Locations of the Great Zero Markers

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Great Zero

markerGreat Zero Observation. Link here from the Bahro Stone room in Kirel.

markerGreat Zero Courtyard. This one is only available after you have got the first five markers. Link here from 'Rezeereo' link in Nexus. Go down the stairs and round to the left. The marker is at the end.


markerNear the waterfall.

markerOn the balcony overlooking Bevin. You can only get here via the page in the Bevin linking book.


markerAt the right hand end of the corridor leading to the community room.

markerIn the centre of the Garden of Lights.

markerIn the classroom.


markerFerry terminal. At the back of the central dock in the ferry terminal.

markerFerry terminal. On the other side of the locked gate (at the end of the small corridor).

markerFerry terminal. At the far end of the dock.

markerThe Pub. Halfway up the Great Stairs there is a pile of rubble on the left. Scramble down, jump over the debris and go right into the pub. No beer here today but there is a GZM round the back.

markerTokotah Alley. Climb the stairs, turn about and go to the end of the ledge on the left.

markerMuseum. From the Tokotah Alley, climb the stairs to the plaza and go down the alley to the left (on the other side of the DRC tent). At the end face the main entrance and the GZM is on your left.

markerMuseum. Inside the museum, go round to the right to the barricades. There is also a Relto page on the left that adds extra suns to your Relto.

markerGuild Hall Barricades. At the barricades to the guild hall - between the museum and palace alleys.

markerLibrary. Use the lower entrance and go down the spiral staircase. The GZM is near the barricades.

markerLibrary Path. Follow the path from the library. At the top of the staircase there is a GZM on the right.

markerCanyon Bridge. Halfway across the bridge, look down on the canyon side.

markerCanyon Bridge Junction. From the Canyon Bridge, go to the junction and turn left, GZM is on the right just before the tunnel.

markerConcert Hall Stairway. Link (or walk) to the Concert Hall Foyer. Go through the barricades and down the stairs to the first landing. The marker is on the left.

markerCanyon. In the canyon go the barricades on the left (as you face the canyon itself). Drop down onto the sloping wall of the canyon and the marker is out there. You will need to jump to get to it.

markerPlaza Balcony. The balcony over looking Tokotah (use the link in the Ae'gura book).

markerTokotah Rooftop. Near the telescope (use the link in the Ae'gura book).

markerTokotah Rooftop. At the observation slit without the telescope (use the link in the Ae'gura book).

markerBaron's Office. By the Teledahn paintings (use the link in the Ae'gura book).

markerTesting Station, Ae'gura. On the upper level of the testing station. You can only get here via the linking book in the Er'cana factory.

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