle - Red/Ibis

Walking round the pyramid you will see ladders leading up. Climb up any of the ladders and match the colour with the animal by spinning the golden disk. Do the same with the other two disks and you will be rewarded with a clanking noise.

Leave the golden pyramid and walk forwards through the gateway. Pause and look around, at the base of one of the palm trees is the third Scarab Weight.

The Scarab Puzzle

With a joyous heart return to the Temple. Climb the stairs and keep going until you reach the weight puzzle.

Hang the weights on the arms and rotate the coloured balls to match the symbols painted on the knees of the three statues. Still stuck? Here is the solution:

Top: Red circle. Green bar. Blue circle.

Centre: Red bar. Green circle. Blue circle.

Bottom: Green bar. Blue circle. Red bar.

Each ball makes a clunk when it is properly aligned and when all three are set a mechanism is set into motion.

Turn round and climb the stairs and go forwards to the sun mirror. Turn right and climb up on the the viewing platform. Look down at the water and there is the answer: circle, cobra, boat and three waves.

Race back down the stairs and all the way back to the golden Pyramid.

Golden Pyramid (Again)

Select the correct symbols in the door panel by repeated pointing and click to fix them. With all four in place the door opens. Inside are 6 statues with tablet shaped holes at the base. All you need to do is put the correct tablet in the correct hole. As the tablets slot into the gaps a scroll appears. Grab the six scrolls and leave the golden temple.

Wave a final goodbye and dive into the temple pool. Swim all the way back to the Funerary Yacht. Climb back the stairs and ladder and return to the corridor.

Turn right and walk forwards to the doorway on the left. Climb the steps and follow the corridor to the end, down the spiral staircase and into the cobra chamber.


Spiralling round the massive central pillar is a golden cobra. Go round to the right of this pillar and you will end in a small room with a golden harp on a plinth. You will need this harp later but it will not come free. Turn about and walk back to the tail of the cobra. It looks wide enough to walk up. Giddy with success climb up into the harp room.

If you have collected all 5 keys from the Kings Chamber the next bit is straightforward. Zoom in on each of the harpists and look down. Fit the missing keys in the slots and leave the room. Wind all the way to the bottom and round to the golden harp. Click on the harp and listen while is spins, plays and eventually falls off. Pick it up and climb all the way back up to the corridor.

Turn left and walk to the end. There is a pedestal, and doorway on the left and a wall in front.

If the doorway on the left is blocked then you need to go all the way back up the corridor to the end and set the release mechanism.

Enter the doorway and collect the Golden Cobra. Turn round but before you leave the room take a good look at the drawing of a maze on the wall. Back out to the corridor and the pedestal. Fit the golden Cobra in to the hole and give it a spin.

There is a grinding noise and the wall in front rotates revealing a secret entrance. Enter the maze. After all the twists and turns you will end up in a pillared room. You can explore if you like but there is not really a lot you can do.

Back through the maze and spin the cobra again. You can enter the maze but not get out so back to the entrance. One last spin of the wheel and you can exit the maze in a tiny room. Pick up the Sacred Cull and the Flume Scroll. Continue through the maze until you end up back in the pillared room.


At the top of the stairs is a pedestal with some holes on the top. Fit the golden Harp into the pillar and a throne is revealed. Walk down the steps and sit down. Nothing happens. Maybe this a balance thing - there is an empty bowl in front of you. Climb back up and go round to the left. At the end is a stand below a hopper. Place the Sacred Cull in the stand and pull the lever to release the sand. Back to the throne and fill the bowl. Keep doing this until it is full. You will be taken deep underground.

In front is a cobra and corridors leading left and right. Could this be the maze represented by all those golden models? You can get to the middle by trial and error (like I did) but there is a trick - just follow Anubis.

Face the Cobra. Turn right. Forwards to Anubis (on the left). Turn right. Forwards (past the spotted animal) to Anubis (on the left again). Turn right, forwards, round the corner and forwards again. Turn right. Forward past Horus to Anubis (there are two here). Forwards a bit further. Turn Right. Forward to Anubis. Forwards past the Hippo to Anubis. Forwards past Horus until you see the columns on the right and left side of the hallway - you should be able to hear water.


Go to the columns on the right side and examine the mechanism on the wall. Now go to the other columns and enter the round chamber with a deep pool in the centre. There are six statues around the wall. Push the statues back to reveal a wheel and and some symbols. Turn each of the wheels and the water drains from the pool. Note the symbols and compare them with the Flume Scroll and the mechanism on the wall.

It seems fairly obvious that you need to set the mechanism to match the symbols. Go the mechanism and open the valve at the bottom of each sightglass until the correct number of balls is revealed:


But what effect does this have? Climb down into the drained pool. There are six gates, all barred. Turn the wheels and the gates open. Duck through and walk to the end of the corridors. In the burial chambers take a close look at the mummies and collect the six sceptres from the golden arks.

The good thing is, you do not need to find your way out the maze, climb into the water pipe and crawl along to the end. Open the hatch and you are back at the cobra fire. Empty the sand out of the pot and return on the throne to the upper levels. Leave the pyramid and return to the Sphinx site.


In Gil's tent look once more at the star maps. Note the Orion constellation above the Sphinx. And now it is time for the finale ...

Go to the door beneath the Sphinx. Using the scrolls slot the six sceptres into the holes in the doorframe. Having problems? Here is the solution. The door opens and a star viewer descends. Choose the right constellation and all is well. Choose the wrong one and only death awaits....

Not sure? Click on the top left constellation. Enter the room and discover the Riddle of the Sphinx.


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